What To Wear To Universal Studios (By Annual Pass Holders)

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We’ve had the pleasure of visiting Universal Studios Orlando more than ten times in the past decade, and being annual pass holders for Universal Studios Hollywood multiple times.

As such it’s safe to say we know a lot about what to wear (and what not to wear) on a trip to the Universal parks.

Things To Consider When Deciding What To Wear To Universal Studios

When planning what you’re going to wear to the Universal Studios theme parks you’ll want to consider a couple of things;

  • Weather
  • Comfort
  • Water rides
  • Universal dress code policy

For example, if you’re looking on going on some of the incredible water rides at Universal’s Islands of Adventure then you’ll want to wear light clothing that drys quickly.

Meanwhile, if you’re visiting the parks during the height of summer then tropical storms are a frequent occurrence (especially in the afternoons) as such you’ll want to consider either bringing a poncho or an umbrella.

Universal Studios Dress Code

There is no specific dress code for the Universal Studios theme parks. In general, as long as you are wearing clothing that is appropriate for a family-friendly environment, you should be fine.

This makes wearing the likes of muscle tees, tank tops, crop tops, and shorts, all perfectly fine while any items with offensive logos or slogans may cause an issue.

Universal Studios also has a costume policy for the health and safety of all guests.

This includes no costume masks, veils, long trains, live animals, swords or weaponry however, face coverings worn for medical or health reasons are permitted.

Costumes cannot exceed 28” wide x 80” high to meet Universal Orlando’s metal detection regulations and costumes are subject to secondary x-ray screening.

Costumed guests may not give the impression that they are Universal Team Members while those wishing to bring a home-crafted wand must ensure it is rounded on either end and must be appropriate in nature.

Guests found to be wearing a costume / outfit that is not deemed permissible will be asked to either remove the costume and change into something more appropriate, or exit the park.

Universal Studios will have sole discretion to decide whether an item is permissible. Any item deemed inappropriate will be turned over by the owner and may be retrieved at the end of the day at the Universal CityWalk hub.

What To Wear To Universal Studios

The key to an epic Universal Studios outfit is to combine comfort with style.

You’ll be walking upwards of 10,000 steps during your day at the theme park, often in extreme heat and humidity.

However, you’ll also no doubt be taking some incredible photos to remember your time inside the parks so you’ll want to make sure you are happy with how your outfit looks.

Shorts & Skirts

When visiting Universal Studios in the summer months our go-to item is a good pair of shorts.

We like a pair that’s got good pockets (ideally with zips) so we can store a bank card and our mobile phone in them safely and access them quickly as and when required.

While denim shorts are an option, they aren’t ideal if you get caught in the rain or go on a water ride since they take a long time to dry.

Instead, we look for a pair made of cotton, ideally with some stretch in the waist (for when we’ve had too many Butterbeers).

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Trousers & Leggings

If you don’t enjoy wearing shorts or a skirt, or are simply visiting the Universal parks during the winter months then consider trousers or leggings as an alternative.

Depending on the daytime tempreatures you’ll want to consider either a lightweight loose fabric such as linen, or something slightly thicker such as denim or joggers.

Helen loves wearing leggings to the Universal Studios parks on slightly cooler days – especially ones with pockets!

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Dresses, Jumpsuits & Playsuits

Dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits are all a great alternative to the t-shirt and short combo for women.

However, you’ll want to be concious when going on rides and ensure that you reapply sunblock if you choose an item that exposes your shoulders.

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We personally choose t-shirts over vests when visiting Universal Studios for the extra protection for our shoulders in the sun.

Thankfully t-shirts come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everyone including those who want to dress in Universal Studios inspired t-shirts, and those who are happy with more of a neutral look.

Personally, we love wearing Universal inspired t-shirts including references to Harry Potter, Jurrassic Park and Dr Suess.

Themed t-shirts can be purchased online in advance (the cheaper option) or as a souvenir inside the Universal parks.

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Jackets & Cardigans

If you’re visiting Universal Studios outside of the summer months then you may want to consider adding a jacket or cardigan to your outfit to help keep you warm (especially during the early evenings).

However, it’s highly likely you wont be wearing a jacket all day and instead will need to store it either in a locker or a backpack at certain times.

As such you’ll want to consider whether the jacket is small enough (or your backpack is big enough) to fit it in, and what you plan to do with it otherwise.

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You’ll likely be walking more than 10,000 steps during your day at the Universal Studios parks.

As such it’s incredibly important to ensure that you’re in comfortable, supportive footwear.

The three most common styles of footwear worn at Universal Studios are;

  • Trainers
  • Flip Flops
  • Sandals / Crocs

We personally find that our flip flops and sandals begin to rub with so much walking at the parks so instead we save those for around the pool and at the water parks and instead opt for trainers.

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Some other items you may want to consider either wearing or bringing with you for a day at the Universal Studios park include;

  • Sunhat / Baseball cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock
  • Backpack

These items can help protect you from the sun, and make you feel more comfortable while exploring.