How Early to Arrive at Laguardia Airport (Domestic & International Flights)

LaGuardia is one of several airports serving New York City and the surrounding areas. This airport has terminals: Terminals A, B, and C.

Given this, I recommend arriving at LaGuardia Airport 2 hours before a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight.

When to Arrive at LaGuardia Airport

You should arrive at LaGuardia Airport 2 hours before a domestic flight (flight within the US) and 3 hours before an international flight. This should give you enough time to:

  • Check-in for your flight
  • Drop your luggage
  • Navigate through security
  • Walk to your gate.

In my experience, arriving at the airport early is always better than arriving late and feeling rushed or missing your flight.

Why Do You Need Longer for International Flights?

You should arrive at LaGuardia Airport 3 hours before an international flight. This extra time is required to:

  • Visa checks
  • Entry requirements
  • Immigration control
  • Customs

Long-haul international flights also often have a longer boarding period, which starts earlier. This gives the airline enough time to get all the passengers on the plane before the scheduled departure.

Other Factors to Consider When Flying From LaGuardia Airport

Other factors you’ll want to consider when flying from LaGuardia Airport include:

  1. Travelling to the airport: Traffic in and around LaGuardia can be crazy. As such, you’ll want to allocate some extra time for any potential delays.
  2. The time of year: Major events in the city can mean even more tourists and delays.
  3. Checking in: If you need to check in for your flight in person, the line at the desk may require extra time.
  4. Bag drop: Allow extra time at the airport if you have checked luggage. Most bag drop locations close one hour before the flight’s departure (exact times vary).

Which Laguardia Airport Terminal Do You Need?

LaGuardia Airport has three terminals: Terminals A, B, and C. The terminals at LaGuardia Airport are not connected.

If you want to travel between terminals at LaGuardia Airport, you must take the free shuttle. At the time of writing, the following airlines depart from the following terminals:

Terminal A

  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit

Terminal B

  • Air Canada
  • American Shuttle
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

Terminal C

  • Delta Air Lines
  • Delta Shuttle Boston, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.
  • WestJet


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