How To Get From Kyoto Station To Nishiki Market

Are you looking at travelling from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market? The distance between the two locations is just over 2.5km and you can use a range of different methods to get to/from Kyoto Station and Nishiki Market depending on the time of day, your budget and party size.


Without a doubt, the cheapest method of getting from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market is by walking. The route is flat and relatively direct. It should take you between 30 and 40 minutes to complete.

On the journey from Kyoto Station to Nishiki Market you’ll have the chance to view; Shosei-en Garden, Ichihime-jinja Shrine and Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History.


You might be able to hail a taxi and use that of your mode of transport between Nishiki Market and Kyoto Station. During our visit to Japan as a whole we didn’t manage to take a taxi once.

For a guide to Japanese taxi etiquette, and FAQ we recommend checking out the website Inside Kyoto. Taking a taxi from Nishiki Market to Kyoto Station is the most expensive method of transport for this journey, however, if you’re short on time, unable to walk long distances or if the weather is bad it might be the best way!


In our opinion, the most convenient way to travel from Nishiki Market to Tokyo Station is on the subway. You can take the Karasuma line from Kyoto Station two stops to Shijo Station.

From Shijo Station you’ll need to walk around 750m to Nishiki Market. The cost of the one way journey at the time of writing is ?210 and will take around 15 minutes.

That concludes our guide on travelling from Nishiki Market to Kyoto Station, as always we’d love to know if you’ve found this guide useful or if you have any further information on the journey between Nishiki Market and Kyoto Station that you think we might have missed – let us know in the comments below.

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