15 Incredible Tokyo DisneySea Souvenirs Items You Need To Buy On Your Next Trip!

I won’t deny that we pretty much love the whole experience whenever we visit Disney. We love the food, the rides, the atmosphere and even a little shopping.

That never stops us from looking around the shops and admiring the displays.

As always we decided to dedicate some time to visiting the stores at Tokyo Disney Resort, Japan to see the difference in stock, here are our top 15 DisneySea souvenirs items…

1. Finding Dory’s Destiny Backpack

This backpack was the one thing I really really really fell in love with in the parks. It is totally not practical for me but I absolutely loved it. If you are a fan and lover of Finding Nemo and Finding Dory this backpack is for you!

Cost: 4,500 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea – Discovery Gifts in Port Discovery

2. Duffy Bear and Friends Soft Toy

Duffy Bear, ShellieMay, Gelatino and StellaLou are HUGE in Tokyo. I would even go to say that DisneySea should be more Duffy and Friends park as it is so popular.

The shops have everything you can think of and more for your Duffy bear. If you don’t already have a soft toy, you can get a range of sizes in the stores from the general 30cm tall to larger and even ones in puppet form.

Cost: 4,500 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea – McDuck’s Department Store, Galleria Disney and Aunt Peg’s Villiage Store.

3. Duffy Bear and Friends Keyring

Along with everything else Duffy Bear and friends, they keyrings were very popular purchase. They were in almost every basket in the stores and walking around the parks they were attached to backpacks and handbags.

The price, unfortunately, is a little steep for me but depends on how big of a fan you are.

In fact, if you are looking to kit yourself out in Duffy and friends DisneySea souvenirs this is the place.

There is everything and anything here, it is a haven for everything Duffy. It is also the busiest shop at DisneySea.

Cost: 1,500 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea – McDuck’s Department Store, Galleria Disney and Aunt Peg’s Villiage Store.

4. Disney Plushy Character Pouches

DisneySea Merchandise Character small fluffy bags/purses

Though I don’t usually want something because others have it, I did want these! Everyone from young girls to grown men was wearing these.

They came in a variety of character faces and could be found in pretty much every store around DisneySea and Disneyland.

Cost: 1,500 Yen

Store Location: Disneyland & DisneySea – Found generally everywhere around the parks, smaller stores will be catered to the theme and characters from that area of the park.

If you want the best variety head to the stand-alone carts or Emporio in DisneySea or Grand Emporium in Disneyland.

5. Character Hats

These again were very popular within the parks, they are the characters we love with big heads and little bodies at the back.

They were also found pretty much everywhere in the parks, mostly on the smaller stands and carts but I did see them in the larger stores too.

Cost: 2,800 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea & Disneyland – Found pretty much everywhere, Grand Emporium and Emporio had them but try the smaller stands around the parks for more choice of characters.

6. DisneySea Popcorn Bucket

These were another item that almost everyone was carrying around. The popcorn flavours in DisneySea and Disneyland are famous and really are something to experience.

The popcorn buckets themselves are super cute and worth checking out. My favourite had to be the traditional Mickey or Buzz Lightyear.

Cost: 1,640 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea & Disneyland – The designs are all different and are found at different stands around the parks. For more details check out my DisneySea popcorn buckets post for more information.

7. Traditional Disney Ears

While we did notice a difference in the quality of the ears from Walt Disney World, we also noticed a drop in price. If you aren’t big hat wear but still want to get your Disney on, check out the ears.

Cost: 1,500 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea & Disneyland – Found pretty much everywhere, Grand Emporium and Emporio had them but try the smaller stands around the parks for more choice of characters.

8. Disney Character Fluffy Headbands

These were so cute I had to get Cora to try one on. These were popular with children and younger teens, but honestly, it is acceptable for anyone to wear them.

Cost: 1,500 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea & Disneyland – Found pretty much everywhere, Grand Emporium and Emporio had them but try the smaller stands around the parks for more choice of characters.

9. Phone Cases

Phone cases are much more elaborate and decorative in Japan in general, this is before adding Disney magic to them.

They were more like iPad cases they were so huge!

There were located in the bigger stores within the parks but I did find a couple themed ones within the smaller stands and stores.

Cost: 3,000

Store Location: DisneySea – Emporio

10. Chopsticks

This is the DisneySea Souvenirs I loved the most! It was so great to see the parks producing such different souvenirs, especially as the guests are so different from Walt Disney World.

The chopsticks were so cute and I was so tempted to get some but I don’t often eat with chopsticks. There were plenty of variety and designs for everyone in the family.

Cost: 900 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea – Villa Donaldo Home Store / Venetian Carnival Market

11. T-shirts

If you hadn’t already guessed, matching outfits and t-shirts isn’t just a thing in Disney, it is a way of saying you are together as a couple before marriage here in Japan.

It is a genuinely sweet thing to show devotion to your partner and so this happens even more so at Disney.

If you haven’t got your matching t-shirts beforehand get them while you are there. There are so many designs, phrases, logos and colours to choose from.

This is an easy DisneySea souvenirs item I can get behind as they are practical, fun and colourful.

Cost: 2,800 Yen

Store Location: Disneyland & DisneySea – Emporio, Figaro’s Clothiers, Grand Emporium.

12. Underwear

Though I am not sure why this is popular as I haven’t seen this before in any of the Disney stores. I did enjoy seeing the variety of underwear available.

Personally, I wouldn’t pay that much for one pair but they did look super cute!

Cost: 1,800 Yen

Store Location: Disneyland – Grand Emporium, though we did see them in a couple of the smaller shops, just not as wide selection.

13. Popcorn Keyrings

Already a lover of the DisneySea popcorn buckets? – This may be a purchase you can’t leave without.

The staff of the parks have said that these are one of the most popular buys.

They are simply the popcorn buckets but in small keychain form. It comes with the bucket which has a working opening as the life-sized popcorn buckets have and a ring of popcorn (plastic) attached.

Cost: 1,200 Yen

Store Location: DisneySea – Emporio

14. Kitchen Utensils

I can’t specify which because honestly feel every single one should be in my kitchen!

There are plenty of utensils, bowls, mugs and cups to choose from. I love these items as they are so practical and super cute at the same time!

The Mrs Potato masher was a funny, cute plastic character tumblers for children and character mugs.

I loved the variety of DisneySea souvenirs in the home store as it was all done so tastefully and would fit in with any home decor.

Cost: Varied

Store Location: DisneySea- Villa Donaldo Home Store / Venetian Carnival Market

15. Disney Play Food

Not in my many times of visiting Disney parks, shops and outlets have I ever seen Disney play food. I was amazed when I saw this and want to take it all out and play right then are there!

This was an amazing find and though I didn’t see it any baskets it had to be on the list.

If you don’t even think this is a great gift for anyone in the future it is so worth buying as they are a rare find. This had to be one of the best DisneySea souvenirs finds as it was so unique and so cute!

Cost: 1,700 -2,100 Yen

Store Location: Disneyland – Toy Station

Pro Tip: If you are looking to make any purchases I would do it in the morning as the shops get extremely busy in the afternoon.

If you are worried about carrying around bags, outside the park and within the station are lockers if you wish to store your bags in there. 

These are my top 15 DisneySea souvenirs pickups while visiting Tokyo Disney.

If you have been to Tokyo Disney before and did a little shopping let me know what you bought and what you loved the most.

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