Things To Do In Trento, Italy

Trento is a quiet place and usually known for tourists coming to explore the mountains for skiing, snowboarding and more. But this quiet town can be just as interesting in the summer. We found plenty of things to do that didn’t require ski’s, snowboards or multiple layers of clothes. Here are our things to do in Trento, Italy.

Things To Do In Trento, Italy

The Gorge Of Ponte Alto

The gorge has a couple of different names but probably known as the gorge of Ponte Alto or L’orrido Di Ponte Alto. The gorge wasn’t actually far from where we were staying in Trento. Of course, it is a natural part of a river that is making its way down to join the Adige river.

The river that actually runs through the gorge is called Fersina. Over the course of hundreds of years, many different structures were put in place to stop the river from flooding the town. Many structures didn’t last but now there is two dam-like structures. These are to help slow the flow of the river and create a calmer water flow.

We had a great guide on our visit who was more than happy to show us the small details of why the dams were created and what that meant for the town on Trento. The walk was steady even down and up steps to get to the viewpoints over the dams. Going down to behind the waterfall itself was quite nerve-wracking but utterly amazing at the same time.

Buonconsiglio Castle

The castle is one of the main features in Trento, mostly due to its size. It is also the largest monument in the Trentino Alto Adige region. The castle was used as residence for the prince bishops of Trento from the 13th century to the 18th century. The castle is also built slightly above the rest of the town to give it an advantage.

The castle is now open to the public and showcases the beauty of the building, interiors and the views overlooking the mountains. The murals that cover the interior walls of the castle are known as frescos. These are stunning to look at and there are plenty more like them dotted around the town of Trento.

Even if you aren’t a big history buff and love to know about how the building was built or how the people lived there, the castle has so much more to offer. Once you reach the top floor there is a beautiful view going out onto the town on Trento and the mountains. I would say this has to be on the list of things to do in Trento for that view alone.

Visit The Giardino pubblico S. Marco

The gardens aren’t one of the things to do in Trento that you will commonly see on TripAdvisor but we stumbled upon these on a day out and it was beautiful. There is a water fountain, a small restaurant/cafe and beautiful flower displays.

The garden also has an impressive mural on the wall which is lovely to sit and look at in the shade on a warm day. If you love finding tranquil spots in towns and cities this is one of them. You can grab a drink or take your own and relax in the gardens.

Piazza Del Duomo

This is the main square in Trento, it is a hub for tourists exploring the area and locals enjoying the cafes and restaurants. Piazza Del Duomo has a couple of places that will interest you such as the Diocesan Museum of Trento, the of Cathedral San Vigilio, the Cazuffi-Rella houses and the Neptune fountain.

The square has so much to offer in terms of architecture to look at and information about the buildings themselves! The Cazuffi-Rella houses actually date back to the 16th century and showcase the beautiful frescoes. Though the original statue of Neptune no longers exists on the fountain it is still wonderful to see. The fountain has changed over the years and was actually the first fresh water supply to the town in the 1700s.

Diocesan Museum of Trento

This is the castle-like building within Piazza Del Duomo, it is the art museum. The museum holds a wide range of artwork along with the 6th century church in which the city’s duomo was built.


MUSE is the science museum that opened in 2013 in the district Le Albere. The museum is roughly 30 minutes drive out of Trento. The museum is home to 6 floors of artwork, scientific mysteries and more. The main theme of the museum is to show to the interaction between humans and the environment.

The museum has special events on throughout the year and one of the most popular is for children between the ages of 0-6 years which is a sensory fun filled day. The museum invites people to get involved and interact with the exhibits. A family ticket of 2 adults and 2 children will costs ?20.

Head Up The Cable Car – Funivia

Trentino as a region is more commonly known to tourists in the winter months. This is due to the alps that are situated in Italy along with the Dolomites. Many of the towns and villages in Trentino are used for holidays homes and winter get aways. This means that many of the locations have connecting cable cars or ski lifts. Many aren’t open in spring but will open at the end of June for summer tourists.

We were lucky on our visit as the one in Trento was running, it has a bar at the top so you can enjoy the stunning views with a drink and something to eat. You can get up and down on the cable car if you are using the Trentino guest card or it is ?3 a trip.

Go Shopping

Though I don’t often use this as a ‘things to do in Trento’ there are plenty of lovely and unique shops to buy from. Along with the small boutique shops there are much bigger name brands scattered around the town of Trento. You can find brands such as Flying Tiger, H&M, Footlocker and more.

I hope you have found plenty to do and have been inspired by our things to do in Trento. If you have been to Trento and know of something cool to do let us know in the comments.

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