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What To Wear To Universal Studios Orlando

Though the merchandise game isn’t as strong as you may see over at Walt Disney World there is still plenty of good t-shirts to be seen. We love heading to Orlando because we get to see the best of both things we love, Disney and Universal. This year we took my family for the first time and I had to help my sisters decide on what to pack. With that in mind here is my what to wear to Universal Studios Orlando…

What To Wear To Universal Studios Orlando

Orlando is called the sunshine state for a reason, that reason is they generally get year-round sunshine. There are seasons of rainy patches and storms but I will point that out later. Right now I want to point out to you the key items you want to be wearing on your days to Universal Studios Orlando.

There are so many different ways you can plan your outfit but I want to first point out a couple of key things. 1. You want to be extremely comfy 2. You want to be able to take layers off if you get wet or too warm 3. You want to be able to go on everything and do everything. I have seen so many people dressed up as though they are heading for a night out.

While you are at the parks you want to be comfortable for walking all day, clothes need to be breathable and easy to wear as you are going to be in them all day and you want to look good.

Things To Consider When Planning What To Wear The Universal Studios Orlando

Depending on the time of year you plan to visit you want to dress accordingly. For us being from the UK, any Orlando weather was going to be warm compared to what we have back home. I have included a screenshot of the weather averages over the year in Orlando.

This is a brief overview of the weather averages and rainfall for each month in Orlando. This isn’t a correct and definite overview as you can never predict the weather. It gives you a good idea of what you will want to pack and what to expect.

What To Wear To Universal Studios In Spring/Summer

Spring/summer are the most popular times apart from Halloween and Christmas to go to Universal Studios. This is mostly when people from the UK go and visit and spring is popular with graduations in the US. These is also the hottest months of the year.

T-shirt & Shorts

Probably one of the most common combinations for holidays and parks. I always wear a t-shirt and shorts for a full day at the parks. I tend to pick denim shorts over cotton but I like having the pockets and find them more comfortable. I would find a fabric you like to wear anyway and find them in shorts, whether this is denim, cotton jersey or khaki style. Team it up with a nice Harry Potter T-shirt and you can’t go wrong! As it is a basic outfit it works really well for most people.

Vest & Shorts

Again same principle as above as you are creating an outfit you are most comfortable in. When we have gone earlier in spring I have taken a shirt with me to cover my shoulders when the sun gets too hot or if it is a little breezy.

Summer Dress/ Jumpsuits

I rarely wear a dress to the theme parks, mainly because I am running around and going on all the rides. It is one of the more impractical outfits but you can make it practical by wearing shorts or leggings underneath. It also depends on whether you are going with the intention of going on all the rides and doing everything or going in just to explore. I love jumpsuits and find them so easy to wear, these can be great park outfits. Remember you do need to be able to get out of it for the toilet!

T-shirt & Leggings/Trousers

This can apply for both men and women and children. If you aren’t comfortable wearing shorts or you just don’t like wearing them a great alternative is trousers. This is probably aimed more at our American audience as if you are more used to the heat you won’t always find the need for shorts. Khakis, linen trousers or leggings can be a great alternative as the fabrics are breathable, easy to dry and easy to wear.

What To Wear To Universal Studios Orlando In Autumn/Winter

T-shirt & Trousers

You can choose a variety of trousers you want to wear, I would advise still to wear something like, easy to move in and comfortable. Go for key fabrics such as Khaki, linen, cotton jersey and stretchy fabric. The cotton jersey fabric is great because it is breathable but can have a warming side to it when the temperature drops. If you are looking for a more fitted trouser try out work out leggings/trousers. The fabrics are built to be worked out and give easy movements along with breathable elements. T-shirts are best in cottons or work out tops for easy dry and comfortable.

Rain Jacket, Shorts & T-shirt

It may seem odd but Orlando does also get rain and can get it bad. When rainy season appears the rain can come down and be heavy. I would suggest taking a rain jacket, poncho or some kind of waterproof. Pack a mac are great for this kind of weather as they fold away small, they are light and easy to wear. You can easily team up your shorts, Harry Potter Tee and a rain jacket and still look cute!

Jacket, Leggings & Top

Another alternative is wearing a top of your choice, whether this is Thing 1 or Thing 2 with shorts and a jacket. We have seen plenty of locals who are more accustomed to the weather wearing warmer jackets such as fleeces and hoodies. Sometimes waiting in the queues under the air conditioning can make me feel cold, you can always try out the express pass in that case! I love wearing leggings too as they are always super flexible, easy to wear and you can wear them all day without feeling the need to change.


I know plenty of people who are more like me will be thinking accessories? I don’t want to wear earrings and matching necklace etc. I am not talking those kinds of accessories I am talking about backpacks, belts and headwear. These are the items you want to think about as they are going to help keep you comfortable all day and are practical.


