What Happens When It Rains At Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando is home to a number of fantastic high flying thrill rides, as well as animated shows and experiences. Being in Orlando, while the weather is generally hot and humid there are times, particularly during the peak summer months where tropical storms and rainfall is possible.

Universal Studios Orlando will open and rides will continue to operate when it rains. However, services may be temporarily suspended for your safety if the downfall includes thunder, lightning and/or high winds.

Luckily, there’s plenty to do at Universal Studios Orlando, even if the weather isn’t the best so you can be sure that you’ll have a wonderful day regardless.

In this post, we’ll be breaking down how to plan and prepare for rain so it doesn’t cause a damper to your trip as well as what to do during the time in which it rains (it’s usually around an hour in the summertime, then it dries up as though it never even happened).

When Does It Rain In Orlando, Florida?

The Florida climate is fairly predictable when it comes to rain and unfortunately the rainy season lines up with the peak season at Universal Studios theme park.

From June to October, you can expect rapid and heavy downpours, particularly in the afternoon. From light drizzle to heavy storms this rain usually only lasts 30 – 45mins and should not ruin your day by any means.

While the park remains open regardless of the weather, rides may be temporarily closed if there are thunder, lightning or high winds for guest safety.

What To Do In Bad Weather At Universal Studios Orlando

The rides in the park will remain open even if it is raining because it is such a common occurrence during the busy months at the park.

Even if the rides are halted by more extreme weather they will open back up as soon as it is safe to do so. Because it is so common in Florida the folks at Universal Studios are used to doing this day in day out.

As the park remains open for the rain you will want to be adequately prepared and ready to combat the weather to make the most of your time at this magical place. 

1. Bring A Poncho

Universal Studios sell their own branded ones for $10 but you can certainly find cheaper ones elsewhere in advance (check out our packing list for more info).

Ponchos and waterproofs are lightweight and cover everything so you keep dry during that downpour. Forget clunky umbrellas that will get in your way or massive rain jackets that will make the Florida heat unbearable.

Ponchos are easy to stick on and dry quickly which means for the rapid heavy downpours in the afternoon you are covered, and for the rest of the day, you will still be comfortable.

it’s also a good idea to bring along a stroller/pram cover and a bag that’s waterproof (or something to store your valuables during the rain).

2. Check The Weather In Advance

Be sure to check the weather in advance of your trip to Universal Studios Orlando. Doing so will ensure that you’re doing suitable activities during the rainy part of the day to avoid you waiting in line for longer than you have to while minimising how wet you get as a result of the downpour.

If for example, you notice it’s going to rain between 1pm and 2pm, consider grabbing a late lunch during that time rather than going on a major ride.

You can get mobile applications that send you to push notifications when a storm or rain is close by so you can prepare in advance, rather than dashing to the nearest dry spot during the downpour.

3. Experience The Indoor Entertainment & Activities

The beauty of Universal Studios is that it has a whole host of different forms of entertainment and activities. This includes performances at Ollivanders in the Wizarding World or indoor rides such as Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, the Amazing Spiderman and the Cat in the Hat.

Consider staying dry while still experiencing the best that Universal Studios Orlando has to offer by completing some of these activities during the rainfall.

Use the online map of the park to get familiar with the rides and attractions in advance, to allow you to make instant decisions while in the park based on your research and knowledge as to what you’re going to do in this time.

This is one of the things we benefit from having been to the park so many times, we know if it rains while we’re in the Wizarding World to either join the line for the Hogwarts Express, grab a bite to eat at the Three Broomsticks or join the queue for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Much like we know if we’re slightly further around the park to join the queue for Men in Black or grab a bite to eat in Mo’s bar.

4. Make The Most Of The Shorter Lines

As the rain begins to fall, you’ll notice a lot of people flock to the indoor areas we’ve discussed earlier in this post. This makes wait times for indoor rides increase, and seating in restaurants harder to find.

However, you can capitalise on the shorter lines that happen as a result of this, however, these are often on the major rides which are located outdoors such as; Rip Ride Rocket, HulkCoaster and Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl.

Yeah, you might get a bit wet but it’s all fun and games, you can dry off when you get back to the hotel (in fact, in most cases, we end up drying off within an hour of the rain finishing as it’s back to the intense heat and humidity of the Florida sunshine).

Riding a rollercoaster in the rain is actually a whole new level of adrenaline. Not only do you get the terrifying spins, exhilarating speed and wind in your hair but in the rain, you also get an unforgettable soaking/face-pelting experience.

Whilst not for everyone, if you are willing to get a tad wet and have an unusually great experience then you should definitely try out the rollercoasters in the rain.

5. Get Even Wetter!

It’s already raining, you’re already wet, so why not get wetter (Is wetter even a word?) by going on one of the incredible water rides at Universal Orlando Resort.

My personal favourites are Jurassic Park: River Adventure and Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls both of which are located in the Islands of Adventure park.

Soggy shoes and sodden clothes are inevitable but there are handy ‘people dryers’ outside the Toon Lagoon ride which can dry you off for $5.

Alternatively, consider being super prepared and packing a towel change of clothes for after the rain / ride. Just be sure to bring a carrier bag to pop your wet stuff in afterwards.

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