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So you’re looking to travel in Bangkok, Thailand from Sukhumvit to Grand Palace, or Grand Palace to Sukhumvit? – Great! In this guide we’ll go through the various methods of transport you can take for the route, covering the most budget-friendly journey, family-friendly journey, journey best suited for groups as well as the most luxurious mode of transport.

Having visited Bangkok multiple times over the past five years, this is a journey Helen and I take almost every visit as we journey between our accommodation in Sukhumvit to the number one tourist attraction in Bangkok, Grand Palace. So it’s safe to say we’ve lots of experience on the various methods of transport on the route – and some great points of interest to note during your journey.

BTS & Chao Phraya Express

The most common route tourists take when travelling from Sukhumvit to Grand Palace is on the BTS before transferring to the Chao Phraya Express. The reason being is this route is relatively simple, flexible, and very affordable.

If this is your first trip to Bangkok, then you might find that the BTS Skytrain is a little overwhelming, we suggest reading up on the experience prior to your trip. However, honestly, after a few trips, it’s just as simple as any other metro system elsewhere in the world.

The BTS Skytrain has the Sukhumvit line (green) that runs along the majority of Sukhumvit within central Bangkok (Sukhumvit road is actually more than 300 miles long) with 23 stations including Siam where you’re able to transfer to the other BTS line Silom.

To get from Sukhumvit to Grand Palace you’ll want to join the BTS Skytrain at any point on the Sukhumvit line and head towards Siam. At Siam Station, you’ll need to change onto the Silom Line. From there you’ll be going six stops to Saphan Taksin Station (S6).

This journey will cost around 50 Baht per person (price is dependent on the time of travel and the station in which you board the BTS Skytrain) and will take around 30 minutes (again dependent on where you board the Skytrain)

Once you get off the BTS at Saphan Taksin Station you’ll be walking towards the river where you’re going to board the Chao Phraya Express. There can be a lot of people trying to sell you tickets to Grand Palace, private tours, private boat rides etc.

Just say no thank you and continue towards the official?Chao Phraya Express. It goes without saying that all those advertising anything else are unofficial and are much more expensive than the ‘official’ method.

Taxi / Tuk-Tuk

A taxi (or depending on where you are on Sukhumvit a tuk-tuk) is a great choice when travelling from Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace. It offers air conditioning, a direct route and some additional privacy. Of course, this all comes at a cost.

There’s a number of different methods of getting a taxi or tuk-tuk from Sukhumvit to Grand Palace. We’ll cover them all below so you can find the method that best suits you;

Grab Taxi

Grab Taxi isn?t as well known as Uber ? at least in Europe and North America, however here in South East Asia, it is. So much so you?re likely to see more Grab Taxi stickers on cars than you are Uber stickers.

The advantages of using Grab Taxi to get a taxi from Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace include;

  • There?s a little bit more protection. Just in case anything goes wrong (when compared to hailing a cab on the street)
  • You?re able to estimate the cost of the taxi from Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace
  • You can pay by credit card (in our case the Halifax Credit Card that with awesome real-time exchange rates)
  • Don?t have to struggle with language translations
  • No need to argue as to whether or not the cab is using a metre

The disadvantage of using Grab Taxi to travel from Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace

  • The wait maybe ~10 minutes for the taxi to turn up depending on where the most local driver is based who takes your request (it?s not as quick as sticking out your hand at the side of the road)
  • A surcharge may be applicable depending on the time in which you choose to travel
  • WIFI or mobile internet will be required to use the service

Hailing A Cab On The Street

If you?re not a big believer in the concept (or the politics) or Uber or Grab Taxi then you can always get a taxi the more traditional way by hailing a cab.

This can be done in one of two ways;

If you’re staying at a hotel in Sukhumvit then ask them to assist you in hailing a taxi and translating the destination.

If you’re in Sukhumvit and you’re looking to hail a cab independently to The Grand Palace then simply look for an available cab – you?ll know if the cab is available by seeing this in the windscreen. Be sure the taxi is on a metre to ensure you get maximum value for money.

The advantages of hailing a cab on the street and using that to get you to Don Muang Airport are;

  • It?s instantaneous (stick your arm out to hail the available taxi and you?re off!)
  • You can pay in cash

The disadvantages are;

  • There?s less of a ?quote? / estimate system to find out how much you might pay to get to the airport
  • You might find yourself haggling over whether or not the taxi has a meter ? which you should always look to use.
  • You?ve more chance of being scammed, and there?s very little you can do in the terms of reporting the driver

As you can see travelling from?Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace, or The Grand Palace to Sukhumvit is a route that’s designed to accommodate the many tourists that make this journey every single year.

As always, we’d love to know how you choose to travel from?Sukhumvit to The Grand Palace, and if anything has changed since we wrote this guide. In the meantime, have a wonderful trip to Thailand.

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