What is a Hydrobath at Centre Parcs?

On our first trip to Center Parcs, we booked a small studio lodge with a hydrobath and honestly, I had no idea what a hydrobath was.

Turns out a hydrobath at Center Parcs is similar in both shape and size to a regular bath you’d find at home except it uses a number of pumps that recirculate the water to massage your skin.

Think of it as a hot tub suitable for only one person and in the shape of a bath, indoors, in the bathroom and you can’t go far wrong. Personally, I’d rather upgrade to the hot tub.


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  1. 3 bedroom New Style Adapted Woodland Lodge has a third bedroom/small boxroom with 2 very small twin beds jammed in (one with no headboard backing into the window with pillows resting in the window sill). Only just enough room to walk between the beds. I think your ensuites are larger than this bedroom. Shame on you Center Parcs…