Burnsall, North Yorkshire – What To Know Before You Go!

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Burnsall is a small village situated in North Yorkshire just inside the Yorkshire Dales. The village is located 2 miles from the popular Grassinton and has a population of just 110 (recorded in 2011).

Surrounded by a circle of fells the village of Burnsall is popular with hikers, cyclists, and families looking to spend some time having a picnic on the river bank.

Where To Stay In Burnsall

Despite being a small village, Burnsall still has a number of accommodation options. From small guesthouses to caravan and camping parks, there’s something for all tastes and budgets here.

Parking In Burnsall

The most popular parking spot in Burnsall is along the roadside on the B6160 between the Riverbank Café and the pub at the end (avoid the double yellow lines).

Parking on the roadside is free; however, there’s only space for around ten cars/motorhomes. During our multiple visits to Burnsall, I’ve never been lucky enough to get one of these spots, and instead, I’ve ended up parking at the Riverbank Café.

Just off the B6160 is the Riverbank Café. Here you’ll find approximately 50 car parking spaces which quickly fill up – especially during the summer season.

Parking here costs £1 for 1 hour, £3 for 3 hours, or £6 for 8 hours and can be paid for using coins or a mobile application. However, it’s worth noting that I couldn’t get any mobile signal while visiting Burnsall, nor could I connect to any local Wi-Fi; therefore, using the mobile application may be difficult.

If you’re unable to find a parking spot along the roadside or in the Riverbank Café car park, your next best location is in the field just opposite.

Getting to the field for parking and accessing the river, you will need to drive down the B6160 towards the pub, follow the road round and over the bridge. Once over the bridge, the field entrance will be to your right-hand side.

Parking in the field costs £6 for cars and £2 for motorbikes; however, even in the summer months, you won’t struggle for space which can often make the added cost worthwhile – especially after a long drive!

During the peak season, you may also find other village farms offering up their field for parking. Look out for signs along the roadside with more information.

Eating In Burnsall

There’s a limited number of places to grab a bite to eat in Burnsall; honestly, that’s half the charm. However, if you have allergies or significant intolerances, it may be worthwhile to bring a picnic instead.

The Riverbank Café (the exact location of the car park mentioned earlier) offered a variety of hot and cold drinks and food.

However, since the world events of 2020 / 2021, this seems to be an extensive option no longer. We visited in the summer of 2021, and there’s no longer seating inside the café, and the menu has been limited to pizza, bacon sandwiches, and slices of cake.

Sadly, we are unsure as to whether or not the capacity the café offered previously will return.

Meanwhile, over the road, you have the Wharfe View Tea Room. Here you’ll find a range of hot and cold sandwiches, drinks and slices of cake. Unfortunately, during our most recent visit, seating was again limited to the outside only, with roughly six tables available.

We found a nice place to have lunch at the Tea Rooms Cafe where we had a sandwich and can of pop each, costing just over £10 for the two of us. We were able to pay by card at the tea room, which was handy.

Finally, you have The Red Lion. This pub at the end of the road (just 100m or so from the Wharfe View Tea Rooms) offers a range of light bites, main meals, drinks, snacks, and desserts.

Here, you’ll find extensive seating inside and outside; however, this can quickly reach capacity, especially in the summer months, so be sure to reserve a table or arrive in advance.

One final location you might want to visit during Burnsall, specifically for snacks, is The Shop on the Green. This small shop is situated just across from the riverbank next door to the Wharfe View Tea Rooms. Inside you’ll find a variety of drinks and snacks, including Yorkshire Farm ice cream.

At this shop, you can also find popular items such as inflatables and beach toys for sale at the shop for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for more variety in food and drink during your visit to the Yorkshire Dales, then the 3-mile walk to Grassington may be worthwhile.

Things To Do In Burnsall

Burnsall is a small village and doesn’t have much in the form of attractions and things to do. Most people visiting Burnsall either come here to spend the day by the river bank and play in the water or simply walk/cycle through.

Many self made attractions at Burnsall are kite flying, taking an inflatable in the river and hiking around the area. You can also use the field to play games such as football, cricket and other field activities.

Burnsall is located on the Dales Way, a 78.5-mile long-distance footpath in Northern England, from Ilkley, West Yorkshire, to Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria.

However, don’t let the lack of attractions put you off from visiting Burnsall. This quaint village has the most beautiful charm and is certainly a worthwhile stop on your visit to the Yorkshire Dales.


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  1. Travelling Tam says:

    Im from Yorkshire but living in Melbourne and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been here or really heard of it! I’ll have to visit when I’m back 🙂

    1. It is quite small area but so beautiful, the best time to go is in spring/summer when you can go for a dip in the river and enjoy and ice cream. There are so stunning walks around the area too 🙂 Make a weekend out of going and visit Grassington too.