What To Wear In Germany In Summer (+ Packing List!)

Germany is a wonderful destination to visit no matter the time of year. With everything from Christmas Markets and Oktoberfest to look forward to, there are plenty of reasons to keep going back to Germany. Summer is a great time to visit as the weather is warm, you can enjoy a cold beer outside and even see the top sights.

Germany has some amazing places to visit that offer great summer activities such as Hamburg with street art and harbour tours or Berlin with places such as Tiergarten and the East Side Gallery. While you are busy exploring the top sights of Germany you will need to be well prepared for the weather and comfortable.

What To Wear In Germany In Summer

The weather in Germany during summer reaches average temperatures of 23 degrees. June and August often experience rainy showers so it is wise to pack an umbrella or coat. Germany as a whole is warm and sunny in the Summer months and is a pleasant and popular time to visit.

Whether you are pilling up the luggage or travelling with hand luggage only there are key tips and principles to help you decide what to wear and what to pack. I like to create outfits out of the clothes I want to wear and make sure I can use them in a variety of styles and looks.

This way you can take less but still, look good in your holiday pictures. When it comes to underwear and socks I like to take the number of days I am away or at least 7-10 pairs for long trips. If you are spending more of your time out in the smaller towns and countryside and hiking you will need to alter your suitcase to reflect the conditions and activities you are doing.

Shoes For Women

Comfort is key. We love exploring cities, going to all the top sights and we often spend a full day or two doing so. This means we spend a lot of our time on our feet and walking. Most cities in Germany are great for walking around but also have good transport links such as buses and trains.

Either way, you choose to travel you will be spending a lot of time on your feet. A good way to make sure you see and do everything you want is to have comfortable footwear. Shoes such as trainers, walking shoes and thick sole sandals are perfect for keeping your feet in shape while you explore.

Summer in Germany is warm and sunny so you will no doubt want to have a pair of sandals on hand. I don’t recommend flip flops or thin base sandals as they aren’t built to support your foot. Instead look for sandals that have a thick sole, moulded shape to the foot and sturdy straps across the foot and around the ankle.

Having straps and support around the foot will keep your foot more supported, be more comfortable and make it easier for you to walk for longer. Many fast fashion items aren’t built to last and though they look nice they aren’t practical for long days and walking.

We recommend brands such as Birkenstocks, Merrell and Sketchers which all have supportive soles, thick straps and moulded shapes to support the ankle.

I recommend taking another pair of shoes with you even if you are going for a long weekend to Germany. Changing footwear even for the evening can make a chance to how your feet feel.

I always wear trainers and would recommend them to anyone who is looking at what to wear in Germany in Summer. Whether you have a pair of trainers you already like to wear (this is better as they are already broken in and comfortable) or a pair you have in mind.

Top Tip: If you buy a new pair of shoes for your trip, I suggest wearing them in and around your home so you can break them in.

This will save you getting painful blisters during your trip.

There are a variety of styles of trainers that are suitable for long days walking and sightseeing. Depending on what you like to wear at home will determine the style you choose for your summer break in Germany.

Jackets & Jumpers For Women

Though the weather is often sunny and warm there are some days that will be slightly cloudy and rainy. It is good to have a waterproof layer with you, something thin and light is perfect. There’s also a number of great pack-away raincoats that you can store in your bag until you need it.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy taking a raincoat you can always pack an umbrella but I would still suggest taking an outer layer. Something like a cardigan or hoodie would work well or even a light jacket to keep you warm while it rains or for an evening.

Temperatures will drop on an evening so it is a good idea to have a shawl, pashmina or a jacket to keep you warm.

T-shirts & Blouses For Women

Any style of t-shirt or blouse is suitable for Germany in summer. If you are sticking to cities and larger towns then items you wear at home or just have to hand and feel comfortable in are the best.

If you are looking for clothes that are breathable and easy to wear, choose fabrics that are pure cotton, or linen blend. These are the best as they are durable, breathable and keep their shape after washing.

I recommend wearing t-shirts and loose garments as I find these the most comfortable and durable. Though if you have particular t-shirts and blouses you like to wear and find comfortable then pack those. You want to make sure you are happy with what you are wearing throughout the day.

Don’t forget to pack a little something that you feel is nice or suitable for a nice evening out in case you want to get dressed up and enjoy an evening out.

Trousers & Skirts For Women

Trousers are easy to wear especially when walking around for many hours. Anything from jeans to lighter fabrics such as linen trousers and cotton trousers are all suitable for summer in Germany.

Places that are more remote and are located in more scenic destinations may require thinner fabrics but overall any of the above trousers would be worth packing. If you have a couple of pairs in mind and like to wear and have been worn on similar holidays pack them.

Another alternative to trousers is to wear leggings, you can wear fashionable leggings with a dress or long top or wear sports leggings with a t-shirt.

