Over the years we’ve tried A LOT of different services and products, some have been replaced with newer better models or systems, others have remained consistently good throughout.

These are the products and services we use time and time again when travelling, they have been put through their paces, so we’re more than happy to recommend them to you.


We book the vast majority of our accommodation through as it has one of the largest directories of hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and resorts in the world.

The prices on are always incredibly competitive and the majority of the hotels have free cancellation.

Therefore if our plans change, if we want to stay somewhere different or have an awesome saving for another hotel we can adapt quickly and easily.

Another fantastic website if you’re looking for both unique and affordable accommodation is Airbnb.

We’ve stayed in both private accommodation – in the form of a castle I might add… and people’s spare rooms across the globe thanks to Airbnb.

There’s nothing quite like a locals recommendation and you get all that and more when you stay in an Airbnb.

Travel Insurance

We’ve always travelled with insurance, but it was often the cheapest deal I could find with basic cover. That was until we landed into a volcano in Manila, the capital of the Philippines in January 2020.

I quickly learnt there was ALOT our insurance didn’t cover us for, and as a result we had to spend the best part of £1,000 on alternative accommodation and onward flights. There and then I swore that from now on we’d only buy the best travel insurance.

The funny thing is the difference between basic and incredibly comprehensive travel insurance isn’t a lot. Yet the coverage and level of service when something does happen is second to none.

We did a lot of research on travel insurance and finally went with World Nomads.

Attractions & Tours

Get Your Guide is a marketplace for tours, tickets and attractions. We’ve used Get Your Guide to find affordable and high-quality tours wherever we are in the world.

I love that you can sort the results by the average star review, read real reviews from those who’ve taken the tour and have everything for one trip in one place.

Much like, this is the largest directory of tours, attractions and tickets I’ve found on the web, as a result, you’ll no doubt find everything you want and more from the service.

Car Hire

We opt for a variety of different transport methods when travelling, however, the one that requires the most planning and preparation (aside from flights) is car hire.

In the majority of US cities, this is essential to getting from point A to point B quickly, however, we’ve also hired cars in various cities in Europe too.

We do all our car hire booking with Economy Bookings which are a search aggregator for different car hire companies, ensuring you always get the very best deal.

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