Review: Yotel Hotel New York City

Yotel Hotel New York City Review

While we found ourselves coming to the United States for a conference we looked at the best and cheapest way to get home. Of course, it wasn’t going to be a direct flight, instead, we decided to extend our trip. We found cheap flights from Dallas to New York and so booked in to stay at Yotel New York City.

We decided to book the flights to see a little more on this trip than we planned. Cora had already brought me to New York 3 years ago and we did possibly everything a tourist would do. As we were just passing through but thought we would check out the sights again.

This was our first time staying at a Yotel Hotel New York City and this is how we got on…


Don’t be confused as we saw another Yotel and google maps took us there first. Yotel Hotel New York City is a 12-minute walk to Times Square. There is a CVS Pharmacy opposite the hotel and plenty of places to eat and drink nearby.

It is a great location for anyone wanted to explore the area and has a great cheap pizza shop around the corner.


The room was easy to find thankfully due to the easy to read sign pointing us down to the end of the corridor.

The room was clean, bright and well laid out. Walking into our left was a small area for your luggage with 2 draws for your clothes and a rail for coats. I really liked having a designated area for the luggage to sit as it keeps it off the floor then.

To the right was a large tv mounted into a surround with pockets and small shelves. Once upon a time, I believe there were doors on the surround as the hinges and magnets were still there.

It was very useful to place smaller objects like phones and room keys and to save loosing elsewhere in the room.

The bed is the most impressive part of the room. It is an electronic bed that can move from being completely flat to sitting upright.

This was the best feature as the bed in an upright position was a great space saver in the room. Cora was so impressed she is now looking to get one for us at home.

The mattress and pillows were very soft and definitely a great night’s sleep. We always enjoy having 2 pillows on a bed even if we only ever sleep with one. The mattress was very soft and felt like sleeping on a marshmallow as it kind of swallowed you in and cushioned to your shape.

Luxurious reclining bed at Yotel Hotel New York City

The room had a small desk and chair area, we didn’t really use it. The thing that let the room down was that even though the room was modern it was a little worn in places. It was a shame to see that there were mud marks and black marks on the white walls.

There was also a foundation smudge on the long mirror and the chair was pretty battered. Looking closer on the edge of the bed frame the fabric had been burnt from a cigarette mark.

Desj with chair area in the room at Yotel Hotel New York City

Yotel Hotel New York City rooms can be controlled by your phone, you can download an app to your phone and control the lights and air conditioning from your phone.

Though we didn’t try this, it was an exciting perk. You could also control the air conditioning manually from a panel on the wall.


The ensuite is modern and very cool, we loved the feature that you could leave the blinds open and shower with the view of the city.

The sink was a small square sink and had a great light up a mirror above. The bathroom area could be sectioned off from the room with the use of 2 curtains pulled together.

The shower was a rain down shower head and was always hot. The shower itself was very clean and had fresh soft towels for 2 people. The toilet was located next to the shower and had a heated towel rack above. I found it especially handy when drying some socks and a t-shirt.

The en-suite also provided a small iron and ironing board, a box of tissues and a paper laundry bag with prices. Though I never use the hotel laundry service as it is always expensive, it is handy to have.

I always appreciate hand wash, shampoo and conditioner at a hotel. The shampoo, conditioner and handwash were in large bottles attached to the wall.

My only concern with the en-suite is that there is no physical door to close that would make going to the bathroom private from the other person in the room. If you are a new couple or friends sharing the room, you may need to ask the other to leave when using the toilet.


Wifi was free to join and needed no password. We highly rely on the internet to work, the internet speed was good, if you were just joining again it would lag a little and found turning off your wifi and turning it back on worked fine.

Screen shot of a wifi speed test at Yotel Hotel New York City

Yotel Hotel New York City also hosts a computer desk where the guests can opening use the computers at hand. Guests can use the internet for anything they need such as flight information.

Guest computer desk at Yotel Hotel New York City

There is also a charging station for your phone or tablet within the lobby area. The charging station is free to use for guests.

Charging station for phones at Yotel Hotel New York City

There is a gym facility on sight on the 4th floor at the end of the cafe area. The gym is free to use while staying at the hotel and is open 24/7.

24/7 gym available at Yotel Hotel New York City

Though we don’t drink that much water, yes we know we should! There is an ice and water machine on every floor of the hotel for anyone to use.

Space is everything in New York and any space that isn’t been used fully is wasteful. We may travel light but many visitors won’t. Yotel Hotel New York City offers up a free bag storage system to allow you to leave your bag and go explore.

This service is open to all guests who are just arriving or checking out.

We really like it as it is a robot that works on a shelf system. The bag is placed in an empty box and the box is the slotted back into the empty space on the wall. A little like a large set of draws.


Yotel Hotel New York City provided an area that held breakfast, though it isn’t included. We didn’t have breakfast included and I think it is something you need to book your room.

Or you can go in and pay for a meal at the cost of a packaged meal was $14.95 or you can buy coffee and breakfast separate.

There is also a small cafe to the right of reception serving coffee, snacks and some hot meals such as pizza. We had a pizza for lunch one of the days and it was beautiful, though a little pricey. We sat in here to work on our last day, as it was the only seat with an accessible plug socket.

Small cafe at Yotel Hotel New York City

The cafe had breakfast pastries and cereals, hot drinks and fresh orange juice. The fridge to the left stocked water and some soft drinks such as diet Pepsi and San Pellegrino.

We got a pizza to share that and a drink came to $17.15 including tax. We got the pizza on a metal plate and 2 smaller serving plates. Though the presentation was well executed the 2 small plates had chips on the sides.

Green Fig cafe and receipt for 1 pizza and 1 drink at Yotel Hotel New York City

While the main area is open for guests to eat and drink their own food the other public areas are restricted to the cafe/restaurant food and drink only. The hotel has plenty of space for guests to sit and relax and get a drink and something to eat.

The hotel is also host to a cool bar area that also leads outside onto the terrace. They often have special events such as a Halloween theme night.

Roof top courtyard bar area at Yotel Hotel New York City

Though we don’t drink that much water, yes we know we should! There is an ice and water machine on every floor of the hotel for anyone to use.


While the small details of the hotel could have been easily fixed and repaired, it wouldn’t stop me from staying here again. If I were to return to New York City and stay for a few days I would look into coming back here at the right price.

I wouldn’t like to pay more than we did due to the makeup stains and cigarette burns. I feel there are nicer places to stay but that also comes with a larger price tag.

Overall I really like the style and theme of the Yotel Hotel New York City and especially the space-saving bed. The hotel has a great atmosphere and a modern set up.

I would recommend friends and family to stay here if they were looking for a cheaper place to stay while visiting New York City.

Yotel Hotel New York City

Helen Harrison



The overall hotel was great with plenty of different areas for guests to sit and relax and eat. I also really enjoyed the layout of the room with the electronic bed which made the room feel bigger but also optimized space.


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