Can You Leave Center Parcs During Your Stay?

You can leave Center Parcs during your visit, whether to go to the supermarket, nearby attractions, or home.

If you want to leave Center Parcs and return the same day, you can walk to the car park and collect your car. Then, you can drive your vehicle to the village exit barriers.

Once you return to Center Parcs, you’ll want to drive to the security hut. A staff member is here 24 hours a day and will check your booking reference.

If you’ve been out for the day, you can park your car at the car park and walk back to your lodge. However, if you’ve been to the supermarket and want to drive to your lodge to unload, you’ll need to ask at the security hut.

Without security approval, you can not pass through the car park barriers into the Center Parcs village by car.

This means that if you want to leave Center Parcs early and need to drive to your lodge to pack up your belongings, you’ll need to contact guest services.

The contact number for guest services depends on the Center Parcs village. All contact numbers can be found on the Center Parcs website.


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