How to Join the easyJet Flight Club

The easyJet Flight Club is an invitation-only membership for easyJet’s most frequent flyers. To be invited by easyJet to join the Flight Club, you must meet one of the three following:

  1. Fly with easyJet 20 times or more in 12 months.
  2. Book and fly more than ten flights in 12 months and have spent more than £1,500 or the equivalent in another currency.
  3. Fly on more than ten flights a year, with at least one flight a year flown during a single year.

easyJet will inform you of your eligibility for the easyJet flight club via email. Memberships then last for one year from when you join. At the end of the year, easyJet will review how frequently you have flown and let you know if your membership will end or be renewed.

Benefits of easyJet Flight Club

The benefits of the easyJet Flight Club are personal to its members and their immediate friends and family and include:

Price Guarantee

If you find an equivalent flight cheaper with another airline, easyJet will give you a flight voucher of the difference plus 10%.

Price Promise

If you book your flight with easyJet and find the same flight cheaper, then easyJet will refund the difference in credit.

Flight Changes

You can change the date and route for any booking as many times as you like without paying a change fee. However, you will still have to pay the difference between the original fare and the lowest fare available for the new flight.

easyJet Flight Club Terms and Conditions

An extensive number of terms and conditions are associated with membership to and the benefits of the easyJet Flight Club. You can review these terms and conditions on the easyJet website.


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  1. Ann Waterman says:

    I used to have a similar membership with monarch. I do fly Alicante every month so I will look into doing this.

  2. You say “The benefits of the flight club membership are also extended to any other passengers you are travelling with”. Currently I am paying Flight Club membership fees for both my wife and me, are you saying that if we fly together then only one of us needs to pay for membership?

  3. hi other airlines have a club class with food & drink included in the price, does easyjet have this?