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Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Burnsall, North Yorkshire

Another glorious hidden gem of the Yorkshire Dales in England that is often overlooked or not noticed due to its petite size. The small village of Burnsall North Yorkshire is very popular with walkers, hikers, cyclists and motorcyclists to name a few.

I have been to Burnsall a number of times when I was a child and a few less as an adult but have loved it all the same throughout. On our lovely sunny bank holiday weekend, we took a trip out for the day with our family to Burnsall.

Here is everything you need to know about visiting Burnsall North Yorkshire.


Burnsall North Yorkshire is located in the catchment area of Wharfedale in Skipton along with Grassington, Appletreewick and Hebden.

These are some of the more well-known parts of the area. The village sits on the River Wharfe in Wharfedale which provides picturesque views and tranquil surroundings.


Surprisingly there are a couple of places to park in the beautiful village of Burnsall North Yorkshire. Whether you are looking to go on one of the walks in the area or just explore the village there is plenty of space to do so.

Field Parking

On our latest trip, we were there to enjoy some time by the riverside and so there was the field open to visitors. This is on the far side of the bridge going away from the village, located on the river’s edge.

The fields are privately owned and parking for the day costs ?6. As far as I know, the field is open all year round for visitors to use. The field has an ice cream van in the warmer months and a toilet block for paying guests to use.

The bonus to parking on the field is that you can camp there for the day and enjoy the village. You can come and go into the village or you can sit and have a relaxing day by the river.

The field allows picnics, BBQ’s responsibly and all kinds of activities for families. This is what I would class as a day campsite, somewhere you can pull up and the kids can run around safely.

Local Parking

There is a separate car park on the village side of the river which is on hard standing flooring. This car park is run locally and also charges.

The daily fee is slightly less than the field car park but mainly used for those looking to leave the car and explore the village of Burnsall North Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

On the same area of the car park is a toilet block with a 20p goodwill gesture charge. It is not compulsory but helps keep the toilets clean, hand wash and toilet roll filled up.

There is also an ice cream stall located in a small building decorated in bunting and lights. On the far side of this building is a small window selling food and drinks.

Private Parking

There was another place I spotted for parking if the other car parks are full. There was a place just next to the ice cream parlour and tea room.

It had written paper signs on either side of the entrance way of advertising parking for ?2. I believe this to be a farmers land and not sure how long you can stay or when you would need to leave by.

Where To Stay In Burnsall North Yorkshire

There is a small selection when it comes to accommodation in Burnsall. The village is small and not quite used to the large crowds that cities get.

With only two places to stay in the village, you may find them full and need to look further afield. If so Kettlewell is a short drive away which offers up plenty of different types of accommodation and a quaint village scene.

Red Lion Hotel & Manor House

The Red Lion is also the village pub and is popular with both locals and visitors to Burnsall. The Red Lion started off as a ferryman’s inn in the 16th century.

The pub is now a hive for locals and visitors looking to have a drink by the riverside or traditional pub food. Both buildings have accommodation and dining facilities available.

The Manor House is located 150 yards up the road from the Red Lion Hotel. The Manor House also has holiday cottages available on the riverbed with great views. All properties are well kept, in beautiful locations and have double rooms available.

The Devonshire Fell Hotel

The Devonshire Fell Hotel was originally built as a gentleman’s club after a local man became the Lord Mayor of London in 1611. He then returned to his home in Yorkshire and built up the village with a school and church. The Property was taken over by the Bolton Abbey Estate in 1999 and was restored by the current Duchess of Devonshire.

Located on the hill there are beautiful views over the opposite fields and the River Wharfe. With 16 rooms all decorated in high-quality furnishings with a soft country cosy feel it is like a home from home. The hotel also has a wonderful restaurant and dining experiences along with afternoon tea.

The Sycamores Cottage

The Sycamores cottage are based in the village of Burnsall giving you a perfect view of the stunning village and the River Wharfe. The cottage sleeps up to 6 people in 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

The cottage has a number of facilities such as high chairs, washing machine, patio and garden area as well as a cot and WIFI. Unfortunately, it is a pet free home. The cottage is a great base for anyone looking to explore the surrounding areas of Wharfedale at a leisurely pace.

If you are looking for a village with a little more going on, especially if you are looking to stay longer than 2 nights Grassington is a great place. With just a 10 minute drive from Burnsall, it is easy to reach to spend the day at the River Wharfe before heading back to Grassington.

Where To Eat In Burnsall North Yorkshire

If you are staying in Burnsall for a couple of days and are looking to experience a different scene or dining options check out some of the neighbouring villages. Grassington is a 10 minutes drive and has a selection of places to eat and some lovely shops.

The Devonshire Fell Hotel

The Devonshire Fell is fine dining at its best. The restaurant has two AA rosettes and is exceptional cuisine. This is a restaurant I would suggest going to if you are looking to celebrate an occasion or if you are looking to try something new.

You can view sample menu’s online and also book a table if you require it. The Devonshire Fell is definitely the place to go in Burnsall North Yorkshire if you are looking for fine dining and experience.

Wharfe View Tea Room

The tea room is a lovely place to stop by for a coffee and a pastry after a long walk. There is seating indoors and out with a lovely view over the green and river Wharfe.

