What To Wear In Florida In Winter

While Florida is known as the sunshine state, it’s not always sunny!

As a result, if you’re visiting Florida during the winter months (between November and February), you’ll likely want to pack some speciality items to ensure you’re prepared for your trip, whatever the weather!

Having had the pleasure of visiting Florida over the winter months for numerous different vacation styles (cruise, beach and theme parks!) over the past decade, I thought I’d share my top tips for what to wear in Florida in winter, no matter your plans!

First things first, though, what sort of weather can you expect in Florida in winter?

Well, in November, you’ll be looking at anything from 58°F / 14°C to 78°F / 26°C during the day and from freezing to 21°F / 70°C at night.

Meanwhile, in December, you’ll usually see daily temperatures between 51°F / 8°C to 75°F / 24°C and temperatures at night between 26°F / -3°C to 19°F / 66°C.

January is usually the coldest month in Florida – although exactly how cold it gets depends on whether you’re travelling to the north of the state, where temperatures are generally cooler, or the south, where temperatures are usually warmer.

Average temperatures in the month of January usually range between 39°F/ 4°C to 73.5°F/ 23°C during the day and 26°F/ -3°C to 17°F/ 62°C at night.

February is the last winter month in Florida, with daily temperatures hovering between 41°F/ 5°C and 75°F/ 24°C. While temperatures in the evening often range from freezing to 18°F/ 64°C.

So it’s safe to say while you might not need your winter woollies, you’ll still want to pack layers and have a warm jacket and / or raincoat on hand.

T-Shirts & Tops

Layers are essential in Florida in winter, and as such, it seems only fitting that we start with your base layer of a t-shirt or top. 

A good quality t-shirt is vital – you want something that will keep you comfortable and dry, whether you’re walking around the theme parks or taking part in some of the state’s most well-loved activities, such as hiking and kayaking.

I always aim to pack at least two t-shirts per day, plus a long sleeve top or sweater for evenings when it can start to get a little cooler (more on that a little later!).

Therefore for a 7-night break, I’d aim to take 14 t-shirts. However, if you have a relatively minimal wardrobe, much like I do, you’ll want to consider whether your accommodation has washing facilities (and where you’d want to spend time on your vacation using them).

If not, consider picking up a couple of basic / budget t-shirts for the trip and donating the ones you no longer want / need on your return back home.

If you’re visiting Florida on a cruise, you might also want to pack one or two more smart / dressy tops to wear in the evenings when most people dress up a little more.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to visit one of the fantastic theme parks Florida has, you’ll want to consider packing a speciality t-shirt or two.

While you can purchase Disney & Universal t-shirts from the parks, they are often double or even triple than you would find at your local store or online.

Best T-Shirts & Tops For Florida For Women:

Best T-Shirts & Tops For Florida For Men:


Of course, one of the joys of visiting Florida in winter is that you can get away with wearing shorts all day long – no matter what the weather!

As such, I’d recommend packing at least a couple of pairs of shorts for your winter getaway.

Again, if you’re planning to participate in any activities where you might get wet or sweaty (hiking, kayaking, etc.), consider packing a pair of quick-dry shorts.

Best Shorts For Florida For Women:

Best Shorts For Florida For Men:


Although temperatures in Florida during winter are relatively warm, it can still get a little chilly in the evenings – especially if you’re sitting outside.

As such, I always make sure to pack at least a couple of pairs of jeans or trousers for my trip.

This is particularly the case if you’re planning to visit any of the more upmarket restaurants in Florida, where you might want to dress up a little more.

Best Trousers For Florida For Women:

Best Trousers For Florida For Men:


If you’re visiting Florida on a cruise, you’ll probably want to pack one or two dresses for formal nights.

However, if you’re not going on a cruise during your Florida getaway, then I’d say dresses are optional.

Personally, I often opt just to stick to trousers & shorts alongside a t-shirt.

However, if you love wearing summer dresses, then packing the occasional one isn’t going to hurt, and fingers crossed, the winter weather in Florida supports your decision and allows you to wear it.

Best Dresses For Florida: