7 Best Day Trips From Ostrava, Czech Republic

This blog post features links and information which have been obtained on a press trip. However, as always, all opinions shared in this post are my own.

Ostrava is the third-largest city in the Czech Republic. Situated on the eastern border, it boasts a rich history dating back to the medical period. I recently spent four days in Ostrava, using the city as a ‘jumping-off point’ to nearby villages and towns.

1. Radegast Brewery

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 30km

In the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic, one beer rules all: Radegast.

Founded in 1970, Radegast is relatively young by Czech standards. Established as part of a government initiative in the communist era, the beer brand quickly gained fame.

In the small village of Nošovice, 30km visitors can tour the Radegast Nošovice brewery, one of the largest breweries in the Czech Republic. A tour of the brewery costs just €10 for a 120-minute tour and covers:

  • Radegast Shrine – Visitor Centre
  • Jaromír Franzl brewhouse
  • Lager cellars
  • Can and bottling plant
  • Central warehouse
  • Tasting at the Visitor Centre

Sadly, tours are only available in Czech and take place on selected days. As such, it’s well worth checking the calendar and buying your tickets in advance.

2. Opava

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 37km

Opava is a small city whose history dates back to the 12th century. As a result, architectural styles here include Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance. Meanwhile, other historical and culturally significant landmarks include:

  • Opava Castle
  • Hlaska Tower
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Since Opava is just 37km from Ostrava, there are several ways to travel between the two cities. The train is the quickest and best option, with a journey time of just 38 minutes.

3. Štramberk

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 44km

Nestled in the Beskids mountain range, Štramberk is one of my favourite day trips from Ostrava. This town is well-known for its medieval architecture, natural surroundings, and cultural traditions. Some of my favourite things to do on a visit to Štramberk include:

  • Eat Štramberk Ears
  • Trúba Castle Tower
  • Šipka Cave

3.4km from Štramberk, you’ll find the Tatra Truck Museum. Opened in November 2021, this museum has more than 80 Tatra vehicles from all stages of production.

4. Nový Jičín

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 46km

Nový Jičín is commonly referred to as the “town of hats”. The town’s history dates back to the 14th century, with several attractions including:

  • The Hat Museum
  • Church of the Holy Trinity
  • Masaryk Square

Driving is the easiest way to travel the 46km from Ostrava to Nový Jičín. However, there are also several RegioJet coaches available. The coaches leave Ostrava train station daily and arrive in Nový Jičín in 1.5 hours.

5. Jeseniky Mountains

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 73km

The Jeseníky Mountains are a mountain range forming part of the Eastern Sudetes. The mountains here are mostly made of crystalline rocks.

As such, they feature ridges, valleys, and plateaus. Unsurprisingly, this makes the Jeseníky Mountains a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Popular activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Cycling

There are also several spas close to the Jeseníky Mountains. Perfect for those looking to kick back and relax after exploring the outdoors.

Sadly, there is no public transport between Ostrava and the Jeseniky Mountains. Instead, travelling between the two locations is only possible by car.

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6. Pustevny

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 76km

Pustevny is another of my favourite day trips from Ostrava. At an elevation of 1,018 meters, this mountain saddle is popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Winter sports here include skiing and snowboarding. Meanwhile, summer activities include hiking and mountain biking. However, for those looking for a slower pace, Pustevny still has plenty to offer. Some of my favourite things to do here include:

  • Radegast Statue on Radhošť Mountain
  • Stezka Valaška
  • Wood Trail
  • Cottage Libusin

Sadly, there is no public transport between Ostrava and Pustevny. Instead, I suggest driving an hour to the Pustevny Chairlift Station parking lot.

From the parking lot, you can take one of the single-cable chairlifts up 400m. The journey takes roughly 10 minutes, and tickets cost 220CZK one-way or 270CZK return.

7. Katowice

🚗 Distance from Ostrava: 96km

Katowice is in Poland, across the border from the Czech Republic. However, with just 96km between the two cities, you can travel here in roughly an hour.

Coaches are the most popular way tourists travel from Ostrava to Katowice. Plus, thanks to a soft European border, you won’t have to pass through immigration. Some of the best things to see in Katowice include:

  • Silesian Museum
  • Nikiszowiec
  • Silesian Park
  • Cathedral of Christ the King
  • Mariacka Street
  • Guido Mine

Katowice has plenty of things to do, so you can easily spend a few days or even a long weekend here.


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