What Happens When It Rains At Universal Studios Hollywood

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Los Angeles may benefit from near year-round sunshine, however, there are many times during your trip you may experience tropical storms including rain, thunder, lightning and high winds.

We’ve been to Universal Studios Hollywood multiple times during bad weather and still had a fantastic time. Given this, I wanted to go ahead and share our hints and tips to ensure no matter what the weather you’ll still enjoy your trip to the parks.

Universal Studios Hollywood will remain open with rides in full operation when it rains. However, select rides may be temporarily suspended as a safety precaution if the downfall includes any thunder, lightning or high winds.

Given all this, we’ve found that it’s important you know which rides will and won’t be in operation during bad weather so you’re able to make a plan as to what you’ll do should it rain during your trip.

Does Universal Studios Hollywood Open In The Rain?

Universal Studios Hollywood will open in the rain. However, some rides and attractions may be temporarily suspended. Should the rain increase to thunder, lightning or heavy winds then Universal may choose to close the park for health and safety reasons.

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What Happens When It Rains At Universal Studios Hollywood?

If the rain is nothing more than a light shower, all rides at Universal Studios will continue to operate provided they can do so safely.

That being said many people will try to avoid the rain by heading indoors. As such you’ll notice indoor simulator rides have higher than usual standby wait times, while shops & restaurants around the resort are more crowded.

Do Shows Stop At Universal Studios Hollywood When It Rains?

Typically, shows at Universal Studios Hollywood continue to run during the rain, even Waterworld. However, this is done on a case-by-case basis based on the health and safety rules and regulations of Universal.

As such if you’re at Universal Studios Hollywood during bad weather then it’s best to either check the show boards or the Universal Hollywood mobile application for live updates and information.

What Happens If It Thunders & Lightnings At Universal Studios Hollywood?

If there is any thunder or lightning within ten miles of Universal Studios Hollywood then outdoor rides will be temporarily closed.

Announcements will be made on the stereo across the theme park, and updates will be shared outside the rides, on the Universal mobile app and on any information boards around the park.

Rides then typically remain temporarily closed until 30 minutes have passed since the last strike. For this reason, you may notice the rides still haven’t reopened even after the storm has passed.

During this time you will be unable to join the queue for any outdoor rides. However, if you’re already in a queue you’ll have the ability to continue waiting until the storm has passed or leave to head back into the parks.

Meanwhile, given that the outdoor rides are closed during this time you will notice that the standby wait times for the indoor simulation rides increase dramatically while stores and restaurants around the resort are more crowded.

Do You Get A Refund, Rain-Check Or Compensation If You Experience Bad Weather During Your Trip To Universal Studios Hollywood?

Universal Studios Hollywood does not offer any form of refund, rain check or compensation as a result of rain, or bad weather. As a result, it’s worth considering the best time for you to visit Universal Studios Hollywood to minimise the impact bad weather may have on your day.

Storms are incredibly uncommon and therefore Universal Studios Hollywood does not have a pre-set response to a state of emergency being declared by the National Hurricane Center or otherwise (unlike the response to a state of emergency as a result of bad weather at the Universal Orlando Resort).

As such if you are travelling to Universal Studios Hollywood, during a state of emergency then it’s likely Universal Studios Hollywood will issue a statement on their social media channels.

How To Prepare For Bad Weather At Universal Studios Hollywood

The best way to avoid bad weather ruining your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is to be prepared for it. We decide on our outfits for Universal Studios Hollywood in advance of our trip, but we always check the weather the day before our visit and adjust based on estimated temperatures and rainfall.


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Even if the weather report says it’s not going to rain during your day at the parks I still recommend packing a poncho at a minimum. Ponchos take up next to no space inside your backpack and are significantly more affordable when purchased in advance rather than inside the parks.

If you know it’s going to rain, thunder or lightning during your trip to Universal Studios then I recommend planning your day in advance to ensure that you’re covering the indoor rides which are unlikely to be halted during bad weather when rain is expected.

That way you’re then free to enjoy the outdoor-based rides when things hopefully brighten up, whether that be earlier or later in the day.

If the bad weather is likely to take up most of your day then ensure you arrive at the park as early as possible so you’re able to maximise the time in which you are able to go on any of the outdoor rides that will be closed during the thunder or lightning.

What To Do When It’s Raining At Universal Studios Hollywood

If you’re caught off guard with bad weather during your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood then you have a couple of options.

Grab A Bite To Eat

There are over some incredible restaurants to choose from in both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal’s CityWalk. All of which makes for the perfect hide-out spot during a spell of bad weather.

Enjoy The Indoor Attractions

Something that’s often overlooked at Universal Studios Hollywood is the incredible shows available the majority of which are based indoors.

A personal favourite is at Ollivanders inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Here one special person from a crowd of approximately 25 to 30 will be selected to have the perfect wand chosen for them.

Each performance lasts roughly six minutes, and there are no set show times. Instead, the performance continues to loop throughout the day from when the park opens in the morning until it closes in the evening.

Go Shopping

Bad weather can be the perfect excuse to spend some time browsing the stores around Universal Studios Hollywood. There are hundreds of incredible souvenirs to choose from at the parks including an extensive range of t-shirts, books, mugs and keyrings. As such you’re sure to find something for everyone!

Make sure you budget your spending money for Universal Studios Hollywood in advance. So you’re able to have a fun time filled with unique experiences and epic souvenirs without going into debt.

Embrace The Rain

If the only bad weather you’re experiencing during your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood is rain then you could choose to simply embrace it. Provided that the rain isn’t too heavy most rides will remain open and wait times should decrease since most other guests will head indoors.

A poncho is going to help protect you to some extent, however, if you know it’s going to rain and you’re happy to embrace it then consider packing a change of clothes and shoes so you’re able to dry off afterwards.


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