How to Get From Haneda Airport to Shinjuku (Quickest & Cheapest!)

Haneda Airport is situated 23km south of Shinjuku and takes 25 minutes. There are four ways you can commute between the two locations:

  1. Monorail
  2. Train
  3. Limousine Bus
  4. Taxi

The monorail is the best way (cheap and fast) to travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku. However, this requires making a change to a JR train at Hamamatsuchō.

If you’ve got lots of luggage or want to travel directly from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku, you can take the limousine bus. However, a limousine bus ticket costs 1,400 yen one way and is almost twice as expensive as the monorail.


⏱️ Time: 50 minutes
💵 Cost: 710 yen

The monorail from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku Station takes 50 minutes, requires one change and costs 710 yen.

The Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line has 11 monorail stations:

  1. Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (羽田空港第2ターミナル)
  2. Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (羽田空港第1ターミナル)
  3. Shin Seibijō (新整備場)
  4. Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (羽田空港第3ターミナル)
  5. Tenkūbashi (天空橋)
  6. Seibijō (整備場)
  7. Shōwajima (昭和島)
  8. Ryūtsū Center (流通センター)
  9. Ōi Keibajō Mae (大井競馬場前)
  10. Tennōzu Isle (天王洲アイル)
  11. Monorail Hamamatsuchō (モノレール浜松町)

Monorail trains run every 4 to 10 minutes between 5:30 am and 00:00 am. You can see the full Tokyo Monorail schedule online.

If you arrive at Haneda Airport between 00:00 am and 2:20 am, you could take the limousine bus from Terminal 3. However, otherwise outside of the operational hours, you have two options:

  1. Wait for the first monorail
  2. Take a taxi

The monorail entrance is clearly signposted inside arrivals at each Haneda Airport terminal. To take the monorail, you’ll need to purchase a monorail ticket.

Monorail tickets cost 500 yen and can be purchased from vending machines at the entrance. Show your monorail ticket at the station’s entrance for the turnstile to the platform.

You can use a Suica Card to board the monorail without buying a ticket.

While there are 11 stations on the Haneda Monorail Line, the Haneda Express only stops at four:

  1. Haneda Airport Terminal 2 (羽田空港第2ターミナル)
  2. Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (羽田空港第1ターミナル)
  3. Haneda Airport Terminal 3 (羽田空港第3ターミナル)
  4. Monorail Hamamatsuchō (モノレール浜松町)

While monorail trains leave every 5 minutes, I suggest waiting for the Haneda Express. The Haneda Express is a red-marked monorail.

The Haneda Express is the quickest monorail for journeys from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku. You can take the Rapid or Local monorail. However, these monorail trains will stop at more stations and subsequently take longer.

When travelling to Shinjuku on the monorail, you want to get off at the final station Hamamatsuchō (モノレール浜松町). This journey should take around 15 minutes.

When you arrive in Hamamatsuchō, you want to change onto the JR Yamanote Line. However, you must buy a Japan Rail (JR) ticket before boarding the train. Tickets from Hamamatsuchō to Shinjuku cost 210 yen.

It’s ten stops from Hamamatsuchō to Shinjuku on the JR Yamanote Line, which will take around 20 minutes.

I appreciate that this can seem overwhelming. However, everything is well-signposted in both English and Japanese. If I can do it, honestly, anyone can.


⏱️ Time: 50 minutes
💵 Cost: 527 yen

The cheapest way to travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku is by train. The journey costs 527 yen and takes a similar amount of time as the monorail, at around 50 minutes.

However, trains aren’t as frequent as monorails. So, while the train journey time is the same, the overall duration of your journey will be longer.

To catch the train from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku, you must go to the Keikyu Main Line. The Keikyu Main Line has two stations at Haneda Airport:

  1. Terminal 1 & 2: The entrance gate is located at B1F next to the Tokyo Monorail.
  2. Terminal 3: The entrance gate is located on the second floor of the arrival lobby.

You can buy tickets for the Keikyu Main Line using the vending machines or a pre-paid Suica or Pasmo IC Card.

Tickets from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa Station cost 327 yen. The Keikyu Main Line is a private railway operated by Keikyu. Subsequently, the Japan Rail (JR) Pass does not cover this train.

