How To Become A EasyJet Flight Club Member

The European airline EasyJet has recently relaunched its membership scheme for its most loyal customers.

The scheme is known as EasyJet Flight Club and in this post, we’ll be explaining how to become an EasyJet flight club member and the benefits you’ll receive upon doing so.

While the membership is completely free to those who are eligible it’s not something I’d consider working towards such as a status on British Airways for example as the benefits are mediocre at best – that is if you’d actually qualify for them at all

How To Become A Member

Access to the EasyJet Flight Club is upon invitation only. In order to recieve an invitation, you’ll need to book more than 20 flights a year with EasyJet. (return journeys count as two flights)

What Are The Benefits To Becoming A Member

Here are the current benefits of becoming a member of the EasyJet Flight Club;

Price Guarantee

Should you flight a standard equivalent flight cheaper with another airline when compared to the price on the website then EasyJet promise to not only refund the difference but give you 10% of the difference in a voucher to use on a future flight.

The terms and conditions of this are sadly very specific making it almost impossible to trigger. They include; Finding the price difference within 48 hours of booking

– The departure and arrival airport being the same as that on the EasyJet flight

– No more than one hour difference between the scheduled flight times for example, if the EasyJet flight is at 8am and the say British Airways flight is at 10am then you wouldn’t be eligible for the offer.

– The price difference also doesn’t include; credit card or baggage charges.

Price Promise

Should you find that the price you paid for your EasyJet flight is more than what the same flight is on-sale for then as a flight club member EasyJet will give you a flight voucher for the value of the difference.

However, once again this has one term that is particularly difficult for a consumer to overcome and that’s providing that the new cheaper price isn’t a promotional price – which I can almost guarantee it will be.


Finally, as an EasyJet flight club member, you can change the date and route of travel for any booking as many times as you like without paying the standard charge fee that EasyJet otherwise charge.

Instead, you’ll only be required to pay the difference between the original fare paid and the lowest fare available for the new flight at the time in which the change is made. However, once again there’s a catch, and that’s that you can’t change Flexi Fare bookings.

You’re also provided with the ability to change the name of any passenger on booking up to five times a year. However, if you remove yourself from the booking being the membership holder, no other benefits of the scheme are valid from that point onwards – that is unless you re-add yourself to the booking.

How To Apply Membership Benefits To Bookings

Upon invitation to join the EasyJet Flight Club, you’ll be given a unique membership number which will then need to be applied to your booking in order for the membership benefits to be used.

How To Maintain Your EasyJet Flight Club Membership

In order to maintain your EasyJet Flight Club membership, you’ll need to continue to book more than 20 flights per year (the year will run from when you join the scheme). As the renewal of your membership approaches, EasyJet will inform you as to whether or not you’ve been granted another year of membership benefits.

You will have full access to all the benefits of the EasyJet Flight Club on every flight in which you travel as long as you made the booking yourself through your membership account. The benefits of the flight club membership are also extended to any other passengers you are travelling with.

That concludes the guide to the new EasyJet flight club. As always, we’d love to know what you think of the programme, let us know in the comments down below.


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  1. Ann Waterman says:

    I used to have a similar membership with monarch. I do fly Alicante every month so I will look into doing this.

  2. You say “The benefits of the flight club membership are also extended to any other passengers you are travelling with”. Currently I am paying Flight Club membership fees for both my wife and me, are you saying that if we fly together then only one of us needs to pay for membership?

  3. hi other airlines have a club class with food & drink included in the price, does easyjet have this?