Universal Studios Orlando Food Prices & Dining Options

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Food can be one of the most expensive things you’ll buy when visiting the Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

As such it’s good to get an understanding of the current food prices, so you can budget for your trip accordingly.

During our most recent trip to Universal Studios Orlando (Summer 2022) quick service food and drink cost the following;

  • Bottles of beer – $10.50
  • Alcoholic cocktails served in a souvenir cup – $14.50
  • Single-serve soda – $4.49
  • Bottle of Powerade – $5.50
  • Meatball bowl – $15.49
  • Turkey or Veggie Wrap – $10.49
  • Tropical fruit salad – $8.49
  • California roll – $13.99

As you can see, the cost of food and drink inside Universal Studios is inflated when compared to elsewhere in Orlando.

However, these prices can increase further depending on where within the resort you eat. With table service, restaurants often costing an additional 50% when compared to quick-service options.

As a result, most families having lunch, dinner, drinks, and snacks inside Universal Studios Orlando will spend on average $50 per person, per day. 

How To Pay For Food At Universal Studios

Universal Studios accepts cash (U.S. dollars) alongside credit cards, debit cards, and Universal gift cards. 

You can also pay for food through the Universal mobile application however, you will need to set up a payment method (credit or debit card) beforehand.

That being said, using the Universal Studios mobile application can save time in the long run as you’ll be able to make mobile food orders for selected restaurants within the resort.

These restaurants include; The Leaky Cauldron, Krusty Burger, Mel’s Drive-In, and Luigi’s Pizza.


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Does Universal Studios Accommodate Dietary Requirements

Universal Studios does a fantastic job of accommodating the dietary needs of its guests.

There are a number of restaurants and quick-service locations within Universal Studios that are great for those with gluten intolerances. However, our personal favourite choices are;

  • TODAY Cafe
  • Richter’s Burger Company

Since both of these locations offer gluten-free bread.

For those looking for kosher and halal meals, Universal offers a special made-to-order meal service, however, orders must be placed at least 4-5 days in advance.

Those with a vegan or vegetarian will find that there are plenty of options in Universal Studios to accommodate their dietary needs with restaurants offering delicious plant-based alternatives to popular entrees that aren’t just a salad.

If you have other questions about dietary restrictions and accommodations at Universal, you can reach out directly to [email protected] for more information.

Universal Orlando Dining Plan

Updated 2023: Universal Orlando has unfortunately cancelled all-new dining plans as of July 2021. There has been no update regarding if the 2023 Universal dining plan will be returning and all information has been deleted from the official website. 

We have left the information below up just in case Universal does decide to bring back the dining plan sometime in the future.

There are two dining plans offered at Universal Orlando: the Quick Service Universal Dining Plan and the Table Service Universal Dining Plan.

The Quick Service plan is $25.99 per day for adults and $17.99 per day for kids 9 years old and younger.

It includes one meal at a quick service restaurant (entree and soft drink), one snack (something like a pretzel, churro, or Butterbeer), and one more soft drink.

The Table Service place is $64.99 per day for adults and $24.99 per day for kids 9 years old and younger.

It includes everything that the Quick Service plan includes, plus one meal at a table service restaurant (entree, soft drink, and dessert) excluding tax and gratuities.

While the Quick Service plan is available to everyone, the Table Service plan is only available to book as part of a Universal vacation package.

The Universal Orlando dining plan can be a good deal (especially the Quick Service plan) depending on how much you eat, where you plan to eat, and what you plan to order. 

It’s worth pricing it out beforehand to see if you would save more money with the dining plan, or by just buying food a la carte.

How To Save Money On Food At Universal Studios Orlando

While food and drink at the Universal Studios Orlando Resort are expensive, there are thankfully a number of different ways you can save money. Some of our favourites include;

Bring A Water Bottle

A bottle of water costs $4 at Universal Studios, however, you’re more than welcome to bring an empty water bottle of your own and fill it up throughout the day.

You can refill your water bottle at water fountains and Coca-Cola Freestyle machines around the park (just press the water button).

Alternatively, you can get a free cup of water at any of the quick service and table service restaurants.

Bring Some Snacks

Universal permits guests to bring their own food and drink into the park provided that they meet the resort’s rules and regulations.

Personally, we opt to bring a variety of small snacks which helps us keep fueled up and ready to go while waiting in line for a ride and save money.

Pack A Lunch

If you really want to save money on food at Universal Studios you could also look to bring your own lunch. 

While Universal does not allow coolers larger than 8.5″ wide x 6″ high x 6″ deep, you are fine if you bring something like a couple of PB&J sandwiches in addition to your other snacks into the park.

Share Meals

If you do want to enjoy a meal at one of Universal’s restaurants, splitting an entree can be a good way to cut down on costs.

This works best at restaurants that have large entrees. The Leaky Cauldron is a great restaurant for splitting meals because many of its entrees (like Fish & Chips or Bangers & Mash) are very filling and come with large portion sizes.

Save With An Annual Pass

Annual pass holders at Universal can save money on food, drinks, and souvenirs (excluding alcoholic beverages).

  • Premier Annual Pass – 15%
  • Preferred Annual Pass – 10%

Depending on the length of your trip and how often you visit Universal Studios, getting an annual pass can save you a lot of money, especially on dining.


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