What To Wear In Bangkok (+ Free Packing List!)

Bangkok is one of the main hubs for travel through and onwards in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world, being the most developed within Thailand but still maintains its historical architecture.

Though Bangkok itself doesn’t have any dress code or restrictions there are still some suggestions on what is advised for comfort. With so much going on in the city both modern and historical there is plenty to keep you busy while there. Bangkok has 50 districts to explore so be sure to strap on your walking shoes.

Bangkok is known to be a hot city, no matter the time of year or season it remains hot. While March through to May are the hottest and November to January being the coolest. There is still not much difference in temperatures so this guide on what to wear in Bangkok applies for year round travel.

Weather temperatures don’t change too drastically in Bangkok though the weather itself does change. With October and September being the rainy season, November and December being the coldest months and April being the warmest month of the year.

Temperatures reach heights of 30 Degrees in April and lows of 25 Degrees in December.

Make sure you cover legs and shoulders for temples and religious sites. When you visit a temple, religious site or collection of religious temples you will be required to cover your shoulders, legs and take off your shoes in some. If you are not dressed appropriately you will be turned away or will have to rent a wrap skirt or some lightweight trousers to enter the temples.

No matter how you plan to spend your time, travel or what sights you plan to see you will need to be prepared for different weather conditions. The best way to be prepared is to pack smart, using layers to keep you warm and doubling up items for both daytime and evening along with making a number of outfits from select clothing items.

Footwear For Women

Bangkok is a big place to explore and more often than not you only spend a couple of days before flying home or moving on to places like Phuket and Krabi.

So while you plan to fit in as much as you can during your time in Bangkok you will spend many hours out of your accommodation trying street food, going on food tours and seeing the sights. This will have a big impact on your feet and no doubt make them tired after a long day.

We always advise to wear comfortable footwear such as trainers or walking shoes. These styles of footwear have the most support and technology to create comfortable, breathable fabrics to keep your feet healthy and give you the best comfort for long days.

You can find a number of brands that make great supportive and comfortable footwear that are also great for hot climates and work well with rough terrains if you plan to do any mountain climbing or hiking.

I would also recommend taking a pair of sandals for the hotter climates and days you want to have by the beach or pool.

I would still recommend wear sandals that are high quality, with a thick sole and support for the foot. These may be handy for days you are travelling or if you just simply don’t want to wear trainers.

T-shirts & Tops For Women

Anything that covers the shoulders isn’t see-through or sheer is deemed as appropriate for the temples and religious sites. You can easily team up a basic tee with a pair of long-length shorts, flowing skirt or under a dress to give your shoulders the overage it needed.

Otherwise for general exploring and shopping around Bangkok you can wear vest tops, sleeveless blouses and what you find comfortable.

I would advise against anything still as a courtesy to the country and the people. Otherwise shorts and t-shirt are perfect for what to wear in Bangkok.

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits make for great travelling clothes as they are easy to wear, comfortable and can be styled for daytime or evening.

I would only pack one dress and one jumpsuit, depending on your luggage size, duration of your trip and your plans for while you are in Thailand.

You can pack more if you prefer to wear dress, playsuits and jumpsuits over shorts and t-shirts.

Shorts, Skirts & Trousers For Women

I swear by shorts for hot countries, they are easy to wear, flexible and generally have good pockets. Depending on what you are more comfortable in will depend on what you pack.

If you prefer shorts like me I would primarily pack those, you can pack anything from 2 pairs to 10. If you are going for a shorter time with a small case I would take 2 – 3 pairs to save space for other items.

Skirts are great to wear but would only wear these for an evening out or for visiting the temples. Skirts shorter than the knees are not permitted into temples or religious sites.

Denim shorts are great as they are super durable and long-lasting, though they take a long time to wash and dry so bear that in mind, especially if you are backpacking across Thailand and staying in hostels.

