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As you may know, we are big fans of Disney and so that makes us even bigger fans of visiting Walt Disney World. Though we have been a couple of times now we usually go in Spring/Summertime. Though Orlando has great year-round weather, there are still some changes to take in mind. Here is a breakdown of what to expect from the weather and what to wear to Disney World In…

What To Wear To Disney World In January

Though January is one of the coldest months it still brings in an average temperature of around 21°C which is 71°F. Though you may see the locals wrapped up, it is still warm for tourists. The weather is said to be warm days with cold/cool evenings so if you planning on staying in the parks late, make sure you pack a jacket.

Deciding what to wear to Disney World in January can be easy if you know what to pack. Luckily I have already put together a comprehensive packing list here.

I would advise to wear items that are breathable for the warm day but also covering for the cool evenings. It is a great idea to pack layers for if the weather changes throughout the day. Pack trousers whether they are full length or 3/4 length and shirts to put under jackets. A great tip if to wear layers such as a fitted vest underneath t-shirts to help keep your core body warm.

What To Wear To Disney World In February

February much like January is cooler and a great time to visit as it is quiet. The weather starts to pick up slightly with highs of 23°C / 7­3°F. The weather is known to drop as low as 11°C, or 52°F, this mainly happens in the evenings as the sun has set. You will more than likely want to pack a jacket or sweater for the evening to watch the fireworks.

For everyday wear I would look to wear something quite warm still, a pair of jersey shorts with a t-shirt would be warm enough but still enough to keep you feeling cool. If you don’t want to overdress look at wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with long length trousers or shorts with long sleeve t-shirt. Ladies if you like to wear dresses why not try out a simple cotton easy fit dress layered up with a cardigan and leggings to keep you warm.

What To Wear To Disney World In March

March is the start of a much busier month due to Spring Break, there are also Spring events on around the Disney Parks. Deciding on what to wear to Disney World in March is much easier as the weather is warmer. With highs of up to 25°C / 78°F it is much more enjoyable to wear shorts and t-shirts.

If you are looking to add an extra layer to counteract a chiller breeze try adding on a thin cotton shirt or denim shirt. This will also help protect you against the suns rays on your shoulders all day. I would still think about taking a small jacket if you plan to watch the fireworks in the evening. The weather can drop as low as 12°C/ 54°F.

Through the day the best way to decide what to wear to Disney World in March is looking at the weather. As the weather is warm I would suggest wearing comfortable shorts, t-shirts and comfortable sandals or trainers. Summer dresses are a great option too and are great to add layers and take off throughout the day.

What To Wear To Disney World In April

April is a lovely time of year to visit Disney World. We have visited Walt Disney World in April twice now and found it great. The weather is definitely hotter and for anyone visiting from the UK will be very pleased with the weather. April has highs of 28°C (83°F) and lows of 15°C (53°F).

The month of april is still busy due to Spring Break and the UK have easter holidays in that time frame. Check out our Walt Disney World crowd calendar for more information on busy dates.

If you like many want to make the most of your days in the park then you want to feel comfortable. I found wearing something as simple as shorts, t-shirt and trainers were what I ended up wearing most days. You could also wear a lightweight dress and add on a cardigan or jacket in the evening.

What To Wear To Disney World In May

May is quite different to the weather in April, the weather itself gets up to a high of 31°C/ 88°F. This can mean that walking around the park in the hot sun can be dangerous and tiring. To help counteract this you want to be wearing plenty of suncream, a hat and if you can something to cover your shoulders.

You can alternate between t-shirts and vests throughout your time but remember to wear suncream at all times. Sports wear like the 3/4 length leggings, shorts and tops can be a great substitute in this weather as it helps keep you cool and dries quickly. The sports wear is made to be breathable and flexible for your body which is great in high temperatures.

The lowest temperatures in May are around 18°C/ 65°F, this is still quite warm and most likely to happen on the cloudier days and evenings. Personally wouldn’t feel the need for a jacket but if you spend the day in the sun you may feel the cooler breeze more. The rainy season also starts in May so take this into account when packing. Pack a raincoat or poncho just to help keep the majority of you dry and make the most of your day. This is also great as you can double up the poncho when doing on water rides.

What To Wear To Disney World In June

June is quite similar to May in the sense that it is hot and rainy. While the rain doesn’t always stay all day I wouldn’t let it stop you from making the most of the day. I would definitely pack a rain coat or poncho for my trip to Disney World in June.

When deciding what to wear to Disney World in June is quite simple in terms of shorts and t-shirts but you want to make sure you can survive in the heat. I would say wear clothes that are comfortable and practical such as easy breathable cottons, thin t-shirts and a hat.

Footwear is easily one of the most important parts to any trip to Disney World. You want to make sure you can walk far, long and be comfortable. As June and August have the school holidays for the UK it can get very very busy, this means longer waits on rides and longer on your feet.

