What To Do In Dotonbori, Osaka

In this guide, we’re going to be covering what do to in Dotonbori, one of the most visited districts in Osaka, Japan.

Located in Namba next to the Dotonbori canal there are endless opportunities for a selfie with the Glico man and bargains to be found. However, there’s much more to the district of Dotonbori than just the Glico man…

Dotonbori can be accessed from Shin-Osaka by the Midosuji subway line. You can take the?Yotsuyabashi subway line and Sennichimae subway line to?Kintetsu Namba?station and take exit 14.

Dotonbori is an area located in the Minami area in Osaka. This area is a hive of activity for kuidaore, meaning to ruin oneself by the extravagance of food.

This is the place people come to eat and eat well. Once eaten you can walk it off with the streets of shopping. The main food street runs parallel to the Dotomborigawa River and in the surrounding smaller streets.

The southern side of the river was once home to the theatre’s and on the northern side was once where the geisha would entertain their customers, it is now home to small bars and restaurants.

Dotonbori Shopping Street

As I mentioned before there is plenty of shopping to be done in Dotonbori. Dotonbori shopping street has everything from towering stores with everything you could think of, too small independent craft stores. There are plenty of places to buy a suitcase tax-free for you to fill it for the return home.

There is plenty to see from the vast array of sweets to the mountain of cosmetic shops. You will also notice people standing outside shops with signs shouting at the top of their lungs.

These are shouting about ‘timed sales’ or ‘closing sales’, these are price drops on products that are targeted at certain times of the day. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, we didn’t either.

Get a Caricature

Within the Dotonbori shopping street, there is a caricature shop located at the end. There were 2 staff in at the time and had a great set up in a shop so you didn’t have to sit on the street.

This looked like a great fun way of getting a token of your trip and having a little fun at the same time.

Go Tax-Free Shopping

If you like shopping or not this is bound to drag you in, whether you are fascinated with the small kits that look like a burger meal all made from a cake in mini form or some gifts to take back home. There is plenty to buy from clothes to gifts to handcrafted items.

There is the main street running away from the main food street is under a canopy style and is bustling with everything you can think of.

The surrounding area leading off from the street also has plenty of shops. There are plenty of shops with lots of small and cheap fascinating things to buy as gifts.

Visit The Arcades

Though gambling is actually illegal here in Japan they still love going to the arcades. There are arcades with games and those grab machines everywhere.

The prizes can be pretty impressive so I can see why it is so fun. There are plenty of arcade shops to drop in and have a go while you are there. Don’t forget to try out one of the capsule toy machines, they are amazing and so cute! Costing from around 300yen per capsule, we decided to get a cat hat for our cats at home.

Watch The Sunset On The Bridge

We were lucky enough to cross the bridge as the sun was just behind the towering buildings. Many people go and congregate on the bridge to admire the many bright lights and watch the sunset.

The river gives a beautiful view lined with restaurants, bars and shops along with the towering buildings behind.

Go Fishing

Yes, this is probably not something you thought you could do but you can. One of the arcade shops has a large man-made pond downstairs that you can go fishing in.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t translate the rules or information given. You can also just go have a little look as long as you stay on the stairs, only paying customers can go past the bottom step.

I saw many people huddled around the pond with rods catching fish. It was completely unexpected as the upper floor (ground floor) was dedicated to arcade games.

That concludes our guide of what to do in Dotobori, I hope you’ve found lots of inspiration for your trip. As always, we’d love to add your recommendations to this list, so feel free to leave a comment below if you have any.

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