Leggings are a great alternative to trousers as they are so versatile and flexible. They can be mixed and matched with a number of outfits and styles to be dressed up for an evening or dressed down for the daytime. This also helps cut down the amount of clothing you take in your suitcase.

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Though jumpsuits and playsuits aren’t the easiest to get out of for when you need to visit the ladies room, they are so easy to wear. I love jumpsuits, I like the freedom I get when I wear one and the ease of not pulling jeans or leggings up every 5 minutes.

Jumpsuits, playsuits and dresses are perfect wardrobe stables when you are planning on what to wear in Germany in summer.

]They are easy to wear, comfortable and made from lovely breathable fabrics. With warm weather you no doubt want to still look nice and make the most of the sunshine.

These wardrobe staples are easy to dress up, dress down and add layers to stay warm or wear alone. Most importantly they save you from teaming up a top and trousers! You can find a number of high street stores, supermarkets and independent brands such as Lucy & Yak making great quality jumpsuits and playsuits.

Accessories For Women

Apart from taking small items of jewellery, you might want to look at some other accessories such as bags, scarves and sunglasses.

One of the most important accessories is a bag, backpack or purse. We always have a backpack with us as we often have our cameras and laptops for working on the go.

Top Tip: Use a bag that is safe and has a zip fastening, you will need to be aware of pickpockets in busier cities.

Taking a bag that fits a few of the essentials such as money, suncream, lip balm and sunglasses is so handy. This can be a little handbag, over the shoulder bag or backpack.

Another useful item to pack is a light scarf or pashmina, if you plan to visit any historic sights and churches you may be required to cover your legs or shoulders. Taking a scarf that wraps around is easy as it can be versatile as a neck scarf, shawl for an evening or used to cover your shoulders in churches.

Also, If you don’t want to get rained on I suggest packing an umbrella.

Shoes For Men

Summer in Germany is warm and sunny so you will no doubt want to have a pair of sandals on hand. I don’t recommend flip flops or sliders as they aren’t built to support your foot. Instead look for sandals that have a thick sole, moulded shape to the foot and sturdy straps across the foot and around the ankle.

Finding decent sandals that are both comfortable and supportive isn’t as easy for men as it is for women. Brands such as Merrell, Birkenstocks and Sketchers are all well made, comfortable and easy to pair with a number of styles.

Alternatively, trainers are another shoe we recommend for a summer in Germany. Trainers are so versatile and great for running around cities. I love wearing trainers as you can find a pair that is showerproof, breathable and look good with a pair of jeans or chinos.

Top Tip: If you buy a new pair of shoes for your trip, make sure you wear them in at home to break them in and make them fit your foot before you go. This will save you from painful blisters and sore feet.

I always suggest wearing a pair of trainers you have and wear often as these are going to be the most comfortable.

Also, you don’t want to take brand new white trainers as there is a chance of showers and rain in the summer months. You wouldn’t want your brand new shiny trainers to get dirty.

Jackets & Jumpers For Men

Germany like many European countries has a lovely summer but there is always a chance of rain.

The easiest way to make sure you don’t get soaked while exploring the sights of Germany is to make sure you have what you need on hand.

Whether it is a light jacket to shelter your body and keep you warm to a pack-away rain jacket. Personally, I like to be well prepared so I would have a light jacket on hand and a pack away rain jacket in my bag.

Alternatively, you might want to consider taking a lighter jacket such as a denim jacket or hoodie to give you a little warmth when it rains or in an evening when the temperature drops.

T-shirts & Shirts For Men

T-shirts can be pretty straightforward for men. Pick the style and fit that suits you the most and is most comfortable.

Try and pick 100% cotton t-shirts as they are the most comfortable, breathable and won’t irritate the skin if you get too hot. Take what you have already in your wardrobe and what you like to wear and feel good in.

Depending on the weather and your outerwear may depend on whether you wish to wear long sleeves or short sleeves.

Shirts are also a great layer to wear in summer as they are cotton, breathable and comfortable. These may be more suitable for an evening out or if you are doing any sports activities.

Trousers & Shorts For Men

With the warm weather, there really is no need to wear trousers in the daytime, unless you want to. I am a panic packer so I like to have choices and be able to wear a simple pair of jeans if I think I will be cold.

If you still want to wear trousers but are not sure jeans or chinos will be cool enough look at linen-blend trousers. Linen blend fabrics are great for warmer weather as they are breathable and natural.

Don’t forget you might want to pack a pair of smart trousers or jeans for the evening when you go out for dinner or for a drink.

Long or short shorts are great to wear in Germany in summer as they are easy to wear and will help keep you cool.

Accessories For Men

Accessories such as a cap or sunhat are worth taking to help shelter your head from the sun.

I also recommend taking a bag or backpack to hold essentials such as money, suncream, a waterproof jacket or umbrella.

You can find a number of suitable backpacks that are suitable and waterproof. If you already have a bag available I would use that to save on buying a new one for your trip.

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