How To Get From Kyoto Station To Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Kyoto region attracting those spending a couple of nights in the city, as well as those on a day trip from other nearby cities such as Osaka.

You can get from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market by walking, taking a taxi or a combination of the subway & walking. Walking takes 20 minutes, however, a taxi can travel the 1km in just 5. The taxi is suitable for up to 4 people & costs 1,000 yen.

Personally, we opted to soak in as much of the Kyoto region as possible by walking between the station and Nishiki market. However, you’ll also spend a lot of time on your feet walking and standing around Nishiki market therefore in some cases getting a taxi may be a better option.


The cheapest way to travel from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market is by walking. The route is flat and relatively direct. We opted to walk from our hotel which was just 100m from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market and it took us around 20 minutes.

One of the major benefits of walking between these two locations are the sights you’ll experience along the way. In this instance you’ll pass; Shosei-en Garden, Ichihime-jinja Shrine and Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History.


The most expensive, yet quickest way to travel from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market is by taxi. Due to the high cost, we didn’t take a taxi at any time during our one month trip to Japan.

Taxi’s in Kyoto charge 600 Yen for the first 2km then an additional 80 yen every 415 meters. Based on this your journey should cost a little over 1,000 Yen.


If you don’t want to walk from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market then the best option is to take the subway. To complete this journey you’ll want to take the Karasuma line from Kyoto Station two stops to Shijo Station.

The cost of the one-way journey from Kyoto Station to Shinjo is 210 Yen and will take around 15 minutes.

From Shijo Station you’ll need to walk around 750m to Nishiki Market. You can either do this by walking along the main road and turning right at Starbucks to walk down Nishikikoji-dori (our preferred method) or by walking right out of the station and along Ayanokoji-dori before turning left Tominokoji-dori.

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