Universal Studios Orlando Parking – Everything You Need To Know!

The most popular way to get to Universal Studios Orlando is via car. For first time visitors figuring out the small details such as parking can be a nuisance, especially when all you want to talk about is the exciting rides.

To help make your Universal Studios Orlando trip the best it can be you want to prepare everything you can so you can arrive and just enjoy your day. Like most theme parks, Universal Studios Orlando has designated paid parking for visitors.

Universal Studios Orlando has many paid parking options, including standard, valet, and Universal Prime Parking. Each of these has different prices and different benefits. Universal also has accessible parking, electric car stations, and RV parking.

Parking at Universal Studios Orlando costs;

  • General Parking – $25 before 6pm
  • Prime Upgrade – $23
  • Prime Parking – $50 before 6pm
  • Valet Parking – $25 for less than 2 hours or $45 for more than 2 hours
  • RV/Bus Parking – $32 per day

Other than the price, the biggest difference between the parking options is how close to the exit/entrance you are and what level you are on. Spending the extra $10 – $30 may be beneficial to those looking to have easier access to their car.

There are two wings for parking at Universal Studios Orlando, each wing is split into three main sections with multiple levels of parking. The wings are split as follows; wing one includes Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Jaws and the second include Spider-Man, Cat in the Hat, and E.T.

In the rest of this article, we will go over how much each level of parking costs, how to get free parking and save on parking during your vacation in general.

How Much Is Parking?

Parking varies at Universal Studios Orlando depending on what style of parking you chose.

The following table breaks down the cost of the different parking options at Universal Studios Orlando. It will also showcase what is included within that parking option from closer parking spaces, parking on lower levels or annual pass holder discounts.

General Parking$26 Per Car
Prime Parking – Located on the third floor by the security hub and is the same floor as the main entrance to Citywalk.$60 Per Car
Prime Upgrade+$23
Valet Parking – Closest parking to the security hub with the shortest walk to the security hub.$27 – $75

Universal Studios Orlando has parking in one main location which supplies parking to Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, CityWalk and Volcano Bay.

Unfortunately, Volcano Bay doesn’t have guest parking and so guests are advised to park at the main parking garages and use the free shuttle service provided by Universal Studios to and from Volcano Bay.

When arriving at the parking garages for Volcano Bay you will be directed to the Spider-Man, Cat in the Hat, and E.T parking garages. These are the best ones to use for Volcano Bay as the bus transportation centre is located on the lower level behind the Cat In The Hat lot.

General Parking

General parking will only cost $26 per car. It covers an all-day parking pass, so once you’ve paid for the day, you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that this mode of parking only applies to standard vehicles, and if you’re bringing an RV or a camper, you’ll be directed to different parking spaces and have to pay a slightly higher fee.

There is the option of free self-parking for all guests after 6pm. This however does not apply to special events evenings such as Halloween Horror Nights.

Valet Parking

Valet parking at Universal Studios Orlando is $27 for the first two hours of your visit and $75 for anytime over two hours.

Prices vary after 6pm from $27.00 for 2 hours, $40.00 for over 2 hours and $50.00 for over 2 hours on Mardi Gras concert nights.

The valet parking option allows you to be the closest you can be to the security hub, making it quicker and easier for you to get into the parks and out when you leave.

This option is great for anyone looking to make the most of the limited days they have at the parks and has the budget available.

What Is Prime Parking?

When you arrive at one of the Universal parking garages, you have the option of paying for Universal Prime Parking.

For $60, you’ll be allowed to park your car on one of the lower levels giving you closer access to the main security hub and entrance.

Prime Parking is located on the middle section of each of the wings on the third floor. The location of Prime Parking is key as this is the same level as the security hub.

This limits the time walking to the security hub from the car and back again, it also reduces the number of lifts you need to take to access CityWalk and the parks making it quicker and easier.

The parking spot will be close to the CityWalk entrance, and if you have rental cars from some places like the Orlando International Airport, you’ll get free access to Prime parking.

So, if you rent a car from such sites, get the necessary documents to show the officials at the gate.

However, it’s not entirely free; you’ll have to pay the fee for regular parking, and then they’ll upgrade you to Prime parking. 

How Many Parking Spaces At Universal Studios Orlando?

Universal Studios parking is one of the biggest parking lots in the world to accommodate the vast number of visitors that flock to the parks daily. 

Universal Studios Orlando has 10,200 parking spaces, making it the fifth-largest parking lot in the world.

To avoid confusion and help guests find their spots more efficiently, they have divided the parking lot into different sub-lots, each named after a movie or character. 

Which Parking Option In Universal Studios Orlando Is The Best Value?

