What To Wear In Venice

We recently spent a couple of days exploring Venice and honestly I was glad I had comfortable shoes. The days were long as we wanted to see so much and get the chance to see everything so being comfortable for the day was key.

If you are looking at having a jam-packed trip I would definitely look at dressing comfortably. Here is what to wear in Venice…

What To Wear In Venice In Summer


I am starting with footwear because though Venice is elegant, beautiful and beautiful to explore in the summer heat it is also harsh on your feet.

We spent 2 full days exploring and our feet were absolutely ruined. We were walking in our comfiest shoes, both wearing trainers and still ended up feeling the pain.

Venice has a lot of cobbled streets that are so cute but not great for impractical footwear. I honestly would rule out heels unless you know you are wearing them for a short period of time, maybe for just the evening.

I always say trainers especially sports trainers are the best. I wouldn’t travel anywhere without my trainers because without them my feet would be ruined.

Trainers give you good stability around your ankle which gives your leg good support while walking around.

Don’t forget to wear socks, these will add a level of comfort to your foot and also help stop any shoes rubbing the back of your ankle!

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You want to be wearing sandals that are hard working, give your foot a good base and fit well. Sandals such as Birkenstocks, Merrel or any type of hiking/ walking sandal are a good choice.

These are all built to walk on rough terrains and support the foot in the best way. This is something I would honestly look into before deciding what to wear in Venice.

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Many women come to Europe and wear bright summer dresses which look beautiful don’t get me wrong but they can also be highly impractical. Still, pack the dresses because in an evening when you head out for dinner they will be perfect. But when you head out to see the sights think of comfortable and easy to wear.

T-shirts/ Tops

Lightweight blouses, tops, and shirts are a great item to pair with a skirt or pair of shorts on a hot Venetian summer day. Look at fabrics that are thin and will dry easily if they get wet, or just help keep you cool.

Basic t-shirts are good to wear as they are loose, comfy and stretchy. Try go for t-shirts with cotton bases as they will be nicer on the skin in the heat.

Top Tip: If you plan to wear a vest top in the daytime remember to put on plenty of sun cream on your shoulders to stop getting burnt.


I always wear shorts when we are traveling in warm countries. They are easier to have pockets for my phone and just easier to wear. I usually wear a denim pair but on my recent trip, I found my new pair to be incredibly uncomfortable and wished to be wearing my short jersey shorts.

Think about wearing soft stretchy fabrics to give your body plenty of space to move, and expand to fit in all the amazing pizza and gelato! This was something I was really pleased I had planned when deciding what to wear in Venice as it made the long days easier.

Skirts can be really fun to wear as they are cute, easy to wear and free. Providing the length is from the knee downwards it can also provide your legs with a great shade system while walking around all day. This can help you stay cool in the heat and last longer in the day.

Top Tip: Though we had no trouble with pickpockets there is the chance they are around. If you plan to keep your phone in your pocket, I would advise having zip-up pockets are very hard to get to pockets.

Dresses/ Jumpsuits

Top Tip: If you are looking to create a lovely picture for Instagram or just because you are looking to send some beautiful pictures back home don’t forget to wear colour. The houses in Venice are all subtle colours of reds, oranges and yellows, pick colours that compliment these colours and you will get some great shots for everyone to wow at.

I have one particular playsuit that I have actually owned 4 or 5 years now and honestly, it comes on most of my trips. It is nice on, easy to wear and so comfortable…unless I need an emergency wee.

This piece of clothing is soft denim which just hangs really nice but is hard wearing enough that I can wear it all day no problems. Or my Craghoppers dress which is both really practical and cute looking which is my new favourite holiday outfit.

I love wearing dresses but only for certain holidays and periods of times. I can’t spend all day walking around a city in one. I did however wear my lovely little yellow dress with a vest and shorts underneath to give me a little more coverage. I did, however, find it impractical for the day and quickly wanted to revert back to my shorts and t-shirt. You can save your nicer dresses for evenings out where you will do less exploring and be comfortable.


T-shirts/ Shirts

Lightweight sports t-shirts are great for the hot weather, as they are really thin they dry really quick. They are made to withstand hot weather, sweat and be able to cope with been worn in extreme cases. If you aren’t much of a sports t-shirt kind of guy look into wearing a thin cotton t-shirt/shirt. The cotton will be breathable and easy to wear.

Shirts are also a great way to wear something loose and smart, you still want to look good on your holiday pictures. Linen based shirts are great as they don’t need intense ironing, they are breathable and look smart.


