5 Worst Rides At Universal Studios Hollywood

Are you looking for rides to avoid on your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood?

I’m an annual passholder, so I visit the theme park often, and I’ve given these rides plenty of chances. However, they still don’t meet the mark and are, in my opinion, the worst rides at Universal Studios Hollywood. These rides are either sickness-inducing or boring, or in a rare case, both.

1. The Simpsons Ride

πŸ“ Height Requirement: 48β€³ (unaccompanied) 40″ (accompanied)

The worst ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is The Simpsons Ride. As a huge Simpsons fan, I do not say that lightly, but it’s 100% true.

The Simpsons Ride is available at Universal Hollywood and Orlando and has the same storyline at both. The story sees you visiting Krusty the Clown’s budget theme park with the Simpsons family.

This ride takes place inside a theatre room with an 80-foot domed screen. Once strapped into your seat, the ride will lift you off the floor for a full-motion experience.

If you’ve seen any episodes of The Simpsons, you can imagine what Krusty’s theme park will be like. The motion is non-stop and intense. However, the ride was opened in 2008 and is, therefore, over 15 years old.

This ride has undergone several upgrades. However, the intense non-stop motion simulation makes most stomachs a little queasy.


πŸ“ Height Requirement: 48β€³ (unaccompanied) 40″ (accompanied)

The second worst ride at Universal Hollywood is TRANSFORMERS: The Ride 3D. This is again an older motion simulation ride that opened in 2011.

The motions resulting from the storyline on this ride aren’t as strong as those in The Simpsons. However, the 3-D is still dated.

For this ride, you don’t sit in a theatre but instead ride in a cart. There are no drops; however, the cart does make sudden movements that swing you around quite a bit.

Intense and sudden swings combined with the 3-D make this one ride I always avoid when visiting Universal Studios Hollywood.


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3. Fast & Furious – Supercharged

πŸ“ Height Requirement: N/A

The Fast & Furious – Supercharged is part of the Universal Studio Tour. Unfortunately, due to the design of the Universal Studio Tour, you can’t get off the tram on this ride.

So, to experience the best ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, you must also experience one of the worst.

This ride has been known to cause motion sickness. However, this isn’t why it’s one of the worst rides at Universal Studios Hollywood. Instead, this ride made the list because it’s one of the most underwhelming rides ever developed.

With a huge franchise and a fantastic storyline, this ride had incredible potential. However, it definitely underdelivered and is four minutes of my life I won’t get back.

4. The Secret Life of Pets: Off the Leash

πŸ“ Height Requirement: 34″

The Secret Life of Pets Ride is great if you’re visiting Universal Hollywood with young kids.

However, the ride has a tall height requirement, and I’m still trying to understand why since it has zero thrills. There are not only no drops on The Secret Life of Pets, but there’s also no incline or decline.

The story of this ride sees you sit in a two-person vehicle and travel through the bustling streets of NYC. The queue area and the ride itself is immersive and creative. It offers a refreshing break from Universal’s obsession with screen-based rides.

However, Universal has overdone the height requirement. In fact, by the time most kids reach the height for this ride, they will be over the concept and want to go on more thrilling rides instead.

5. Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey

πŸ“ Height Requirement: 48″

Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey is a prime example of a great concept that has been well executed. The ride is everything a Harry Potter fan could want and more.

So why does it make the list of worst rides at Universal Studios Hollywood?

Well, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey can also cause motion sickness. However, it’s at the bottom of this list for two good reasons.

  1. As I mentioned, the concept and design of this ride are fantastic.
  2. The motion sickness isn’t anywhere near as bad as The Simpsons or Transformers.

In fact, this is the only ride I would take a Dramamine (motion sickness-reducing tablet) for.

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🚘 Do I Need to Rent a Car for a Visit to Universal Hollywood?

You don’t need to rent a car to visit Universal Hollywood, as the theme park has Uber / Lyft pick-up and drop-off points.

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  1. The biggest strike against the Simpsons is that it isn’t back to the future.

    1. I 100% agree and I don’t speak for just myself.

    2. wow I can’t believe all this simpsons hate I like that ride and apparently alot of others do to because it’s a 45min wait for it lol

    3. I also πŸ’―% agree.

  2. I do agree that simpsons is the absolute worst.