What To Take To Universal’s Volcano Bay

When we first looked at visiting Universal’s Volcano Bay shortly after it opened in 2016 I was confused as to what to bring and what would be provided. Luckily, we’ve had a number of incredible visits to this amazing waterpark since and have learnt a lot in this time.

Towels are provided at Universal’s Volcano Bay at $4.99 per towel per day. If you wish to save money, your own towels are permitted within the park. If you are staying at one of the Universal Orlando Resort Hotels, you are prohibited from using the towels provided in your room at Volcano Bay.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my packing list for Universal’s Volcano Bay to help you decide what you should bring, and avoid bringing for your day at this incredible waterpark.

Do You Need To Take Towels To Volcano Bay?

You don’t need to bring towels to Volcano Bay as they are provided at a charge of $4.99 per towel, per day. If you’re travelling light then you may choose not to bring towels on vacation and instead pay the fee of using the ones provided, this also saves on washing them when you get back (huge bonus!).

If you’re a family of four, then hiring a towel each can quickly become a big expense. Instead, you may want to only hire two and share between. After all, the kids will no doubt be spending the vast majority of their time in the water, and this saves you $10 which can be spent on ice-creams and drinks throughout the day.

Of course, if you do bring your own towels to Volcano Bay you’ll save money by not having to rent them. Towels are essential when visiting the waterpark as they help to reserve your sun lounger and dry you off after being on the waterslides or in one of the many pools.

Does Volcano Bay Have Showers?

Volcano Bay does provide shower facilities which are dotted around the park in small clusters along with toilets and bathroom facilites.

You will find the restrooms, changing rooms and showers near the 3 areas that also house the lockers. Perfect for those bringing fresh clothes to change into for the journey home or onwards to the parks or to CityWalk.

The showers are free to use and are even adapted perfectly for those who are disabled or need to take in a stroller.

Are Water Shoes Allowed At Volcano Bay?

Yes, water shoes are permitted within the park and are allowed on some of the attractions such as the Waturi Beach and the TeAwa Fearless River. However, there are other rides and attractions in which water shoes are not permitted.

Does Volcano Bay Provide Life Jackets?

Volcano Bay provide life vests in a number of sizes for children and adults. They are located at different points around the park and at each ride for those who wish to wear them.

Some rides will specify whether vests should be worn by all or just those under a certain height/weight. This is primarily directed towards children and young riders for safety reasons. Each ride has a staff member upon entry in which you can clarify whether or not you will need a life vest.

In terms of using them within the general pool areas and on the Kopiko Wai Winding River children under 48 inches/122cm must wear a life vest and be accompanied by a supervising companion. Those who are not strong swimmers or cannot swim must wear a life vest.

You may also want to bring your own if you feel more comfortable with the fit on your child, especially those that are much younger ages and infants.

Can I Take Food Into Volcano Bay?

You are permitted to take food into Volcano Bay but there are some restrictions. The restrictions on the food and drinks is in line with the restrictions in place for the parks.

You are permitted to take in food and snacks as long as they are not in glass containers, no alcohol and no food that requires heating. Baby food and bottles are exempt and you will need to speak to a member of staff to find the best place to go to receive that service.

Food can be brought in by backpack or bag or soft shell cooler bag, cooler boxes or hardshell carriers are not permitted into the water park and you will be asked to leave those in your car upon entry.

Do You Need A Locker At Volcano Bay?

It isn’t required you use a locker during your time at Volcano Bay, you can leave your items under or on your sun lounger along with a family member or friend to watch over them.

We often found not all of use wanted to go off together on the rides or into the pool areas and we always had one person to sit with our items.

Lockers are perfect if you want to store certain items such as money, cameras and phones or even your change of clothes to go home in at the end of the day. They are also extremely handy if you are a smaller party that is going on many of the rides and won’t be spending much of your time sitting down on a sun lounger and wish to store your items somewhere safer.

How Much Is A Locker At Volcano Bay?

There are three main locations in which you will find lockers at Volcano Bay. There are also three main locker sizes making it perfect for anyone who is just a solo person or up to a family of 4 to use them. There is the mini at $8 per day, regular at $12 per day and the family which is $15 per day.

Lockers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and so be sure to make sure you arrive with enough time to get a locker if you wish to use one.

You can also use more than one locker per party with multiple locker rentals.

What Can I Bring To Volcano Bay?

When you are looking at what to bring to Volcano Bay you might be wondering what is allowed into the water park. There are a number of things that you can bring which are listed below along with your clothing, shoes and bags to carry your items in.

There are other things you might want to know from food to drinks and if you can bring items specifically related to allergies or health reasons.

  • Store-bought water bottles or a refillable water bottle (no-glass)
  • Pre-packaged food
  • Strollers
  • Towels
  • Cameras – these cannot be used on rides or slides and only permitted on the lazy river.
  • Beach bags and backpacks
  • Refillable cups from the Universal Orlando parks
  • Unpackaged food – only if you have allergies

What Can’t I Bring To Volcano Bay?

Much like Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, there are certain items that are not permitted in the water park. There are of course some exceptions in terms of food items due to allergies and health issues, you can notify a member of the security team on your arrival.

These are additional items other than the original list of prohibited items on the Universal Studios Orlando website. These are specific to Volcano Bay and are not permitted into the park.

  • No glassware or glass containers are permitted
  • No alcohol is permitted within the park
  • Hard-sided coolers or coolers on wheels
  • Any chairs or seating
  • Food that requires heating or refrigeration
  • Balls or ball games
  • Inflatables, pool noodles or tubes
  • Water guns
  • Beach umbrellas
  • Portable Speakers

What To Take To Universal’s Volcano Bay

There are so many things you might look at packing in your beach bag for a day at Universal’s Volcano Bay but remember you don’t want to carry too much around or have to pay for a locker to store it all in.

I decided to come up with a handy guide so you can look at what to take to Universal’s Volcano Bay.

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hats and caps
  • Suncream
  • Swimsuits and shorts
  • Towels – you can rent these if you prefer to
  • Flip flops or water shoes
  • Money
  • Tickets – If you bought in advance
  • Food – particularly if you have allergies or diet restrictions
  • Swim top – particularly for children or those wanting shade from the sun, though these may be asked to be removed before going on some of the rides.
  • Reusable water bottle – perfect for filling up at the Refillable freestyle stations across the park to stay hydrated.

You don’t have to pack a lot and you can actually turn up to the water park with very little and in a small bag such as a fanny pack or crossbody bag if you prefer.

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