The tea room is open to all guests even those with 4 legs. The reviews of the cafe are all great with warm welcomes, helpful staff and delicious food. There is no online menu but can be contacted through a Facebook page.

The Red Lion

Now the Red Lion isn’t just a pub and isn’t just a hotel but also has a lovely old style restaurant. The restaurant offers up seasonal meals bringing the best of what is fresh produce.

They have a specials board which features fresh fish, seafood game and meats. The restaurant also boasts of retaining their AA rosette with head chef Olivier. The Red Lion also offers up bar meals for those looking to have something a little more casual and easy going.

What To Do In Burnsall North Yorkshire

Tour De Yorkshire

If you are lucky enough to be able to follow the Tour De Yorkshire it will be passing through on the 5th May 2019.

There are of course will be certain roads that will be blocked off on the day or delays but the village will come to life with excitement as the tour passes through.

Go For Afternoon Tea

There is a lovely quaint tea room located in the village, perfect for a lovely day out. The tea room offers up seating both inside and out so you can make most of the views and sunshine.

The tea room within the village is called Wharfe View Tea Room. Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little richer and with higher up views, head to The Devonshire Fell Hotel for afternoon tea.

Have A BBQ / Picnic

Burnsall is a lovely spot to stop and have a picnic. Whether it be on a gloomy day in winter or a hopefull sunny day in summer the riverside is the place to be.

You can park at either side of the river and pitch up a blanket and enjoy a picnic. There are bins dotted around the area to throw away rubbish if needed.

Tip: Take a spare carrier bag or bin liner to hold your rubbish to take home or carry to a bin. 

Go For A Walk

There are a couple of lovely walks around the area. Quite often I have been on these walks when I was younger and ended up enjoying a picnic in the car as the rain fell.

One walk you can choose to do is walk to Grassington passed Hebden and back around again. There are a couple more well-known walks in the area that take you either up a peak or towards Bolton Abbey which has amazing views itself.

Troller’s Gill

Troller’s Gill is popular with my parents, they often go walking on a Sunday together and this is one of the walks they do quite often. This walk is 9 miles and graded moderate.

It takes you up and out of the village towards Appletreewick following the river for some time and then looping off to come back to Burnsall.

Simon’s Seat

Though this walk technically starts in Bolton Abbey you can drive from the village of Burnsall and park up to enjoy the walk. If you are looking to push yourself further you can incorporate a walk from Burnsall to Bolton Abbey to walk Simon’s Seat. The walk itself is 10 miles and heads back through Howsgill onto the Dales Way to return back to Bolton Abbey.

Go Enjoy An Afternoon At The Pub

Usually, this is something I wouldn’t suggest as such as I think there is so much more to do in an area but the Red Lion pub has a lovely view over the river Wharfe. The pub is located on the roadside in the village and is a hotspot for everyone and anyone. The Red Lion is the only pub in the village so can get very popular in the warmer months of the year.

The pub has lovely views over the village from the front and even better views overlooking the river Wharfe in the beer garden. Bring along your four-legged friend for a rest in the beer garden and enjoy something to eat.

Go For A Paddle In The River

If like us you are looking to spend your bank holiday somewhere sunny, fun and beautiful Burnsall, North Yorkshire is a beautiful place to go. While many people rush off to the seaside towns to paddle in the sea we headed to the Dales to paddle in a river.

The River Wharfe is beautifully situated running through the village and has a steady stream. The car park that is situated in the field is a great place to park up for the day.

We spent the day parked up in the field and had plenty of time to fly a kite, go for a paddle and have a picnic.

It was a beautiful day and was just what we all needed to help keep us cool on such a hot day. I would suggest bringing some old shoes you don’t mind getting wet to help protect your feet on the pebbles in the river.

Tip: If you are planning on going for a paddle in the river take an extra pair of clothes, shoes and a towel. Especially if you are taking little ones with you. Also, be prepared to wear an old pair of shoes to help protect your feet in the river.

Go Canoeing

Every August the village and neighbouring villages come together to put on a village feast. Together the villages put on a tug of war, canoe racing and fell racing. While on our visit we did see a couple of people canoeing on the calmer side of the river.

As after the bridge the river starts to descend and gets rather shallow you would need to canoe further upstream to get proper depth. If you are into canoeing and looking for a new place to explore the river head to Burnsall North Yorkshire to find out more.

Go Fishing

There is something for everyone in the Yorkshire Dales and Burnsall is no different. Why not bring your fishing gear to the river’s edge and relax in the summer sunshine.

Flyfishing is popular on the River Wharfe due to the good stocks of wild brown trout and grayling. This can be a perfect day out for a couple of friends or just yourself for some peace and quiet.

This is everything you need to know about visiting Burnsall, North Yorkshire. There is so much to see and do in the Wharfedale area to enjoy all year round.

If you are looking to plan a route around the Tour De Yorkshire be sure to check times and road closures. Burnsall is a beautiful spot to be in while waiting for the tour to pass through and a lovely place to spend a few days relaxing.

If you have been to Burnsall or looking to visit the Yorkshire Dales let us know in the comments below.

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    1. It is quite small area but so beautiful, the best time to go is in spring/summer when you can go for a dip in the river and enjoy and ice cream. There are so stunning walks around the area too 🙂 Make a weekend out of going and visit Grassington too.

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