Outerwear For Women

Though Thailand doesn’t often get cold it is always good to have an outer layer. Especially if you plan to travel by bus, they can often use aircon which makes the bus quite cold so its good to have a layer to cover you up with.

If you are going to Thailand in October or September you will want to pack a waterproof layer as this is the rainy season. Our first trip to Thailand was during the rainy season and we spent many of our days wet as we didn’t pack for those kinds of weathers.

You may also find that you are a little chilled on a evening so you might want to pack a thin cardigan or jumper to layer over the top of your t-shirt.

Accessories For Women

No matter the plan of what to wear in Bangkok you need a bag or backpack. You need somewhere to stock your suncream, rain jacket and travel pants you buy at a market.

I would suggest taking a bag that is waterproof or showerproof and is zip fastened for extra security. The less you have on you the better as it will be easier for you to get around and less to carry.

Footwear For Men

I feel as a general rule many men wear trainers as a go-to shoe anyway and so may not find, finding a good pair of trainers for Bangkok hard.

I suggest wearing a sports pair or running trainers/shoes as they are the most flexible and fit well to the foot. As they have a natural curve to the shoe, this fits the foot giving it the best support.

If you already have a pair at home that are suitable and worn in I would pack those over buying a new pair. This will save your feet from getting blisters, rubbing and aches while walking. Sports brands and walking/hiking shoes are great for long-distance walking or long days on your feet.

In addition to wearing trainers I would still pack a pair of sandals to wear around the beach, while island hopping or just for the pool. There may be days that your trainers are uncomfortable, wet or you just fancy a change so take a second pair of footwear to break this up.

Try and pack a pair that has straps around the foot to give you optimum comfort and support. I wouldn’t suggest sandals or flip flops such as sliders or plain flip flops. These, unfortunately, don’t support the foot and aren’t thick soles which can also cause accidents.

T-shirts & Tops For Men

Anything that is made of cotton or linen is great, both for the summer season and winter. Winter is described as they best time to go to Bangkok as the rainy season has ended and the weather stays warm (warm for a British person anyway!). There is less chance of showers and so it is much more of a t-shirt weather.

Look at what you already own and have in your wardrobe to see what you have is suitable. If you have a couple of sports tops that are thin and easy to wear, they are also a great option to pack for Bangkok.

Especially if you are going in the rainy season or height of summer. These tops dry really fast and easy so they make perfect t-shirts for what to wear in Bangkok in summer.

Shorts & Trousers For Men

There aren’t many shorts that go over the knee for men and unfortunately are hard to find. If you have a pair that do go over the knee that is great as they aren’t something that is common. These will be great for if you plan to visit any temples and religious sites.

Otherwise any style of shorts you have, denim, cotton, linen or jersey are suitable. Remember that both jersey and denim are heavy and thick, while great for being comfortable they are harder to wash and take much longer to dry.

If you plan to backpack and travel for a long time and plan to wash on the go, I would advise cotton, linen and other light materials which are easier to wash and quicket to dry.

If you have any sports shorts they are perfect for hot climates as they are easy to wear, dry quickly and very easy to keep clean and don’t require an iron. The same applies for trousers, you may need to find a pair for the temples and rainy season.

Outerwear For Men

October and September are the primary months for the rainy season so I would advise packing a waterproof layer. You may not need it every day or at all but I would advise to pack it into your backpack or day bag and keep on you otherwise you will get wet and it will take a while for your clothes to dry.

You can find a small pack away rain jacket perfect for travelling with. I would also advise taking a thin long sleeve item such as a t-shirt, shirt or thin jumper to wear while travelling on planes, buses or on an evening.

Accessories For Men

Taking a backpack is a great idea as you can take out a water bottle, some snacks, money, suncream and a rain jacket. I would suggest taking a bag that zips for the best protection.

Another accessory I would pack is a sunhat or cap, the sun can get very hot and make you feel a little ill. When you are walking around the sun is beating down on your head and shoulders so it is safe to wear a hat.

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