Where To Eat At Universal’s Islands of Adventure

What I love most about theme parks is the epic rides, however, my second favourite thing has to be the food. Which is why I love Universal Studios Resort in Orlando, Florida. Both of the theme parks here have incredible food options.

There are 20 quick-service restaurants and 28 food stalls at Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure. These include;

The Burger Digs
Cafe 4
Captain America Diner
Cathy’s Ice Cream
Jurassic Park Popcorn
The Last Chance Fruit Stand
The Magic Neep
Marvel Super Hero Island Fruit

With so much choice comes great variety. There are restaurants, snack carts and bars where you can purchase gluten-free food, kosher food, healthy food or specific food styles such as Italian, Mexican or British / English.

Where To Eat Healthily At Island’s Of Adventure

Eating healthy at theme parks can be hard, as the focus is often around fast food. That said, there are a number of different restaurant styles available all serving some healthy meal options.


Located in The Lost Continent next to Suess Landing is the sit-down restaurant of Mythos. This is one of the premier restaurants in Universal Studios Islands of Adventure.

The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner and focuses on American style cuisine with dishes such as Butternut Squash Ravioli, Pan Roasted Wild Salmon and Mythos Signature Lamb Burger.

The restaurant serves alcohol to guests able to prove they are over the legal age of 21 and accepts the Universal Studios Dining Plan. Being one of the more high-end restaurants at Islands of Adventure entrees at Mythos cost on average between $20 and $30.

Burger Digs

Burger Digs is a quick-service restaurant complete with the option of mobile ordering (ideal if you’re visiting during peak times). The restaurant is located inside the large hall, next to the gift shop inside of the Jurrasic Park region of Islands of Adventure.

There’s a large amount of seating inside so we opt to eat here when the park is busy as we can almost always guarantee we’ll get a seat.

Healthy dishes here include the spring salad, which you can add fried or grilled chicken to for an additional $4.99 and the vegan burger platter which is made up of a vegan brown rice and mushroom patty with vegan cheese and fries.

Here you can find a number of beverages including bottled water, alcohol and the Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup station if you want to top up your refillable drink.

Comic Strip Cafe

Comic Strip Cafe is located in Toon Land and is a keen favourite for many to go and enjoy a nice meal. The cafe has plenty of seating inside along with a small patio area outside. It is counter service so you can grab a tray, pick what you like, pay and enjoy.

There is a whole host of meals you can find here so it is great for those who want to be able to feed everyone under one roof.

The healthy choices at this cafe are Chicken Caesar Salad Combo, Tropical Chicken Salad Combo and the Fish Pita Platter. There are other fish dishes on the menu but contain large amounts of bread or imply they are fried. Double-check with the chef first before ordering.

There is everything from American favourites such as burgers and hot dogs to Chinese dishes and even fish fingers and fries for those looking to have something a little different.

Again here you can find a number of beverages including bottled water, alcohol and the Coca-Cola Freestyle Cup station if you want to top up your refillable drink.

Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House

Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House is located between Treasures Of Poseidon and the Mystic Fountain. The Mediterranean style quick service restaurant is perfect for those looking to find something light and healthy to eat.

With an array of different styles of kebabs to choose from including beef, chicken and a vegetarian option you can’t go wrong. The meat is grilled instead of fried making it much healthier to eat and better for you. If don’t fancy having a kebab you can also find a greek salad or greek salad with hummus.

There are also small snacks and sides if you wish to have a small bite to eat instead. They serve up greek yoghurt, fruit cups and hummus which are healthier snacks compacted to the churros and pretzels.

At Doc Sugrue’s you can also find the Coca-Cola Freestyle Refillable cup station perfect if you are looking to share a drink and get plenty of top-ups during your day at the park.

Confisco Grille

If you’re touring Universal’s Islands of Adventure, try the Garden Burger at Burger Digs or the Chicken Caesar Salad at Pizza Predattoria for a quick and wholesome meal. For a top rate meal, check out the award-winning Mythos Restaurant and enjoy the Pan-Roasted Salmon.

Where To Get Snacks At Island’s Of Adventure

The best place to buy snacks at Universal Studios Island’s of Adventure is from one of the 28 carts which are dotted around the park. The majority of the carts stick to a theme based on their location, for example the Ale to the Chief is located inside Toon Lagoon and focuses on hot dogs, pretzels and soft drinks.

Meanwhile, the Butterbear stand for example is located in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and thus serves Harry Potter related drinks in the form of Butterbear and Pumpkin Juice.

The two food stands in Hogsmead feature little more than that due to their popularity so if you’re looking for food items from a snack cart it’s best to get them before or after visiting Hogsmead.

Where To Find Turkey Legs At Island’s Of Adventure

I live for the turkey legs at Universal Studios Orlando. We’ve nothing like this in the UK and honestly the photo of a turkey leg as big as your head is worth the cost alone, however luckily the meat tastes amazing too!

Turkey Legs can currently only be purchased at Thunder Falls Terrace at Islands of Adventure or The Three Broomsticks restaurant at Hogsmede. However, it’s well worth the expedition to find one during your visit as it can easily be shared between the whole family.

Cheapest Place To Eat At Island’s Of Adventure

It’s hard to get around not eating at Universal’s Island’s of Adventure. You can bring your own food into the park however, the humidity of Florida often makes it inedible by the time lunch comes around. However, if you’re on a budget you’ll want to pick somewhere affordable.

The cheapest places to eat in Universal’s Islands of Adventure are Fire Eater’s Grill where you can get a huge gyro entree for $9.99 or Thunder Falls Terrace where you can get a combo to share for around $21.99.

Fire Eater’s Grill

Fire Eater’s Grill is a quick service restaurant located between Hogsmede and Seuss Landing. The restaurant is part of the Universal Studios dining plan and serves grilled gyros, fiery Chicken Stingers, traditional chicken fingers, hot dogs, and salads.

Entrees here start at $9.99 and combos at $12.79, you can buy additional sides such as french fries for $3.49 and drinks either as part of the Universal Studios Refillable Cup programme or separately.

Thunder Falls Terrace

Thunder Falls Terrace is located inside Jurrasic Park and has a large indoor seating area. The restaurant is quick service and allows mobile ordering in advance. Choose from a mouthwatering array of rotisserie chicken, BBQ ribs, smoked turkey legs, rice bowls, salads, and more.

Salads here start at just $6.99, sides such as fries, chips and Herb Roasted Potatoes are $3.49 with platters and combos ranging from $16.99 to $24.99 depending on what you choose to purchase.

Alongside more expensive alcoholic drinks you can also purchase refillable cup drinks and standard coca-cola branded drinks for $3.99 a cup.

Where To Eat Breakfast At Island’s Of Adventure

Personally, I advise everyone to buy breakfast before visiting Islands of Adventure for two reasons;

Firstly, you’ll likely be having lunch and dinner at either the park or the nearby CityWalk so grabbing breakfast outside of the parks either at a restaurant on the way or at the hotel/villa is a way to save yourself some cash.

Second, early mornings in the park are the quietest. I, therefore, recommend heading straight for the popular rides such as The Hulk or Hogwarts Express instead of grabbing a bite to eat.

However, if you must eat breakfast at Islands of Adventure I recommend doing it at either Croissant Moon Bakery which is just on your left as you enter the park or The Three Broomsticks inside Hogsmede.

Croissant Moon Bakery serves a range of pastries and is more affordable with each pastry usually retailing for between $5.49 and $12.99 meanwhile The Three Broomsticks serves a breakfast platter only which is $17.99 for adults and $12.99 for children.

This breakfast platter selection includes;

Traditional English Breakfast
Fresh scrambled eggs, sausage links, black pudding, English bacon, baked beans, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, and breakfast potatoes

Continental Breakfast
A colourful array of fresh fruit served with croissants, accompanied with assorted jams

Porridge Breakfast
Old fashioned steamed oats with fresh fruit and butter croissant

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