What To Wear To Universal Studios

Whether you’re planning on visiting the Universal Studios in Orlando, Hollywood or even Japan there’s a couple of things you should consider.

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Universal Studios parks all over the world multiple times and written a fair few pieces of content here on the blog designed to help you have the most incredible trip.

However, one of the things I’ve learnt about most is outfits… and I’ve learnt the hard way!

Avoid major mistakes (such as wearing the wrong shoes or JEANS!) and look incredible in all those souvenir photos with our guide on what to wear to Universal Studios.

Things To Consider When Planning What To Wear The Universal Studios

Before we get started, there are a couple of things you should consider when planning what to wear to Universal Studios.

The answer to this is going to depend on the park you’re visiting (whether it be in Orlando, Japan or Hollywood) as well as the time of year you’re visiting.

All of this can quickly and easily be overlooked but will make a huge difference to what you wear (and bring with you) to the parks.


First things first, the weather!

The weather can often be hard to accurately predict but with a general idea of the season, temperature and participation you should be able to ensure that you’re wearing an outfit that you’re going to be comfortable in.


I am all about comfort, I am not a big fashion follower and for long days or travelling, I need 100% comfort.

While the park is nowhere near the size of Universal Studios Orlando it is still big enough to require comfortable clothing. 

What to wear to Universal Studios is totally your choice at the end of the day.

It really depends on what you call comfortable, you want to remember that you generally want to be wearing these clothes for the day and into the evening.

Water Rides

If you are planning on going on the water rides I would maybe pack an extra t-shirt or wear something quite light so it dries quick.

This doesn’t bother some people and if you are visiting in the hotter months, your shirt will dry pretty fast.

If you aren’t a t-shirt person you could try linen shirts or thin blouses, these are easily just as comfortable and easy to wear.

Also if you plan to go see the amazing Water World show, which I recommend you do. Sitting in the front seats means getting wet and not just wet but soaked.

If you plan to stay dry all day look for the silver seats, you won’t get wet there.

Dress Code

The Universal Studios dress code is fairly loose on their own website.

To comply with the Universal Studios dress code it states not to dress as one of the emergency personnel or the Universal Team Members. This is to not confuse other guests.

It also asks guests not to wear anything with offensive language or content along with anything that would create disturbance or danger to other guests.

As a guest myself I would suggest staying clear of anything too revealing for both men, women and children. Both men and women should respectively wear a t-shirt at all times.

Pro Tip: If you are looking at going on water rides but don’t want to get your clothes wet, look at wear a swimsuit underneath or a poncho.

You can take off your t-shirt for the ride and simply put it back on after drying off. I suggest wearing a bathing suit that is full-body or t-shirt style instead of a bikini top.

Clothing that is deemed inappropriate or offensive will not be allowed into the parks.

Costumes are only permitted at certain times of the year and can always be denied by Universal Team Members at entry.

Anything that covers the face such as a mask, veils or costumes that distort the facial features are not permitted.

No weapons of any kind are allowed in the parks whether they are real or costume made.

Homemade wands are permitted but must be rounded and safe at both ends as to not endanger other guests.

What To Wear To Universal Studios

Now we’ve understood the basics that we need to consider when planning our outfit let’s discuss different types of clothing and the benefits and drawbacks of each when visiting the Universal parks.

Shorts & Skirts

In my case, I would suggest shorts, whether they be lightweight denim, cotton or khaki.

Shorts are a great way to start as you can do plenty of walking and they are practical for climbing on and off rides.

You can find so many nice shorts that can go with a number of fan favourite t-shirts so you can keep on trend while at the park.

Pro Tip: Look at what styles of clothing you usually wear and what your most comfortable and plan from there.

If you prefer longer length shorts or trousers find them in a lighter weight fabric so you can be comfortable and cool.

Shorts can be any number of lengths too, Though mine are classed as short shorts, I find them very comfortable and not too revealing on the bottom.

Shorts are even better when you have an elasticated waist. Giving your body to be able to move and flex without being restrictive for a day at the parks.

Trousers & Leggings

If you don’t like wearing shorts for any reason and prefer something a little different try out linen trousers. Linen trousers are great as they are easy to wear, cool and dry quick.

They also look quite smart if you are planning on going for a nice meal after the theme park.

Skirts can be a great option if you don’t like drawing attention to your legs, these can be any length but would suggest anything from just above the knee to longer.

Buy Here: Mens Amazon Essentials Khaki Linen Trousers

For the cooler months why not try things like thin joggers or gym leggings. I found a great pair from Craghoppers that are comfortable, breathable and dry quickly.