Cotton-based fabrics are going to be the best for wearing in long days in the heat. Linen is also a great fabric to wear in heat as it is quite cooling. Look for linen shorts, cotton based or khaki style shorts as these will be hard wearing, smart and easy to wear in the heat.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to wear clothes with pockets, better yet zip pockets. This will make life easier getting your phone in and out for directions and also keep your valuables safe!

What To Wear In Venice In Winter

While winter in Venice isn’t the top of everyone’s list it is a great way to explore the beautiful city with a little more peace and quiet. Winter in Venice can be like the UK, foggy, cold and a little wet this is why you need to come prepared.

Very much like many European countries, Venice can get cold, wet and a little miserable. But I don’t see why that should stop you from visiting the island of wonders. you just have to be prepared and ready for all weathers and a great way to do that is to wear layers.

Top Tip: Ditch the umbrella and stick to a raincoat, while they are good for keeping you dry they are going to be more of a nuisance around people, small alleys and generally impractical.



Honestly, I would pack a pair of boots or waterproof shoes, especially for the really rainy days. I would try and stay away from shoes that have no grip on the bottom such as UGG style boots as once the cobbles get wet you will slide everywhere.

Personally, I would stick with wellingtons, boots with good grips on the bottom and wedges.


Depending on the style of trainer I would stick with something that is hardwearing and waterproof. You can get walking shoes from brands like Merrell that make a long lasting shoe that are also shower proof.


Long Sleeve T-shirts

Wearing long sleeve t-shirts or thin jumpers can be a great way to create a base layer for your outfit in winter Venice. This will help you stay warm but not create too much bulk around your body while walking around the city.

You also want to be warm and comfortable so if you don’t find any nice ones you like, try out thermals. They can be hidden under a jacket or t-shirt layer but still, do the job.

Leggings/ Joggers/ Jeans

I would really only advise jeans in Autumn when the weather is due to be drier. Wearing jeans in rainy weather can cause a number of issues and most importantly the fabric is too thick and takes forever to dry, even more so in wet weather.

Joggers can be a great option if they are generally thinner/streamline material. If you have really thick joggers these won’t be great to wear as though they may be warm they are hard to dry when they get wet.

The best option would be wooly tights, leggings or khaki style trousers with thermals underneath for the really extreme cold days. Leggings can be worn with jumper dresses, with t-shirts and used as a layer option. They also can be quicker to dry, close to the skin makes them a thermal layer and they can look smart for evening wear.


One of the most important layers is your coat. This can be a showerproof thick jacket or a thin raincoat. We always travel with a thin raincoat as we find it really useful when we are building up layers.

Having one thick coat can be great as you are super warm but it can be too much when walking around a city sightseeing. Think about what you would normally wear in colder months including rain, this will make it easier for you to plan and pack your suitcase.


Long Sleeve T-shirts

Long sleeve t-shirts are a great way to create a base layer. Very much same for women, it is a good idea to have a base layer. If you prefer short sleeves they will also be great to use to build upon. Thin stretchy t-shirts can be found in most shops in the ‘basics’ area during the back end of summer throughout winter. These are great to build layers on and can look smart too for evening wear.

Shirts / Jumpers

I think many men can find it easier to wear a base layer and wear a shirt or jumper over the top to create a warmer layer.

Look at creating a second layer with something you can walk around in if you are warm or something you can take off and put in your bag if needed.

Khakis/ Cotton Trousers

It is harder for men to have a pair of trousers they can wear in the cold and wet weather. Jeans would be a suitable choice for Autumn as there is less chance of rain and they are warm to wear. If you feel you may be a little cold in just khakis you can add thermals underneath to add a warm layer.


One of the most important layers is your coat. This can be shower proof thick jacket or a thin raincoat. We always travel with a thin raincoat as we find it really useful when we are building up layers. Hoodies are also a great way of adding a warm layer before adding a raincoat over the top.

Having one thick coat can be great as you are super warm but it can be too much when walking around a city sightseeing. Think about what you would normally wear in colder months including rain, this will make it easier for you to plan and pack your suitcase.


For both men and women some good items to remember for winter is a wooly hat to help keep your head warm and dry. This can be any shape or form depending on what you prefer. Scarves can also be a great way to keep warm without having to wear another layer on your body. Also great if you don’t like wearing hats they can keep your ears and neck warm.

Gloves are also going to be important, again go for a pair you already own and like wearing just in case the weather drops or you are spending a lot of time with your hands out in the cold taking pictures.

That is everything on our what to wear in Venice. If you have been before and had any specific item of clothing that you loved wearing let us know. Also if you know of any good footwear brands, accessories and coat brands worth sharing let us know in the comments.

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