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What To Wear In London In Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of year no matter where you are in England. Spring is a great time to visit London as the weather is just about drying up and warming up, attractions have better visiting hours and dining outside doesn’t mean you have to freeze to death.

Though not everyone who visits knows what the best things are to wear. The weather can be a little unpredictable so we want to make sure you are organised and ready for whatever weather shows up. Here is our guide on what to wear in London in Spring…

What To Wear In London In Spring


Depending on what you are heading to London to do depends on what kind of footwear you will want to wear. If you are planning on doing a lot of walking, exploring and tube hopping I would suggest footwear that is both flat and comfortable for long days.


Trainers, sports shoes, converse, etc are all great city exploring shoes. Don’t be afraid to get out your trainers and head off around the city. Trainers are built to give the foot and ankle the best support and comfort.

They are also generally lightweight which means your leg doesn’t have to carry as much weight. These are great if the weather is a little drier on your visit, even with a small splash of rain I would suggest wearing trainers.


If you are planning on wearing some tights or leggings with a cute dress flat boots might be a better option. Wearing a pair of showerproof/waterproof boots no matter the style will be great if the weather on your visit is a little rainy.

Make sure your shoes are well worn in and are comfortable to spend the day in. If you have shoes that have a thick sole that molds to the foot that is the best style shoe to walk around in. Heels aren’t advised as some of the streets in London are cobbles making it harder to walk on in heels.


Though Spring is a time for the weather to start getting warmer and sunnier it doesn’t mean it will be. You are visiting the UK where we are famous for rain, you want to make sure you are prepared for a little rain at some point.

Taking some kind of jacket that will either keep you warm when the weather is a little chilly or if it starts to rain. A jacket is a must pack when deciding what to wear in London in Spring.

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is very versatile and can easily be used as a day coat and then again for more formal evening wear. I had a weather jacket that lasted me years and I loved it. It was so easy to wear with pretty much anything.

Light Jacket

Jackets such as trenchcoats, blazers, macs and bomber-style jackets are all great options as light jackets for London in Spring. These are all great to wear while exploring the big attractions of London.

They will all cope well with a little rain and also keep you warm for any cooler weather. Lighter style jackets are also great if you are planning on packing light, you can use them for evening jackets/coats if you are heading out to a show or dinner.


A hoodie is the perfect outerlayer for London in Spring. A jersey hoodie or zip up jacket is great as it is a warm material and great for layering up over t-shirts or under a waterproof layer.

If you don’t like the idea of a hoodie bring along a pack away light rain jacket. We had a compress lite jacket form Craghoppers we loved as it was easy to wear and we could pack it away into a small bag when we didn’t need it.

Body Layer

Sleeveless Shirt/Shirt

The benefits of wearing a sleeveless shirt or top are that when you feel a little warm or when you go inside you can feel the cool air more. As the weather can often be a little unpredictable you want to be prepared and you could enjoy enjoying the sunshine on a rooftop bar or quaint terrace.

If you are looking for clothes that are breathable and easy to wear, choose fabrics that are pure cotton, or linen blend. These are the best as they are durable, breathable and keep their shape after washing.


The comfiest thing to wear while you explore London is a t-shirt. It can be the perfect underlayer to keep you cool or warm depending on how you feel. T-shirts are always easy to wear and easy to pack into a small case.


When decided what to wear in London in Spring trousers are quite a simple part of the outfit. As much of the layers you want to create are on the top half of your body you can focus on that.

I would honestly suggest any type of trouser /bottoms you find comfortable and easy to wear would work. I would still be wearing that you will be walking around all day in them so remember practicality still needs to play a part in the decision.


Guys, this is a really great option for you when you are looking for what to wear in London in Spring. Ladies, you can also take on joggers as they are meant to be comfy, easy to wear and warm.

Leggings/ Tights

You can easily put together leggings/ tights with a dress, blazer and a pair of ankle boots. There are so many options and leggings can be great as they are really easy to wear, move around in and they stretch with your body.


You can bring along a lovely pair of skinny jeans partnered up with a t-shirt and light jacket and trainers. Jeans are great as they are hardwearing, easy to wear and warm. Jeans are probably one of the easiest things to pack when deciding what to wear in London in Spring.


These are otherwise items you might not think of packing or would forget as they aren’t what you would normally choose. These are just a couple of different options for those wanting to wear something a little different, something a little more dressy or just another option.


Wearing a dress doesn’t mean you aren’t dressed practically. Layering up a dress with tights, a blazer or leather jacket and a pair of converse would be a great outfit idea for what to wear in London in spring.

Jumpsuits/ Dungarees

I love wearing my Dungarees, especially in Spring when the weather is lighter and a little warmer. You can wear a thin jumper or t-shirt underneath and a light jacket over the top for the morning chill. Feel free to take these ideas as inspiration for what to wear in London in spring and create your own style with it.

Though dungarees and jumpsuits are a little more fiddly when it comes to getting to the bathroom they are really easy to wear and comfortable. You can find really easy to wear linen style jumpsuits that are loose and breathable for warmer climates.


Backpack/ Bag

No matter the plan of what to wear in London in Spring you need a bag or backpack. You need somewhere to stock those bargains, souvenirs and your money. Not to mention any extras you plan on taking such as an umbrella. You can find really nice easy to use and pack away bags from Craghoppers that are versatile and waterproof too.


If you like to live life with a side of caution it is always handy to keep an umbrella on you. Though the weather is less likely to be rainy and showers it is always safe to keep one with you.

They don’t call them April showers for no reason, you can find a really easy foldable one that can be small to stash in your bag.

Don’t forget to bring a small plastic bag in case you have to put away a soggy umbrella. This will stop the umbrella soaking the rest of your bag and save you dripping all over yourself.

That is everything on our guide for what to wear in London in Spring. I hope you have found this helpful and easy to follow. Honestly, there are so many style outfits and style clothes you could wear it is all a matter of practicality, comfort and ease.

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