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Inside Our Suitcase was founded by Cora Harrison in 2017. Cora launched Inside Our Suitcase with two clear goals:

In late 2021, Cora and her wife Helen welcomed their first child, Oliver.

As any parent will know, travelling with a child changes the dynamic of trips. As such, a new goal for Inside Our Suitcase was created.

The days of backpacking around Asia in $10-a-night hostels are over – at least for now.

I still love a bargain (I am from Yorkshire, after all). However, I’m always willing to pay extra for convenience – especially when travelling with the little one!

Meet Cora Harrison

FULL time Traveler & Bargain Hunter

Cora works on Inside Our Suitcase full-time and has published more than 500+ travel articles covering experiences from trips to more than 30 countries.

When Cora isn’t writing incredible content or publishing videos on TikTok and Instagram, she’s replying to emails from avid travellers like you and speaking to destinations about upcoming projects.


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Having been founded in 2017, Inside Our Suitcase has long been a trusted voice in the travel industry, with a loyal audience of LGBTQ+ and family travel enthusiasts.

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