What To Wear For A Long Haul Flight

So we’ve covered the long flight essentials that you’re going to need to bring with you but what about the things we recommend you wear on a long haul flight. If I am not comfortable then I will be irritated and be in a bad mood the whole time I am traveling… not what you want when you are heading off on holiday. Here are our top choices for what to wear for a long haul flight.

Imagine you are feeling bloated, tired and a little cold, go to your wardrobe and find what you would wear. That is what I think of doing every time I plan what to wear for a long haul flight. It actually works, my body bloats in the air so I like to have space to eat, bloat and sleep comfortably.

What To Wear For A Long Haul Flight

Long T-Shirt / Top

Comfort is key on what to wear for a long haul flight (or any flight for that matter) so instead of dressing to impress, dress comfortably.

For us, that means comfortably oversized clothing such as a long t-shirt or top. This allows me to wriggle around and get comfortable without the t-shirt riding up at the back or restricting any flexibility.

Another great option if you don’t feel like wearing baggy clothes is stretchy material, I have often worn a simple stretchy vest top with a loose shirt over the top for comfort and coverage.

Loose Fitting Trousers

Along with the planes generally being quite cold, shorts won’t keep you warm in the cool air-conditioned plane. The same principles apply for the trousers, we’ve found any of the following work well;


My personal favourite travel pants are joggers. They don’t require a belt you’d need to remove at security, provide you with a great amount of flexibility and are super cosy.

Stretch Jeans/Leggings

We’ve all got a pair of jeans that are a bit more comfortable, slouchy and stretchy. If you really want to travel in jeans then we always suggest picking this pair above any others. Also, I always feel really comfortable in leggings, they are easy to wear and warm on the plane.

Harem Pants

If you’re traveling between warm destinations then you might opt for something a little more lightweight and thinner than joggers, in that case, harem pants are a great choice.

Linen Pants

Similar to harem pants, linen pants are a great choice if you’re traveling between warm destinations. You’re covered but still, they provide an adequate amount of flexibility while the material is thin enough to keep you cool.

Top Tip: If you plan to wear shorts as you travel from the airport to your hotel pack a spare set of shorts into your hand luggage for ease of changing before the flight descends or once you land.


It’s 2019, and I’ll still never understand why anyone is seen on a plane in high heels. Yet, it happens. It’s not comfortable, it’s not practical and despite what you think it’s probably not going to get you a free upgrade so instead trade in the feels for some Crocs trainers and reap the benefits of doing so.

Hoodie, Jacket or Cardigan

Plane temperatures can vary dramatically. We, therefore, recommend bringing a small additional layer to take off / put on as you require it. Just remember to pick it up before you disembark the aircraft if you put it in the overhead bins. 

Sports Bra

Ladies, sports bras are a great alternative to your traditional bras while traveling. Long haul flights can often be so much more than a double-digit number of hours on a plane and instead can mean traveling from home to your destination, with a stop in the airport of more than 24 hours in total. So being comfortable is essential and we feel that a sports bra really helps with this.

Top Tip: If you want to make yourself feel a little fresher throughout the journey take fresh underwear and a change of t-shirt and some deodorant to freshen up on the flight ready for when you land.


People, there is no need to wear all the make-up you physically own for a long haul flight. I very rarely wear makeup on a long haul flight or even travel day. I expect to be sweaty, sleepy and honestly, my skin doesn’t like flying anyway.

I avoid makeup when flying as much as possible because it only gets smudged and doesn’t do my skin any favors. Generally, you are not going to see those people from the plane again, your family won’t judge you, so consider ditching the makeup or go light with it.


I know this may seem really strange because once you are on the plane it doesn’t really matter. But to me it does, I always travel with a backpack, it means I know everything is safe inside. It also means while I am trying to get luggage off the belt or walking onto the plane it is out of the way on my back.

I also can fit an amazing number of things in my backpacks while I travel. I see women traveling with open fancy handbags and think ‘how is everything not just going to roll out of your bag to the other end of the plane?’. There are of course other bags that are zip up bags that can be used so depending on works best for you, choose that style.


That is everything on what to wear for a long haul flight. As always, we’d love to know if there are any items you insist on wearing for a long haul flight that we might have missed from our list – let us know in the comments.

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