Does Universal Hollywood Close When It Rains (Rain Policy)

Woken up ready to spend your day at Universal Studios Hollywood only to find out it’s raining? There’s no need to worry!

Rides remain in operation when it rains at Universal Studios Hollywood. In fact, the only time things change is if there’s a heavy thunderstorm, lightning, or a large amount of wind. In that case, the majority of major rides will be closed until it’s safe for them to reopen.

Of course, rain can ruin your trip to Universal Studios Hollywood but it doesn’t have to. In fact, there’s a number of times in which rain is actually beneficial to your trip.

Does Universal Studios Hollywood Open In The Rain

Yes, while certain activities may be temporarily suspended when it is raining heavily, the park will not close.

Since Universal Studios Hollywood has quite a lot of indoor activities that you can enjoy, the activity is simply shifted from outdoors to indoors. 

Even if some issues arise because of the rain, there is a chance that only certain parts of the park will be out of order (temporarily), but the main gates will remain open for visitors.

However, it is recommended that you seek shelter if you are caught in a thunderstorm; this way, you will stay safe. 

Do Rides Close At Universal Studios Hollywood When It Rains?

No, rides do not usually stop when it begins to rain. As long as the rain is small – the usual kind of light rain – it will be business as usual.

However, if the rain also includes thunder and lightning, as well as high winds, there is a chance that certain rides may be temporarily suspended. This is done to protect the people that are visiting the park. 

Do Shows Stop At Universal Studios Hollywood When It Rains?

As long as the shows are on the ground and they are covered, the chances are that they will not stop – not even Waterworld. Within possibilities, they will be relocated.

Obviously, if there aren’t any people there to enjoy the show, it may be temporarily put on pause until the worst of the storm passes and the show gathers a few people. Once it’s just light to medium rain, everything will go back to normal. 

Wind & Thunderstorms At Universal Studios Hollywood

Los Angeles does not see too many thunderstorms – there might be three or four big storms a year at most.

In most cases, they only get light showers during the rainy season, along with one or two thunderstorms, and have quite a dry summer with just the occasional sprinkle. 

Most of the thunderstorms and winds occur in winter through mid-spring – with most heavy rains taking place between November and April. The issue is that the rain volume and timing are difficult to predict, and the outbursts may occur almost out of nowhere.

Thunderstorms are quite a rare occurrence in Hollywood, Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean the downpours can’t get pretty bad.

These downpours are typically followed by excessive heat, which is why Universal Studios Hollywood does not get closed during this time. It is too short-lived to put everything to a stop. 

How To Prepare For Bad Weather at Universal Studios Hollywood

The park will remain open, and the rides and shows will likely go on even if the weather is not the greatest. Rides will only be halted if the weather reaches such extreme cases that it’s not safe to go through with them.

Once the rain calms down (not necessarily stopping), you can still enjoy a good day at Universal Studios. You may just want to prepare yourself adequately so that you can still enjoy this magical place. 

Bring A Poncho

In the event of rain, you might want to get a waterproof poncho, as it will allow you freedom of movement while you are enjoying your day. You may get a branded poncho from their website if you want, but anything might work as long as it keeps the rain off you.

Ponchos are very lightweight and will cover everything nicely in a downpour. There’s no policy against umbrellas, but they are very clunky.

Plus, if the rain starts pouring down, not only will it be annoying to carry, but the water will still get everywhere – except maybe your head. Waterproof jackets also offer freedom of movement – but since the weather will surely get hot later, it might become uncomfortable for you.

Check The Weather In Advance

One good way to prepare yourself for rain at the park is to ensure you avoid that kind of weather in the first place. However, if it’s going to rain no matter what, you might use the schedule to your advantage.

For example, if it says that it’s going to rain around noon, consider using that time to grab lunch. Don’t go on a major ride during that time, spend it indoors – and then go back out once the rain stops.

Bring Spare Clothing

Sometimes, you may not be able to help it: you got caught in the downpour, and before you were able to reach a dry spot, you got completely soaked. In this case, if you know for a fact that it’s going to rain that day, bring some spare clothes or at least a towel.

You may want to pop them into a carrier bag, and once you are all changed, you may drop your wet clothing in there. You can keep them in a rental locker so that you don’t have to carry everything with you.

What To Do When It’s Raining At Universal Studios

It’s raining, but that does not mean your experience has to be any less magical. There are still several things that you can do, even with the rain coming down on you.

Here are some activities that might catch your interest on a rainy day;

Dine Indoors

If it started raining, then this is probably your cue to go grab a bite. There are various restaurants and dining places out there, all of which have been decorated so that you may enjoy the experience in perfect scenery.

You have the at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where you may have a nice mug of butterbeer and a nice meal, or you may go to the Panda Express near Jurassic World – the big ride. All of these locations are covered so that you may remain nice and dry. 

Enjoy The Indoor Activities

Indeed, some shows are held outside, particularly as the weather gets warmer. However, certain shows are typically held indoors, to get an even better vibe.

In this regard, you might want to check the map of the park and its schedule, to see exactly what shows there are scheduled on the day of your visit.

You also have entertainment shows at Ollivanders or can do some fashion shopping at the Gladrags Wizardwear.

Enjoy The Water Rides

You’re already wet – so, why not make the most of it and get even wetter at Jurassic Park? Plus, the advantage is that when the ride is over, you have some “people dryers” as you get off the ride.

So, you can get yourself soaked by the rain, potentially soak yourself even more during the ride, and get yourself nice and dry once the ride is over. You might as well take full advantage of a nasty situation.

The Benefits Of Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood When It’s Raining

We know, right now you may be thinking: why would I want to visit Universal Studios when it’s going to rain?

When you woke up in the morning and saw the angry sky, or when you checked the weather and saw the rain notice, the thought of staying home surely crossed your mind.

However, before you quit on your thoughts of paying a visit, here are some perks of going even with the risk of rain looming over you. 

Shorter Lines 

Let’s say that the rain catches everyone off-guard, after being sunny all day. Once it begins to rain, it will send pretty much everyone indoor, to shelter, in restaurants or indoor shows, until the weather clears out.

In the meantime, you will be nicely sheltered by your poncho in a shorter line – all because everyone ran from the rain. 

Less Crowded

Let’s say that the cloudy mood started in the morning, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was going to rain that day.

Obviously, many of the people intending to go to the park would give up and go on a sunnier day. This means that not only will the lines be smaller, but there would also be fewer people stepping on each other’s toes.

You could see the Frog Choir without having to uncomfortably look over the shoulders of other people. 

You May Get Rain Check

One great thing about Universal Studios Hollywood is that if there’s a major downfall, with rain thicker than 1/8 before 2 pm, you may ask for a rain check.

That check will allow you to return anytime in the next 30 days, free of charge. If you go there early enough (say, 9 am), you can get a few rides worth, have some fun, and then return another day for a free visit. 

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