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Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam – The Very Best Place To Eat In The City!

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam

Let me start this post by saying we’re not vegans. However, we’d heard from other non-vegans and vegans alike that one place we had to eat at during our trip was the Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam.

We’d not just heard about the Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam on Trip Advisor, on Facebook but in mumblings inside our hostel during our stay in Amsterdam. Personal recommendations these days are becoming harder and harder to come by, so for someone to tell someone else about a place – we knew it had to be good…

So on a bright and sunny day, we began exploring the best photo spots of Amsterdam city and were delighted when we came across the Vegan Junk Food bar in person.

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam Locations

There are currently three Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam locations. Each location has a unique menu which can be explored in advance on the Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam website.

Due to it’s convenient proximity to the metro from the city centre and right around the corner from one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam – The Heineken?Brewery. We ate at the?Vegan Junk Food Bar at Marie Heinekenplein.

Unlike the other two locations which are burger bars. The?Vegan Junk Food Bar at Marie Heinekenplein is a vegan restaurant where you can choose from a variety of specials alongside some of the most mouthwatering plant-based meals.

Outside the Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam, round the corner from the Heineken Experience

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam Interior & Design

The style of all three vegan junk food bar’s here in Amsterdam is very bright, playful and eye-catching. It really adds to the feel of the place and of course is very instagrammable!

Vegan Junk Food Bar 4 President... We couldn't agree more!

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam is made up of some of the coolest art work.

Vegan Junk Food Bar Food

As I mentioned earlier, the menu will vary depending on the location you’re visiting. This menu for the?Vegan Junk Food Bar at Marie Heinekenplein is correct as of May 2018.

Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam Menu

As has been mentioned on a couple of external reviews of the Vegan Junk Food Bar, you may find the prices are 10% – 20% higher than what you might find elsewhere. However, this small added cost is well worth it – trust me!

During our visit, I went for the Supreme Hot Dog 3.0. A plant-based hot dog in a VJFB?urban croissant.

Classic Hotdog 3.0 at the vegan junk food bar Amsterdam

Helen, on the other hand, went with a burger – The Black Daddy McChicken. Two plant-based chick’n pieces with lettuce, tomato, cheese & fried onions.? It was as one might imagine delicious – although the second piece of “chicken” was a little dry.

Black Daddy McChicken Burger at the vegan junk food bar Amsterdam

As we weren’t too sure on portion sizes we opted to share a side of the regular triple fried, fries with a side of mayo. As you can come to expect, they didn’t disappoint!

Triple cooked fries at the vegan junk food bar Amsterdam

In all, it seems as though we made the decision as we completely finished both our meals and left feeling nice and full.


So, why are we labelling Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam the best place to eat in the city?

  • The food is all plant-based – saving the planet, saving the animals and really good for you!
  • The interior and exterior design of the three locations are awe-inspiring.
  • The food is simply some of the best quality food you’ll find in the world. If I was left with only one place I could eat in Amsterdam for the rest of my life, I’d choose this place.
  • ?It’s places like this with a unique take on food that make you grateful the person who invented the menu found out they are good at… well, inventing menus like this one!

So, next time you’re in Amsterdam take a short walk out of town and grab yourself some quality food at Amsterdam Vegan Junk Food Bar!

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