Best Place To Stay In Hamburg Germany

Looking for the best place to stay in Hamburg Germany?

Hamburg is an incredible place, and different neighbourhoods have different benefits and indeed different vibes depending on what you’re looking for.

In this post, we’ll be discussing how to determine where you should stay within Hamburg and the right accommodation within that neighbourhood for your circumstances and budget.

What Is Your Reason For Travelling To Hamburg?

Before we can dive into where to stay in Hamburg, we need to look at your reason for visiting Hamburg.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, as a couple or a solo traveller is going to change what we believe to be the best place to stay in Hamburg Germany.

Solo Tourist Trip

If you’re planning on taking a solo trip to Hamburg then we recommend staying in one of the safest districts; Sternschanze.

That’s not to say Hamburg isn’t safe.

However, like any major city, there are good places and bad places and Sternschanze is certainly one of the nicer areas and generally feels more safe and wealthy than other places in the city.

Couples Tourist Trip / Group Tourist Trip

If you’re visiting Hamburg as a couple or a group then you can stay in some of the funky accommodation in St Pauli or stay more central in Hamburg Hbf.

Family Trip

If you’re visiting Hamburg with family then you’re going to want a safe, and family-friendly district. In this case, we’d recommend the newly regenerated Hafern City.

This area is currently the largest inner-city development in Europe with new hotels and attractions popping up all the time.

Stag-Do, Hen-Do, Party etc…

If you’re visiting Hamburg for its party nightlife then you’ll probably want to stay in the Red Light District of the city.

Also known as Reeperbahn. You’ll find the majority of bars, clubs (and so much more here). As well as a various number of hotels, hostels and holiday rental property.


We would always recommend staying within close proximity of your business offices/business venue during any business trip to any city.

In this case, you’ll probably be looking at Rodingsmarkt.

Alternatively, if you’re business is just out of the city but you’re wanting to stay in the city then we’d recommend staying as near to Hamburg Hbf in St. George as you can get for the best connections within Hamburg, Germany and internationally.

Best Neighbourhoods In Hamburg

Now we’ve covered what district you might want to stay in based on your reasons for visiting Hamburg.

Again, that’s personal based on our experience on multiple trips to Hamburg only.

We can now cover some of the best hotels, hostels and Airbnbs within each district.


If you’re looking for a hostel-style atmosphere then we’d recommend Superbude St Pauli.

Our Superbude St Pauli Hamburg experience

We stayed here during our first trip to Hamburg in 2017 and it remains one of the coolest places we’ve stayed in the world – it’s also pretty affordable.

St Georg

If you’re looking for a hostel in the area of St Georg, Hamburg then we’d suggest The Generator.

Beds in a shared dorm are as little as €15 a night and it’s just footsteps from Hamburg Central Station. If you’re looking for some additional privacy then there are private single and private double rooms available here too.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to splurge we’d recommend the newly refurbished Hilton Reichshof which is part of the Curio Collection.

One night here will set you back around €150, all rooms feature an HD flat-screen TV, coffee machine, air conditioning, a hairdryer etc. While the hotel itself includes a gym, spa, restaurant and bar.

Hafern City

If you’re looking for somewhere stylish and youthful then you need to check out 25hours hotel.

With just a five minute walk to Elbe Philharmonic Hall, this hotel often sells out when major performances are taking place.

If you are really convinced that 25hours is the hotel brand for you during your trip to Hamburg then you’ll be pleased to know they also have hotels near Bahrenfeld and in Altes Hafenamt.


Reeperbahn isn’t one of the most desirable districts within Hamburg – at least for most travellers. So you’ll generally find the property prices here are pretty cheap compared to the rest of the city.

Perhaps the most stylish and expensive place in Reeperbahn is ARCOTEL Onyx Hamburg. Where you can get a room on the top floor overlooking the majority of the city for around €150 a night.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for somewhere to stay as a group Ibis Budget is a great choice as selected rooms within the hotel contains two single beds with an overhead bunk bed accommodating three adults in total. These rooms are available from around €100.


Last but not least on our list of where to stay in Hamburg we have Rodingsmarkt.

This district borders Haferncity so if you’re not happy with any of these choices go back and check out the places to stay in Haferncity above.

Arguably the best hotel in this area of Hamburg city is AMERON Hamburg Hotel Speicherstadt where a double room can be booked for around €150 a night.

The hotel itself features a bar, restaurant, spa and fitness centre and is just a short walk from one of the most famous and popular attractions in Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland.

There’s no real budget or group accommodation in this district unless you’re looking to book via Airbnb. In which case we’d recommend checking out this city top private apartment or the private room in this apartment.

Once you’ve decided on which Airbnb you’d like to stay at, then be sure to sign up using this link. Not only does it provide us with a small amount referral credit it also gets you €25 off your first stay.

Now you’ve finished our guide on where to stay in Hamburg, go to check out our guide to Hamburg. This post contains all our favourite things to do in the city.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling to the capital of Germany, Berlin after your time in Hamburg then check out our complete guide to the city including places to stay, places to eat and things to do.

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