I would strongly advise wearing a hat or straw hat or a sombrero or whatever is going to give your head and neck some shade. Too many times I have been to the parks and forgot about wearing a hat or didn’t want to mess up my hair I burnt my scalp. It wasn’t so pretty in the following days so I always pack a hat now to cover my head when I want/need it. If you aren’t a hat person try a bandana just to give the very top of your head some coverage from the hot sun.

Backpacks/ Handbags

I always go with some kind of bag, always. Whether it is carrying just a lip balm, phone and money or whether I have packed for the 5,000. Most of the rides at Universal Studios will require you to put your items in a locker. Don’t be that person who forgets their phone that is in the back of the locker. Take some kind of bag between your party to keep valuables safe, carry extra items you may need and for comfort. You can use a variety of bags from backpacks, tote bags, bumbags or sachels. The more hands-free your bag is the better as you can use your hands for taking selfies with the Knight Bus driver!


Depending on whether you wear them often and are used to them or you don’t wear them at all depends on how comfortable you would be in one. I understand for people wear them with jeans, as waist belts with dresses or simply to look nice. If you plan to go on all the rides you will want to remember how comfortable the belt will be sat down. You don’t want to get on a ride and the buckle be digging into you the whole way around ruining the ride for you.



Probably the most common footwear in the Universal Studios parks. It is the style of footwear I always wear. I love wearing trainers to the parks because the added comfort and stability helps my feet walk for longer, which you definitely need! Sports trainers and running shoes are a great option for walking around the parks all day. Any sports brand should have a running shoe that would work well. If you are looking for something that can slip on and off Sketchers Go Walk style are popular choice.


I have seen plenty of people wear sandals and flip flops around the parks. Though I never have I think it depends on what you are going to do and how long you plan to be there. Some guests who stay on sight may only for the afternoon or morning and head back to the hotel. Some great brands of sandals and flip flops are Havaianas and Birkenstocks. Both of these are quality made footwear and Birkenstocks are great as they are moulded to a foot shape giving your foot more stability while walking.

What To Wear To Universal Studios For Children

Though you might think they are the easiest to decide for they can also be the hardest. Knowing they can run around all day and not worry about clothes not fitting, itching or making them squirm in some way will give you peace of mind to enjoy the day. There are some key elements if you are totally unprepared for our what to wear to Universal Studios Orlando list. There are some helpful tips when you aren’t just deciding what to wear but what you can do to help the day go smoother.

Things To Consider


I am a huge fan of comfort over anything else. I can’t imagine I was much different as a child so don’t forget your kids will want to feel the same. While they might want to go out dressed up in a costume, which is totally fine because they are happy and look cute, remember to pack some normal clothes for when they get fed up.


Remember to pack breathable, easy to dry and comfortable fabrics. Cotton Jersey is a great comfortable and moveable fabric. Cotton is natural and great for long days. Lycra based items that are used for swimming and sports wear are great as they are built to be durable, breathable and comfortable.

Shorts & T-shirt

Basic easy outfit for any child of any age to wear. I would try to stick to soft shorts such as cotton jersey, stretchy fabrics and stay away from denim. If denim was to get wet it takes longer to dry and heavier to carry around.

Trousers/Leggings & T-shirt

I would say this is an outfit built for Autumn/Winter. Leggings and trousers are a great way of insulating the body. Also if you have smaller ones who aren’t as stable on their feet, this can help stop any scrapes and cuts if they fall.


While these can be really comfortable and easy to wear remember the effort it takes to go to the toilet. These can be a really great option for little ones but make sure you get the ones with poppers at the legs for toilet time and changing nappies. You can get sleeveless ones and add a t-shirt underneath to cover the shoulders in the sunshine.

Jackets & Cardigans

We recently took our first trip as a big group with a range of child’s ages of 2, 4 and 6. The oldest was quite resilient and doesn’t get cold easy, the middle child was always cold and wanted to spend more of her time in the pram and the youngest was fine. She didn’t get cold, she didn’t want to be in her pram. Remember to take layers of cardigans, jackets or if you are using a pram/pushchair a blanket. This is also helpful if you are staying to watch parades in the evening or heading to CityWalk for dinner.


Similar to the costume wearing, the kids can wear those highly impractical high heeled princess shoes but after a little, while they will come off. If you allowing them to wear those shoes to the parks then be prepared with backups. Similar to the adult’s footwear you want to find shoes that are going to be supportive of the foot and ankle. Trainers, certain sandals and boots are great footwear choices for little ones.

If you have been to Universal Studios Orlando before and had your own Universal Studios packing list let us know in the comments below. If you can think of anything you think should be on our what to wear to Universal Studios Orlando let us know and we will add it in.

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