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Here at Inside Our Suitcase, we pride ourselves on providing highly informative written content. Designed to answer travellers most burning questions about a destination, airline, resort etc. This content is evergreen and continues to perform long after the campaign has been completed.

On the weekend you'll be able to sample a range of activities at The East London Hotel.

However, that’s not all. We began documenting our travels on our Youtube channel and even today you’ll find weekly uploads on that channel which are designed to entertain and inspire people to visit fantastic new places around the world.

For the majority of our campaigns, we tend to combine the two. Creating brand awareness in a lighthearted video on our Youtube channel whilst combining this with a written review, feedback and information on the blog.

What Our Audience Has To Say About Us

We are so lucky to have some incredible people in which we can help inspire and plan trips to various places around the world. Here’s an entire folder of the great things our audience has said about us. Below are screenshots of some of our favourites.

As you can see we are connecting, working with and providing information to real people around the world and that’s exactly who your brand will be shared with when working with us. We’re always looking to promote brands that align with our values to our audience.

Previous Campaigns

Below is just a small sample of the campaigns we have worked on in this past. If you would like any additional information feel free to contact us and where we can we will provide it.

Universal Studios Orlando

After previously having to cancel our partnership in October of 2017 due to the inclement weather. We had the pleasure of working with Universal Studios Orlando. We had the pleasure of dictating the brief based on our past experience and knowledge of the parks and our audience. As a result, we created one video and two articles.


What was supposed to be a one-off partnership with Craghoppers for our trip to Iceland has as a performance-based result turned into a fantastic long-term working arrangement.

We’re well aware that we’re not fashion bloggers but as long-term travellers we understood the difficulties both men and women face when trying to find the right clothing. We felt as though Craghoppers represented fantastic working and community values while producing some incredible and highly practical clothing items.

Disneyland California

We had the pleasure of working with Disneyland California on our first visit to the park in July 2018. For this campaign, we made one Youtube video which is almost 20 minutes long and features the best bits from our day at both parks as well as two articles. In addition to this, we were able to use our experience at this park to further enhance the information in our articles in relation to other Disney parks around the world.

Gateway To Iceland

We worked with the tour company Getway To Iceland on our first trip to Iceland. We we’re able to create both an informative blog post about the benefits of touring with Gateway to Iceland, the other tours the company offers and an inside look into how the tour is constructed.

Since publishing this article we’ve gone onto write many more articles about Iceland as a destination in which we’ve had the pleasure of referencing our time with Gateway to Iceland and our South Shore Adventure with them.

Alongside this we were able to make an entertaining Youtube video documenting our day tour – something we believe to be essential to such a visually inviting location.

Ninja Food Tours

On our first trip to Japan we were kindly invited to experience a food tour of Nishiki Market in Kyoto with Ninja Food Tours.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with other food tour operators around the world in the past. Based on this previous experience we once again wanted to combine an informative article for those looking to learn about Japanese foods, Ninja Food Tours and the Nishiki Market along with an entertaining video for our Youtube channel creating brand awareness.

Much like the South Shore Adventure with Gateway To Iceland we’ve been able to reference back to our experience with Ninja Food Tours in multiple other articles about Japan.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work with yourself and your brand specifically or have any questions about how we work with brands and advertisers then feel free to send us an email using the button below.

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