These are great for keeping you warm when needed and also great for getting air to your legs.

You can then layer up the top half with a vest/ t-shirt with a thin hoodie or jacket. Working with layers in the colder months is a great way to create outfits for Universal Studios.

Dresses, Jumpsuits & Playsuits

These options are a great alternative to t-shirts and shorts or even dresses.

Jumpsuits are a great option if you don’t like to have your legs on show or are visiting in the cooler months (though for many it isn’t much cooler).

Jumpsuits can be really comfortable if they are made from a stretchy fabric or are a loose fit. I love wearing them when I travel as they are so comfy and easy to wear.

On our very first trip to Disney, all I wore were playsuits, they were so comfortable and easy to wear at the parks.

Alternatively, ladies, if you are wanting to look a little more summery or a t-shirt and shorts aren’t what you’re most comfortable in, try a dress.

I have plenty of stretchy jersey dresses or loose cotton dresses that are appropriate to wear.

Pro Tip: If you are worried about flashing or showing your underwear, team your dress with a pair of shorts for extra coverage.

During our time at the park, I saw plenty of women and girls wearing lovely summer dresses. They can be great coverage if you want to have a little more shade and loose fabric on your body.


T-shirts are a great option over vests for keeping your shoulders covered in the Florida heat.

You can easily pick up affordable character t-shirts off-site either before your trip. Alternatively, you can buy branded t-shirts inside the park itself.

We found some of the best places to find cheap affordable themed merchandise is either Primark for the UK fans or Hot Topic for American fans.

Browse Universal Studios Themed T-Shirts

We love wearing themed t-shirts for our theme park days and it is a great way to keep the family together.

Many people get t-shirts made with the same colour and logo or family name on so that you can spot each other from a distance and in case of being lost. It is very popular for large groups and school visits to use this method too.

If you aren’t a t-shirt kind of person then things like cotton shirts or linen blouses are a great way to keep cool and comfortable. There are plenty of places you can find thin and light blouses/shirts to wear that will be suitable for a day at the park.

Jackets & Cardigans

Don’t forget in the cooler months you can add a jacket, light rain jacket or pack a mac to your bag. Pack-a-macs are great as they don’t take up too much room and you can even use these for the water rides.

I would definitely pack in a jacket for the cooler months even if it is just for the ride home after the sunsets. This is a great tip for knowing what to wear to Universal Studios in the colder months.


No matter what your style is, footwear has to be one of the most important parts of knowing what to wear to Universal Studios. I will admit I saw some women in stiletto/ high heels and was amazed at how they were walking around the park and not dying.

We always wear trainers, we have a couple of pairs of lightweight trainers that are great. I also find Converse a great trainer to wear as they are sturdy and long-lasting.

I tend to go for running trainers as they are lightweight, comfortable and breathable. We have also worn flip-flops before but prefer my trainers as they are easy to wear all day and night.

I would also recommend sandals but something a little more practical. Though I have mentioned that the Universal Studios Hollywood park is much smaller than the Universal Studios Orlando park, I would still think practical on footwear.

I saw plenty of people wearing stable sandals such as Birkenstocks or Merrell.

Shoes we recommend;


I would suggest taking/wearing a hat, whether this is a straw hat or a baseball cap. When you are walking around all day the sun is always above you.

The first part of your body the sun will hit is your head so it is good to keep your head covered to stop it burning. I would also suggest wearing/packing sunglasses, your eyes are just as important to protect as your body.

When deciding what to wear to Universal Studios remember you will probably want to take a bag. This can be a backpack, beach style bag or over the body tote bag. You can create great outfits for Universal Studios without losing style or comfort factor.

I would definitely take a bag to hold your items for when you go on rides, suncream and snacks if you bring your own.

I wouldn’t say every person needs one, only if you are bringing extra clothes or snacks you may require another bag.


While we don’t often talk about travelling with children this is an exception. What to wear to Universal Studios also applies to the kids as it is a family theme park.

There is a large section within the park dedicated to a flat waterpark area for the children. It was filled with fountains and water jets to help cool down the kids.

With this in mind, I would highly suggest packing/wearing a swimsuit. If the kids decide to wear their swimsuits, I would pack some extra clothes for them to change into for the rest of the day.

I would also pack a towel as they will be soaked and while they dry off it will give them some shelter from the sun. You can find handy dry fast and small towels so you don’t have too much weight to carry around all day.

The floor is soft and safe for them to run around on but if you prefer footwear, I would suggest a pair of water safe shoes or sandals. This will just give them that added protection against the floor.

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