Going To Universal Studios Orlando With A Baby – What You Need To Know!

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While Universal Studios Orlando isn’t designed for babies, you may find yourself travelling to these parks with a baby while on vacation.

We took our baby Oliver (six months) to Universal Studios Orlando with us. He’s admitted into the parks free with a paying adult but sadly can’t go on any of the rides aside from the Hogwarts Express while inside the parks.

With some adjustments to what would have otherwise been our regular routine when visiting the parks we (and hopefully he) still had a wonderful time exploring everything this incredible resort has to offer.

Can You Take A Baby To Universal Studios Orlando?

You can take a baby to Universal Studios Orlando since there are no age restrictions for entering the park.

However, keep in mind that a baby will not be tall enough to go on the majority of the rides at any of the Universal Studios Resort parks and therefore will get little value from the experience.

Given the heat and humidity in Orlando, you’ll want to consider how you’re going to keep your baby comfortable, hydrated and safe from the sun – especially during the summer months.

Can You Take Strollers To Universal Studios?

You are welcome to bring your own stroller or hire a stroller from a third-party company while in Orlando to bring to Universal Studios.

However, you will need to collapse your stroller on transport between the Universal Studios resort hotels and CityWalk where applicable.

Alternatively, single and double strollers can be hired from within each of the parks for a fee.

These strollers are made of hard plastic and as such are great for older toddlers and young children, however, are not suitable for babies and smaller toddlers.

Can You Bring A Stroller Wagon To Universal Studios?

Unlike Walt Disney World there are no restrictions on the size of the stroller you can bring to Universal Studios.

As such, many families choose to bring a stroller wagon to the parks.

This is a great idea if you’ve got slightly older children or more than one child, but may not be suitable for babies.

Keep in mind that you’ll need someone to stand with and manoeuvre your stroller wagon throughout the day – a thankless task in the peak season when the parks are incredibly busy.

Are Babies Free At Universal Studios Orlando?

Children under the age of three can enter Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay for free with a paying adult and do not need a ticket to enter the park.

What Can Babies Do At Universal Studios Orlando?

Sadly, there is not much for babies to do at Universal Studios Orlando. Instead, a lot of the experiences are likely to depend on the child’s exact age and development.

Some things to consider researching based on your own child(ren) include;

  • Character Meet & Greets
  • Woody Woodpecker Kidzone & Curious George Goes to Town
  • Hogwarts Express
  • Superstar Parade
  • Suess Landing
  • Splash Pads at Volcano Bay

Are There Baby Care Centres At Universal Studios Orlando?

Universal Studios Resort has a baby care centre located inside each first aid centre within the parks.

However, unlike first aid centres, the family rooms / baby care centres are not signposted.

As such you’ll want to go ahead and ask a staff member to direct you once inside the first aid centre as to where you can go.

Sadly, these baby care centres are not as extensive or as comfortable as those you’d find at Walt Disney World, however, they are also significantly less popular too.

So much so that whenever we visited the baby care centres on our most recent visit to Universal Studios we were the only ones inside.

Can You Bring Baby Bottles & Baby Food To Universal Studios?

While Universal Studios has strict policies on what you can and can not bring into the parks with you, they are incredibly accommodating when it comes to babies and small children.

As such you will be permitted to bring small glass jars of baby food or baby medicine into the parks despite no glass being allowed.

These items will still however need to be scanned by the x-ray machines at CityWalk before entering the resort.

Does Universal Studios Orlando Have Child-Swap?

If your child is too small to go on a particular ride at Universal Studios then you can go ahead and take advantage of Universal’s child swap.

Each ride and attraction inside the park has a family room where a member of your party can wait with the baby while the remainder of your party goes on the ride.

Once they are finished the adult(s) that stayed behind can switch places.

As such whoever went on the ride previously can then stay with the baby while those who first stayed with the baby can now go and enjoy the ride without having to queue again.


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