What To Wear To Disney World In July

July is very hot and humid, it is a very difficult time of year to travel and spend everyday in the parks. The weather is 33°C /92°F and is said to be sauna-like climate, making it very hard to stay cool and spend all day outside.

My essential item to pack for a Disney World trip in July would be a water bottle. While you can find bottles of water or cups of water from every vendor in the parks it is best to take a bottle. It can be with you at all times to help keep you hydrated in the hot weather and you can refill your bottle at any of the many water fountains around the parks.

I would wear something similar to June, shorts or sports leggings/ trousers are a great option to help keep you cool and comfortable. What to wear to Disney World In July is harder to pack for as the weather is so hot. With the heat and harsh sun rays to take in to consideration I would wear loose clothing that covers your shoulders and helps keep you cool. Look for items that are 100% cotton or work out clothes like Nike Dri-Fit technology.

My other must packs for the hot weather of July are a hat, sunglasses and high SPF suncream. You will need as much coverage from the suns rays as possible. I would take a backpack to pack in your water bottle, suncream and hat.

What To Wear To Disney World In August

August is very much like July in terms of weather, this means that you need to keep your head covered from the sun, sunglasses on and lots of suncream. The weather does change slightly with the introduction of some rainy days. It would be worthwhile packing a poncho or raincoat to shelter you from the showers.

If you are looking for inspiration of what to pack then check out our ultimate Disney World packing list. July and August are the peak months for heat, humidity and daylight sunshine hours.

What To Wear To Disney World In September

September is the wind down from the peak summer season moving into Autumn. September is still hot and humid with temperatures of 32°C  (90°F), with lows of 22°C (72°F). When it comes to knowing what to wear to Disney World in September remember that a high SPF suncream is vital.

As the weather and suns rays are very similar to August the packing list should be the same.

What To Wear To Disney World In October

Due to the weather cooling down October is a great time to visit Walt Disney World. The best part is that all the special Halloween events have started and are in full swing. The weather in October has highs of 29°C /84°F and lows of 18°C /65°F making it much more bearable to walk around all day.

I would still say to wear a high SPF suncream as you are still in warm weather and direct sunshine. You can swap a couple of items in your suitcase for this trip as it isn’t in peak summer. You could add in a pair of ankle boots to give you a little more coverage. It would also be worth packing a small thin jacket or lightweight cotton shirt to add on throughout the cooler days/evenings. Another good alternative for some people would to pack a small lightweight scarf/shawl. This is really handy if you stay late one evening and watch the fireworks and the temperature has dropped.

Another great tip for deciding what to wear to Disney World in October is costumes. As the Halloween season is in full swing, don’t be afraid to add a little flare to your day to day outfit. Incorporate your favourite character into your outfit and maybe add on some spooky ears to match.

What To Wear To Disney World In November

November carries on from October in terms of the temperature getting lower but for anyone from the UK it is still warm. The highest temperature in November is 25°C /78°F and the lowest dropping to 14°C /57°F. November also sees the introduction of all things festive at Walt Disney World, events are on and the parks are transformed.

The humidity also drops at this time of year making it much easier to spend the day doing sports, swimming or walking around the parks. If you are from the UK looking to visit you may want to consider packing lightweight long length trousers, thin jeans or gym gear. Adding a warmer layer to your packing will be great for the cool days or just nice to keep you covered throughout the day.

When packing what to wear to Disney World in November look at packing a couple of warmer layers such as long sleeve shirt, jacket or top as well as long length trousers. A great outfit idea would be long length gym trousers/leggings with a t-shirt or vest with a cotton shirt. Again due to walking all day ideal footwear would be a comfortable boot/shoe or trainer. The lighter the footwear the better as it lessens the weight on your legs over the course of the day.

What To Wear To Disney World In December

December is a pleasant time to visit Walt Disney World with daytime temperatures as high as 23°C /73°F and falling to 10°C /50°F. Though to anyone visiting from the UK will still find the weather warm I would still pack warmer layers.

In terms of what to wear to Disney World in December it would be quite similar to November. With the exception of light jackets you may want to wear something a little more covering such as a fleece for the evenings and a long sleeve top throughout the day with jeans or leggings. Khakis and walking trousers are a great alternative if you plan to go on water rides or want the trousers to be fast drying. Walking trousers are a much more practical option and still keep you warm in the cooler months.

If you plan to stay in the parks all day from morning right through to the evening fireworks you can pack a warmer layer for the evening. I would take a small/medium size backpack to carry in the essentials such as a water bottle, suncream and a jacket. If you have children I would think about packing things such as a fleece coat and maybe a hat for the evenings.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive Disney packing list, check out our post here for more information. Also if you are looking to book a trip to Disney but not sure when is best to go check out our Disney World crowd calendar.

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