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What To Take To Universal Studios

Though I like to pack as light as possible for our trips and Universal Studios is no different. After going to various Disney Parks worldwide and Universal Studios in both Orlando and California a couple of times now I definitely feel like I am getting to pro level for packing a day bag.

This is my complete guide of what to take to Universal Studios…

What To Take To Universal Studios

Day Bag

Of course, you are going to need something to pack your must-haves in. This can be in the form of a backpack, handbag or a bumbag or for the Americans a fanny pack.

Personally, I always choose to take a backpack, it is easier to carry, I feel everything is much safer and enclosed and has more scope to carry more if needed. Bumbags are great if you are only taking a couple of the below items or if you are part of a group.

Lip Balm

No matter where I am in the world, if I don’t have a lip balm with me I am guaranteed to get sore lips. I always try to pack a lip balm with me no matter where I go, this can be your favourite one or a special sun protection lip balm. The hot weather and racing of the rides will quickly dry out your lips and you will feel the pain later on.


While walking around the parks the sun is always directly above you, this can take its toll on your head, shoulders and neck. I always put on plenty of suncream before leaving for the parks and take extra with me.

Water Bottle

Never underestimate taking a water bottle, whether it is just a bottle you started that morning or a reusable bottle you frequently use. We always try to pack at least one water bottle per bag.

This was a saviour on our latest trip as we often got carried away and would need a quick drink. There are plenty of places you can top up water at Universal Studios. There are water fountains around the parks and rides along with the stalls and carts.

First Aid Kit

There are many reasons I decide to pack a small first aid kit. One of them being I never know when I am going to need it and the second is we can be quite clumsy people.

Though there are first aid areas dotted around the parks I always feel as ease knowing I have something to hand if I need it. I mainly pack plasters, pain killers, blister pads and some antiseptic wipes.

I have noticed when I don’t have my kit we have an accident so I always carry a little one just in case. This is also very handy if you feel you might get a blister throughout the day.


Yes you can buy food and snacks practically every couple of metres in the parks but there is nothing wrong with making sure you have some on you. Whether this be something you bring with you or you buy as you get there.

I always like to have some kind of snack in my bag for if I am feeling a little faint, in need of some sugar or just hungry.

This is also a great idea if you have any allergies and want to make sure you have something to snack on. It gives your day a little more ease so you can spend it enjoying the day and not hunting down food.


Don’t forget the important things like money, tickets and added cards you may need. Whenever we go to the parks I use a separate purse for tickets, cash and the essentials cards. This is to make sure my normal everyday purse isn’t lost and it helps cut down the bulk and weight in the bag.


Depending on what time of year you are heading to Universal Studios you may want to pack a poncho. This is also a really useful thing on your what to take to Universal Studios list.

This is really handy to have if you are heading on any water rides or even visiting in the rainy months. You can pick up cheap ponchos from Amazon beforehand, pound shops and onsite if you get stuck.

Power Bank & Cable

Don’t underestimate the power of taking a power bank to Universal Studios with you. This is one of the top things on my what to take to Universal Studios as I love being able to snap plenty of pictures on my phone.

This is also great if you need to order an Uber back to your hotel or villa. You can find all different power banks from a different range of prices to suit your budget. And don’t forget to bring the cable for your phone!!

Sunhat /Cap

I never really bothered with hats too much until we started hitting the parks for full days. With the sun directly above you, it can really burn your head and give you heat stroke.

I always try and pack a hat if I am not wearing one to start with. I like to have it if when the heat rises and gets to the peak of the day to help give me some shade on my head and back of my neck.


Even when I am wearing a hat there are more times than not I need my sunglasses too. I never used to invest in branded or even quality sunglasses until we started to travel more and saw the benefit of them.

I have had my current pair for a couple of years and I love them. They are pink, which isn’t very me but I love them and don’t care that they don’t match. They do exactly what I need them to do… protect my eyes. You can take them in a case or have them in a pocket in your bag but always pack them.

Light Jacket/ Shirt

I have plenty of times decided to pack a shirt or light jacket just for those times that it isn’t as hot and sunny and if you plan to stay at the parks into the evening.

Once you have spent the day in the sun, once the sun sets your body can really feel the chill. Even taking a light shirt in your backpack for later is a great idea without taking up too much space.

What To Take To Universal Studios For Children

There are so many things you can think about taking to Universal Studios when taking children. This totally depends on how old your children are, allergies and food preferences and what you plan to do. These are some of the key items on my what to take to Universal Studios list.

Spare Clothes

Depending on the age of your child, you may also be packing spare clothes anyway. This is a great idea if you want to bring a spare t-shirt in case of spilt drinks.

I would suggest packing a spare set of clothes for water rides and water park fountains. There are many reasons you will want to pack a spare set of clothes, to avoid having to buy more or go back to your car/hotel I would definitely add this onto your what to take to Universal Studios list.


Again taking a couple of snacks are always a good idea. There is plenty of stalls, carts and restaurants within the parks to buy food and snacks. These are more for the times you are waiting in a queue for a ride, on the Hogwarts Express or in between meals. This helps cut down spending in the parks and stress so you can focus on all the fun stuff!


Any parent, guardian and person will think about taking suncream and even more for children. We packed a high SPF and used a spray on can to get full coverage and made it easier getting it on the minions in the first place.

Which ever suncream you prefer to use for your little ones look at buying a second and keeping it in the day bag ready for when you hit the parks.

A Game / Toy

Depending on the age of your children and whether you are using the express passes might determine whether to pack some games. I am not talking about pulling out a full game of monopoly but something to help keep them entertained while waiting in queues or until a show starts.

This can be in the shape of a small figure/teddy they love to play with or a game on a phone. There are some great family games available on Android and IOS that can be Universal Studios trivia themed or quiz games. If you know you have children who aren’t the most patient this is one of my must-haves when deciding what to take to Universal Studios.

Wipes/Tissues/Hand Sanitiser

No matter how old you are there is always that time you want a wipe, tissue or hand sanitiser. This is extremely handy if you are taking children to Universal Studios.

This has to be on my what to take to Universal Studios list when going with children as you want to avoid any major accidents with ice creams as much as possible.

Signature Book

Though more commonly known and used at Disney there are still plenty of opportunities for character meets at Universal Studios. If you are on the character meetings game don’t forget to pack in a signature book and pen for your little one to pull out and get signed. Even if they don’t get a signature a photo in the space would still look good!

That is everything on our what to take to Universal Studios packing list. This is just a basis on our past experiences and just visiting the parks. If you are heading to the Universal Studios park and have some key items you take, let me know what you pack and why.

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