Woodland vs Executive – Which Center Parcs Lodge Is Best?

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There are a number of different lodge types to choose from at Center Parcs however, the most popular are the two lower-tier; the woodland lodge and the executive lodge.

A woodland lodge is the most affordable and basic lodge available at Center Parcs. Meanwhile, an executive lodge is the second tier and includes additional features such as an en-suite adjoining the master bedroom and a combination of a hydrobath, hot tub, sauna, steam room or games room.

Depending on the additional features the executive lodge can cost between 10% and 50% more than the same size woodland lodge over the same dates.

What’s Included In A Woodland Lodge

Woodland lodges are available at all of the Center Parcs resorts in the UK however, being the most affordable they tend to sell out incredibly quickly, especially during the peak season; Christmas, New Year and School Holidays. A woodland lodge at Center Parcs includes the following;

  • DVD/CD player
  • Brick-built barbecue stand
  • Private patio
  • 40″ flat-screen TV
  • Log burner
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • TV in the master bedroom
  • Over-the-bath shower
  • Hairdryer
  • Central heating
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Safe
  • Cot & high-chair

Woodland lodges are available in the form of two beds, three beds and four beds and can sleep up to six people in total.

What’s Included In An Executive Lodge

Everything in a woodland lodge is also included in an executive lodge and is generally done to a slightly better finish / higher standard.

In addition, they also have an en-suite to the master bedroom and two of the following;

  • An en-suite to the master bedroom
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Games room – this features a pool table and an additional TV and sofa area
  • Hot tub
  • Hydrobath

When booking your Center Parcs break you’ll be able to select the combination of either one or two additional features that make an executive lodge. However, this combination drives both the price and popularity.

Generally, a hot tub and a games room are the most popular and are therefore, more expensive and sell out quicker than some of the other combinations.

As there are no differences in what is included within lodges, what you pack for your trip to Center Parcs should remain the same.

A less popular and therefore more affordable combination of extras that makes up an executive lodge is usually just a sauna, or just a games room, or a sauna and a hydrobath.

Depending on the number of bedrooms and Center Parcs resort, some executive lodges are also split over two floors rather than all on one.

Much like woodland lodges, executive lodges are also available at all Center Parcs resorts in the UK and range from two to four bedrooms, the largest of which sleeps eight people.

In some cases to get the more premium executive extras such as a games room and a hot tub, you’ll also have to book a larger lodge (3 bedrooms or more) which again further drives up the price. This is because the cost of a trip to Center Parcs is based on the cost of the lodge, rather than the price per person.

This is ideal for those travelling as a large family or as part of a group. However, it can be harder for those who are going as a party of three or fewer as you’re paying for additional space that you’re simply not going to use.

No lodge at Center Parcs has a washing machine. As such if you’re looking to do laundry during your trip then you’ll have to wash items in the sink or in the bath.

What Is A Hydrobath At Centre Parcs

On our first trip to Center Parcs, we booked a small studio lodge with a hydrobath and honestly, I had no idea what a hydrobath was.

Turns out a hydrobath at Center Parcs is similar in both shape and size to a regular bath you’d find at home except it uses a number of pumps that recirculate the water to massage your skin.

Think of it as a hot tub suitable for only one person and in the shape of a bath, indoors, in the bathroom and you can’t go far wrong. Personally, I’d rather upgrade to the hot tub.

Things To Consider When Deciding Between A Woodland & Executive Lodge

With the differences between a woodland lodge and an executive lodge in mind, there are a couple of things you should consider when deciding between an executive lodge and a woodland lodge for your visit to Center Parcs.

It’s worth noting that both styles of lodges are available in the adapted format for those who struggle with stairs or are in wheelchairs. In the case of the hot tub, specialist hoists are available.

However, these tend to sell out incredibly quickly due to the lack of availability. I, therefore, suggest booking as far in advance as you’re comfortable with to guarantee the lodge you’d like.

How Many Days Are You Staying?

Center Parc breaks typically run over two nights, four nights or seven nights. If you’re only visiting the resort for two nights then you’re not likely to be spending much time in your lodge and instead will want to maximise your time taking part in the many activities at Center Parcs.

In which case I’d advise you to go for a more affordable woodland lodge over an executive.

Meanwhile, if you’re visiting for four or seven nights then the likelihood is you’ll be spending a lot of time in your lodge, especially in the evenings. Therefore the added little luxury that an executive lodge comes with may be a worthwhile investment for your break.

How Many People Are Going

Another thing to consider when deciding between a woodland lodge and an executive lodge for your trip to Center Parcs is how many people you’re travelling with.

If you’re a family of four staying in a woodland lodge that sleeps eight then you’ll have plenty of space to spread out.

Meanwhile, if you’re going as a family of six in a woodland lodge that sleeps six then the additional space and facilities that an executive lodge comes with may make it a worthwhile investment.

As well as the number of people going consider the ages of people, my parents, for example, are much more accustomed to a certain level of luxury being older and would therefore prefer the executive lodge over the woodland lodge.

Much like younger kids would likely appreciate some of the additional facilities that an executive lodge comes with. If you’re going as two families or a group of friends then don’t forget you’ll be able to split the cost to make it even more affordable.

Your Budget

If you are working on a budget for your Center Parcs trip then you’ll likely want to stick to a woodland lodge instead of an executive lodge as executive lodges are generally more expensive.

Instead, I’d recommend using the budget you do have to take part in some of the incredible on-site activities.

That said, if you think you’ll benefit more from the features and additional facilities that come with an executive lodge then you may want to prioritise your money towards this over an additional activity or two over the duration of your break.

What You Enjoy About Center Parcs

I briefly mentioned this in the budget section, but ultimately deciding between a woodland lodge or an executive lodge at Center Parcs comes down to what you enjoy about the Center Parcs experience.

If you’re looking forward to playing archery, going swimming and enjoying the evening entertainment then it’s likely you’ll be more than satisfied with a woodland lodge as you’ll be spending more time and money around the resort taking part in the activities.

However, if you’re looking forward to sitting back and relaxing then an upgraded lodge may be a better option.


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  1. 3 bedroom New Style Adapted Woodland Lodge has a third bedroom/small boxroom with 2 very small twin beds jammed in (one with no headboard backing into the window with pillows resting in the window sill). Only just enough room to walk between the beds. I think your ensuites are larger than this bedroom. Shame on you Center Parcs…