How To Get MyVegas Free Chips

In this post, we’ll be showing you where to find MyVegas free chips. The whole aim of the game is to get as many loyalty points that you can redeem for rewards during your Vegas trip. However, these can be achieved by playing the MyVegas games that require you to have MyVegas chips.

While you can buy MyVegas chips, we’d always recommend maximising the free MyVegas chips. The majority of these methods refresh every day so there’s always the chance to get more free MyVegas chips, so don’t be disheartened if you run out.

How To Get MyVegas Free Chips From Facebook

There are multiple MyVegas applications. However, in this post we’re going to be talking specifically about the ones labelled MyVegas, they are the MyVegas Facebook game and the MyVegas mobile application. Both of the MyVegas games have different ways in which you can get free chips.

Firstly, let’s discuss how you can get free chips for MyVegas on Facebook;


As you play slot games on the MyVegas app not only will you gain loyalty points. You’ll also gain buildings which will eventually enable you to build a resort (this all happens automatically as you play). Visit your resorts by clicking on the MyStrip tab.

Here you’ll be able to click on the chips and loyalty logo on your completed resorts. By doing so you’ll be awarded a random amount of chips and in some cases even loyalty points.

Once you’ve been given your free MyVegas chips from MyStrip a timer will countdown until the next time you’re able to claim chips from that particular resort.

As a result, the more completed resorts you have on the MyStrip the more free MyVegas chips you’ll be able to gain. Each resort tends to give out between 500 and 10,000 chips at a time, and the majority of them are available to ‘re-click’ for more chips after around one hour.

MyVegas Facebook Page

The MyVegas facebook page posts link to get codes for MyVegas slots. There are new posts with new codes for MyVegas slots almost every day (sometimes even multiple times a day) the majority of these links are set to give between 250,000 and 500,000 free MyVegas chips.

If this is the first time you’ve heard about getting free MyVegas chips from the MyVegas Facebook page then I suggest going back through the posts for the past two weeks or so and clicking on each link. The majority should still be valid and as a result, you should be able to net around one to three million free chips.

The blurb before the link often tells you whether or not the codes for MyVegas slots is good for the mobile MyVegas application or the desktop version within the Facebook application. Be sure to click on the link using the correct device in order to be rewarded the complimentary MyVegas chips.

Promotional Pop-Ups

MyVegas is known for promoting great deals for purchasing MyVegas chips. However, hidden within some of those pop-ups you’ll often also find MyVegas slots free chips. In this instance, the button at the bottom giving me 50,000 free MyVegas chips re-activates every four hours.

These promotions change week to week so just keep an eye peeled for the ones that come with free chip buttons.

Receiving Gifts From Friends

If you don’t know anyone else playing MyVegas then consider joining a Facebook group that runs dedicated threads allowing you to ‘friend’ other people who are playing the game in order to send each other rewards. As a result, you’ll have to be Facebook friends for the time in which you play the MyVegas game, so be sure you’re comfortable sharing the information on your Facebook account with a stranger before attempting this.


MyVegas also use the email address registered to your Facebook account to send you promotional emails that often contain links to free chips on a daily basis. I recommend heading to your email provider and searching for ‘MyVegas’ daily to claim the reward.

If you’re unable to find the emails then be sure to check which email your Facebook account is registered under, and check your trash/junk mail to ensure the email hasn’t been filtered away in there.

That concludes our guide on how to get free chips for MyVegas applications. As always we’d love to know of any hints and tips you know of to get MyVegas chips for free. Let us know in the comments below.

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