When it comes to deciding which level of parking you’re going to purchase, you’ll need to consider a couple of things, including how much you’re willing to pay, whether or not there are members of your group that cannot walk, as well as what time of year you’ll be going.

General parking is your best option if you have a tight budget as it’s the cheapest. Although valet parking isn’t that much more expensive, it’ll add up over time, especially if you’re going to the parks for several days.

If you’re travelling with young children or anyone in your group has difficulty walking, you may want to consider purchasing valet parking.

If you pay for valet parking, then you can drive right up, hop out, and they’ll take your car to park it for you. You’ll pay more, of course, but it’s worth it if you need that proximity.

Valet parking may also be the best option if you’re visiting the parks during busy seasons. You can pay for Prime Parking to get spaces closer to the bottom of the parking garage.

If you are wanting to save on parking altogether you might want to consider staying within walking distance of Universal Studios Orlando. Alternatively, if you plan to come again within the year you can purchase an annual pass which gives you benefits such as free parking.

Where Is General Parking Located?

General parking is located right outside the park gates in Universal’s massive parking garages. All parking is located within a 5-10 minute walk of the park gates, making the park accessible for all visitors.

What Time Does The Parking Lot Open?

Universal Studios Orlando parking opens at 7 am almost every day of the year. Be sure to check with your on-site resort concierge or at Universal Studios Orlando website for up to date information.

The lots close at 12 am. If you’re planning on visiting on holidays, you’ll want to check the hours before you go as holidays can affect the hours.

The parks, however, don’t open until 9-10 am, and only open earlier for those staying on-site and using the extra hour. Though if you want to make the most of your day then you can arrive earlier to be there for the opening.

Is There Free Parking at Universal?

Generally speaking, there’s no free parking at universal. You may be able to get free parking if you go after 6 pm or if you go to a matinee showing of a movie.

However, you’ll still have to pay the upfront cost of the parking and you’ll be refunded when you present your tickets upon returning.

You can also get free parking at CityWalk if you arrive after 6 pm. However, this depends on the time of year as they often host special events. If a special event is going on after 6 pm, you’ll still have to pay for parking.

You may find that if you drive to a hotel and then again to the parks you may be paying for several parking options within one day, to save on this look at hotels within walking distance to Universal Studios Orlando or hotels with a free shuttle service.

Disabled Parking

Universal Studios Orlando does a great job of offering plenty of accessible parking spaces to visitors who need them.

When you arrive, all you have to do is let a team member know that you need an accessible parking space, and they’ll guide you to them.

These spaces are right on the third floor of the parking garage closest to the entrance to the park. 

You don’t need to reserve these spots ahead of time. Instead, as soon as you arrive, let a team member know that you’ll need one of the accessible parking spaces.

You’ll be asked to turn your hazards on, and one of the team members will personally guide you to the handicap parking section.

If one of your guests needs a wheelchair, you should call ahead of time and let the transportation team know.

That way, as soon as you arrive, a staff member can be ready to meet you in the accessible parking area with a wheelchair so you can get going on your fantastic day in the park as soon as possible. 

Electric Parking

Universal Studios Orlando has electric charging stations available throughout their parking garages. However, the electric charging spaces are located within the valet sections of the parking garages.

To access the electric charging spaces you will need to request a valet parking space. Once within the valet section, you will only be required to pay the $60 for valet parking with no additional costs for the electric charging itself.

There are only four charging stations available. Two of them are Tesla brand charging stations, and the other two are general charging stations that should work for any other electric vehicle.

Charging spaces are also available at select resorts on Universal Studios Orlando property, there are only a select amount of spaces and also carry no additional fee for charging.

RV Parking

Universal Studios Orlando has separate parking spaces for RVs, mobile homes, and buses to make the parking process as simple as possible. The cost to park one of these vehicles is $32 per day, no matter the size of the vehicle. 

To keep in mind, Universal Studios Orlando doesn’t allow anyone to park overnight.

Instead, we recommend finding other RV parks in the area that will allow you to park overnight and catch a ride to Universal.

Alternatively, you can look at alternative transport from bus, Uber or Lyft to bring you to the parks.

Parking At Universal Studios Resorts

Unfortunately, overnight parking at all Universal Studios Orlando hotels and resorts comes with a fee. You can expect to pay $28 per night for self-parking or $37 for valet parking, this is exclusively for registered guests.

Guests visiting for the day can expect to pay around $30 for self-parking and $42 for valet parking. Valet parking is only available at the preferred premier hotels including Sapphire Falls, Hard Rock Hotel and Portofino Bay. Other hotels such as Royal Pacific charge $45 for self-parking and $42 for valet.

Cabana Bay and Aventura charge $18 for overnight quests with self-parking only available. While Endless Summer hotel charges $15 for overnight guests with self-parking only.

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