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Destination Guide: United States

The United States is a country situated in North America that is comprised of 50 states (national districts). With both Alaska and Hawaii extend the nation?s presence into the Pacific Ocean. More than 75 million of us travel to the United States internationally every year. It’s somewhere we’ve had the pleasure of exploring over the course of a number of visits spanning a number of years.

Here are a couple of different cities we’ve visited extensively and want to give you an in-detail look at. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find all of our articles from the United States. This includes hotel and hostel reviews, reviews of our inter-state travels by bus or plane, as well as other cities and state experience including; Las Vegas, New York, Boston and Dallas, Texas.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando is situated in the sunshine state of Florida. It’s home to multiple different theme parks, the largest and most popular of which being Walt Disney World.

We’ve separated our Orlando content into two different resorts within Orlando, Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. Both parks offer equally fantastic experiences but have a whole host of different rides, characters, themes and on-site hotels.

You could visit one, both or even none (there’s plenty of other things to do in Orlando besides the parks!) of these resorts during your trip to Orlando.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city on the west coast of the United States, situated within the state of California. It’s the second most popular city with tourists and home to the film and television industry.

Attractions here include; The Hollywood Sign, TLC Chinese Theatre and the Walk of Fame. Travelling around Los Angeles is much easier to explore on public transport when compared to the likes of Orlando thanks to a bus, train and metro service. However, the prices of hotels and attractions in the city can be more expensive.

Latest United States Posts:

If you’re looking for some inspiration on where to go in the United States, then our latest posts on the country should help. This list is comprised of every single article we’ve written related to any trips we’ve taken to the United States.

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