We’re Cora & Helen, we founded this blog back in 2017 during a trip to Dallas, Texas.

We were in Dallas for a Personal Finance conference (as Cora used to have a personal finance blog) when we decided that we’d love to do a project together – and so, this blog was born.

Since then, we’ve had the most incredible time sharing our hints and tips from experiences travelling the world. Better yet, sharing these experiences has helped you guys plan some incredible trips!

About Cora

Cora is in charge of admin, when she’s not writing awesome content you’ll find her replying to emails and speaking to awesome brands about upcoming projects.

Despite a fear for flying when she was younger, she’s now a huge fan of air travel and was the one who decided to share flights & airport lounge reviews here on Inside Our Suitcase.

Fun Fact: Cora loves a bargain and once booked a flight to Copenhagen for £1.

About Helen

Helen loves to write packing lists (she’s in charge of ensuring we’ve everything packed for all of our trips).

She’s also the lead photographer and takes around 90% of the photos you see on this blog today.

In her spare time, you’ll find her on Pinterest, she’s always pinning great new content of our own and of others which helps us to find out about fantastic up and coming destinations.

Fun Fact: Helen has a degree in Historical Costume For Stage & Screen

Work With Us

We’ve been known to work with a whole host of different companies to promote products and services we love in the travel and leisure industry to our worldwide audience.

You can check out some of our most popular partnerships, posts and reviews and then if that sounds like something you might be interested in, contact us directly.