What Happens At Universal Studios During A Hurricane?

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From the middle of September until the end of November, your planned Universal Studios vacation may experience the threat or in fact, the reality of a hurricane or hurricane conditions.

Universal Studios has in the past had to close as a result of a hurricane. While the decision to close the parks is never taken lightly it’s always done with guests’ health and safety as a top priority.

Should Universal Studios have to close as the result of an impending hurricane one day’s notice is provided wherever possible.

Will Universal Studios Theme Parks Close During A Hurricane?

Universal Studios has been known to close its theme parks as a result of a hurricane or hurricane conditions in the past.

While each closure has been slightly different Universal tries to give at least one day’s notice of closure to allow people to adjust their travel plans accordingly.

Can You Cancel Your Universal Studios Vacation / Universal Park Tickets In The Event Of A Hurricane or Hurricane Conditions?

Universal Studios Orlando has a severe weather policy in place to help guests quickly either reschedule or cancel their trip in the event of an impending hurricane.

The policy states that you may cancel or reschedule your Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations Package, hotel room-only accommodations and Universal Orlando theme park tickets booked directly with Universal Orlando, without any cancellation or change fees imposed.

Changes to your booking as a result of the severe weather policy can be done by calling the Guest Contact Centre team at 877-801-9720.

If you have booked your Universal Studios vacation or park tickets with a third-party supplier then you’ll need to read the terms and conditions of your booking or look to your travel insurance to make a claim.


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What Happens If You’re Staying On-Site At A Universal Studios Hotel During A Hurricane?

If you are staying on-site in one of the Universal Studios hotels during a hurricane then you’ll be informed by the staff in advance as to the standard procedure for the hotel.

This usually happens one to two nights before the hurricane is set to make landfall in Orlando to give you plenty of time to prepare.

During the hurricane, you’ll be asked to remain inside the hotel.

Meanwhile, additional activities are often provided (inc character meet and greets, movies and games) to ease any boredom.

Should the weather conditions worsen you’ll be asked to either remain in your room, or in emergency situations gather in a large enclosed space within the hotel where there are no windows.

Again, each hotel within the Universal Studios Resort is slightly different.

As such it’s incredibly important you read all the information you’re provided should you be at a Universal Studios hotel during this time.

What Happens Before / After A Hurricane Or Hurricane Conditions At Universal Studios

Universal Studios will continue to operate before or after a hurricane (or hurricane conditions) wherever it is safe to do so.

However, while the park may remain open before a hurricane or re-open after a hurricane, selected rides and attractions may not be in operation.

Outdoor rides that usually close as a result of rain and severe storms are often inoperational for health and safety reasons.

This can often increase the standby wait times for the rides that are available to guests inside the park.

Should You Cancel Or Reschedule Your Universal Studios Vacation Because Of A Potential Hurricane?

Deciding whether to cancel or reschedule your Universal Studios vacation as the result of a potential hurricane is incredibly personal.

Sadly, we had that decision taken away from us in 2019 when our trip to Universal Studios was cancelled by the tour operator as the result of a hurricane.

Should you have to decide whether to cancel or reschedule your Universal Studios vacation, there are some things you should keep in mind;

  • How close your upcoming trip is – The strength and route of a hurricane can change significantly in the weeks and days before it reaches Florida.
  • Cancelled and rescheduled flights – Getting in and out of Florida before or after a hurricane can be a nightmare as a result of days of cancelled flights.
  • Some rides and attractions may remain closed – Even if the Universal parks only close for one day as the result of a hurricane, other rides within the park may be unable to reopen due to damage or for health and safety.
  • The health and safety of yourself, friends and family – Hurricanes can be deadly. As such you’ll want to consider the health and safety of your family travelling in severe weather conditions.
  • The length of your vacation – If your vacation is a couple of days then should the hurricane make landfall it could take up a significant portion, if not the entirety of your vacation.


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