How Long to Spend in Ella (First-Time Visitors)

This blog post features links and information which have been obtained on a press trip. However, as always, all opinions shared in this post are my own.

Ella is one of the most famous towns in Sri Lanka. Despite its small size, there’s a lot to see and do here. For this reason, I recommend spending between three and five days in Ella.

I could only spend two nights in Ella on my ten-night trip around Sri Lanka, and it’s one of my biggest regrets. I didn’t see and do everything here that I wanted to, and on a return visit, I’d definitely look at staying longer.

The biggest motivation for spending longer in Ella is that most popular attractions are best done at sunrise. This includes:

  1. Hiking Little Adams Peak
  2. Nine Arches Bridge
  3. Hike Ella Rock

There are several reasons sunrise is best for these attractions, including:

  • Best lighting for photos
  • Fewer crowds
  • Lower humidity (significant for hiking)

I’m not a keen hiker; you wouldn’t catch me hiking on a weekend in the UK. But there’s something about Sri Lanka that makes hiking seem, dare I say, fun?

Obviously, there’s only one sunrise a day, so you need at least three sunrises to do all of these attractions.

These attractions aren’t the only ones you’ll want to experience in Ella. In fact, there are plenty of other things to do to in Ella fill the remainder of your day. Some of my favourites include:

Then, of course, there’s the iconic train from Ella to Kandy. It’s eight hours of questioning why you ever thought this was a good idea, but the photos make it 100% worth it!


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