Universal Studios Hollywood Parking – What You Need To Know!

The most popular way to get to Universal Studios is via car. We personally opt to take a Lyft or Uber and get dropped off outside the park.

However, if you personally prefer to drive to Universal Studios Hollywood then you’ll need to consider where you’re going to park when you arrive at the resort.

Parking at Universal Studios Hollywood costs;

  • General Parking – $25 before 6pm
  • Preferred Parking – $35 before 6pm
  • Front Gate Parking – $50 before 6pm
  • Valet Parking – $25 for less than 2 hours or $45 for more than 2 hours

Aside from the price, the main difference between the four parking options is the proximity your car is from the entrance to the theme park. The additional $10 or $25 is a worthwhile investment in parking closer for those who have the budget available.

However, there’s more than just the price and location to consider when it comes to parking at Universal Studios Hollywood and in this article, we aim to cover all your questions and more.

That said if there’s anything you’re still struggling with leave us a comment below and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 72 hours.

Universal Studios Parking Price

The following table breaks down the cost of parking at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The cost of parking can vary significantly when parking on-site depending on the upgrades you may desire.

Basic parking (also known as general parking) is $25 when arriving prior to 6pm, however, parking at the front gate which is the closest parking area to the entrance of Universal Studios is $50.

Parking TypePrice
General ParkingBefore 6pm – $25
After 6pm – $10
Preferred Parking – Reduces your total
walking time when visiting either
Universal Studios or City Walk.
Before 6pm – $35
After 6pm – $20
Front Gate Parking – Closest parking area to
Universal Studios entrance.
Before 6pm – $50
After 6pm – $30
Valet ParkingFirst 2 hours – $25
Over 2 hours – $45

Which Universal Studios Hollywood Parking Lot Is Best?

Parking lots are broken up based on famous Universal productions these include;

  • Frankenstein
  • Jurrasic Park
  • ET
  • Woody Woodpecker

Unless you choose preferred or valet parking you won’t get a choice as to where you park at Universal Studios Hollywood and instead will be allocated a space on a first-come, first-serve basis.

After your day at the park, you’ll be able to navigate back to your vehicle using the signs. Parking characters will be displayed as logos with directions.

Universal Studios Hollywood General vs Preferred Parking

Preferred parking at Universal Studios Hollywood is worth the additional $10 if you’re only visiting for the day as it allows you to spend more time in the park and less time walking from your car to the main gate.

If you’re visiting Universal Studios Hollywood over a couple of days, are on a budget or visit the park regularly then the additional $10 spend is likely not a worthwhile investment and better spent on food or souvenirs inside the park.

Parking Electric Vehicles For Charging At Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re driving an electric vehicle and are looking to charge and park at Universal Studios Hollywood then you’ll find electric charging points in the following locations;

Frankenstein Garage: 4 ports (Level 2 and Level 7)

Jurassic Parking Garage: 8 ports (Level 1 and B1M)

ET Garage: 16 ports (Level B1)

Woody Woodpecker Lot: 1 port (near Front Gate Parking)

Alongside the standard parking rate, you’ll also be charged $0.35/kWh. Price correct at the time of publishing. 

RV Parking Near Universal Studios Hollywood

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that overnight parking at Universal Studios Hollywood isn’t permitted.

However, if you still want to visit the park in your RV then you can do so. You’ll be directed to an outdoor parking area by a member of staff.

This area is located conveniently near the front of the park alongside the buses for groups. Here you’ll be charged the standard general parking fee plus an additional cost which is unspecified by staff at this time.

Handicap Parking At Universal Studios Hollywood

To park in one of the handicapped parking spots at Universal Studios Hollywood you’ll need to have an accessible parking permit for cars with disability placards.

There’s disabled parking in both Universal Studios Hollywood garages on level 3 – entrance level to the parks.

Both of these garages are very close to the main walkway to City Walk which then connects onto US Hollywood.

A lot of people have asked whether it’s easier to just pay for valet parking instead. Based on our experience valet parking requires you to use a lift and isn’t much if any closer to the parks than the handicap bays on level 3. 

Annual Passholder Parking

If you become a Gold or Platinum annual pass holder at Universal Studios Hollywood then you’ll also receive free general parking.

With the basic cost of general parking prior to 6pm being $25, it might be worth upgrading one member of your party to a Gold Annual Pass to receive the free parking.

At the moment the difference in price between gold annual pass and silver annual pass is $130.

This means that if you plan on visiting more than 5 times over the following 12 months then you’d save money upgrading to the gold pass for the savings made on parking alone.

Universal Studios VIP Parking

If you’re visiting Universal Studios Hollywood for the VIP tour then you’ll receive valet parking in the Frankenstein parking lot completely free. The usual cost is $45.

Free Parking At Universal Studios Hollywood

There are just two areas in which you can get free parking near Universal Studios Hollywood. Sadly, both of these parking areas are limited to a 2 hour period.

So if you plan on spending more than 2 hours at Universal Studios Hollywood (which I hope you do!) this sadly won’t be suitable.

11320 Chandler Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91601 – Approx 13 min walk to Universal Studios To Universal Studios Hollywood

11231 Magnolia Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 91601 – Approx 22 min walk to Universal Studios Hollywood

Sadly, there’s no cheap parking near Universal Studios Hollywood either. Considering the commute from your car to the park, we’d recommend paying for at least the basic parking at Universal Studios Hollywood.

This is not only on-site and therefore requires no long-distance walking to get to the park. It also comes with security and protection for your car.

There is one alternative specifically designed for those who live very close to Universal Studios Hollywood. This is in the form of the Globe Partner Pass. To gain access to this benefit you will need to live within the red line.

Benefits aren’t limited to just complimentary parking once a month.

They also include;

  • Advance screenings of new Universal film releases.
  • Previews of new Universal Studios Hollywood rides and attractions.
  • Invitations to special events.

Events are limited and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can apply for a Globe Partner Pass here.