Trains on the Keikyu Main Line operate between 5:30 am and 00:00 am. If you arrive at Haneda Airport between 00:00 am and 2:20 am, you can take the limousine bus from Terminal 3. Otherwise, outside of these times, you can either:

  1. Wait for the first train
  2. Take a taxi

The Keikyu Main Line has five different trains. However, only four serve Haneda Airport:

  1. Airport Limited Express (Orange)
  2. Rapid Express (Green)
  3. Limited Express (Red)
  4. Airport Express (Blue)

To travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku by train, you must catch the train to Shinagawa. All four Keikyu Main Line trains from Haneda Airport also stop at Shinagawa. As such, you can catch the Keikyu Main Line train heading toward Shinagawa.

The difference between the four trains is the number of stations they stop at. Airport Limited Express and Rapid Express trains don’t stop between Haneda Airport and Shinagawa. As such, these trains are the fastest and take just 13 minutes.

When you arrive at Shinagawa Station, you must transfer to the JR Yamanote Line (Green Line). The Yamanote Line is a loop line connecting major stations in Tokyo. There are seven stops between Shinagawa Station and Shinjuku Station on the Yamanote Line:

  1. Osaki
  2. Gotanda
  3. Meguro
  4. Ebisu
  5. Shibuya
  6. Harajuku
  7. Yoyogi

Trains on the JR Yamanote Line (Green Line) run every 2 – 5 minutes; the journey takes 19 minutes.

The JR Yamanote Line is operated by Japan Rail. As such, you’ll either need to use your Japan Rail (JR) Pass or buy a ticket for 200 yen.

Again, while this doesn’t sound very easy, it is, I promise. Everything is signposted in English and Japanese. If I can do it jetlagged after an 11-hour flight, anyone can.

Limousine Bus

⏱️ Time: 45 minutes
💵 Cost: 1,400 yen

The limousine bus is the fastest and most direct way to travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku. The journey takes 45 minutes, and buses leave the airport every 10 to 30 minutes. Check the bus schedule online.

The first limousine bus to leave Haneda Airport leaves:

  • Terminal 3 at 6:45 am
  • Terminal 2 at 6:55 am

This bus does not stop at Terminal 1. Instead, the first limousine bus to leave Terminal 1 leaves at 7:30 am.

The last limousine bus leaves:

  • Terminal 1 at 00:05 am
  • Terminal 2 at 00:10 am

This bus also calls at Terminal 3 at 00:20 am. This is the last bus for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, but not for Terminal 3. Limousine Buses continue to Terminal 3 every 40 minutes between 00:20 am and 2:20 am.

A one-way ticket on the limousine bus costs 1,400 yen. This makes the limousine bus almost double the cost of the monorail or three times the cost of the train. However, if you have a lot of luggage, the extra cost is worth it since the journey to Shinjuku is direct.

You can buy tickets for the limousine bus online in advance or in person from the bus ticket counter. Here are links to maps showing the bus ticket counters:

Once you have your ticket, you must go to the bus stop. Each terminal at Haneda Airport has several bus stops. As such, the bus stop you need to catch the limousine bus to Shinjuku varies:

  • Terminal 1: Bus Stop 4
  • Terminal 2: Bus Stop 5
  • Terminal 3: Bus Stop 3

When catching any transport back to the airport, ensure you arrive at Haneda with time to check-in, drop your bags and pass security.


⏱️ Time: 30 minutes
💵 Cost: 5,000 – 11,000 yen
💻 Reserve Taxi: Hoppa

The quickest but most expensive way to travel from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku is by taxi. The taxi journey from Haneda Airport to Shinjuku will take around 25 minutes. However, the taxi will cost anything from 5,000 to 11,000 yen.

All taxis in Japan run on a meter. Subsequently, the price you pay depends on several factors, including:

  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Pick-up / Drop-off Location:
  • Time of Day

If you want to take a taxi from Haneda Airport, you must go to the taxi rank. The taxi rank is located outside each airport terminal and is well-signposted.

Taxis in Japan take both cash and card payments. However, only some people in Japan speak good English. As such, it’s worth having the destination you want to go to written down in Japanese for the driver.

If you’re on a budget. Consider hitchhiking in Japan. I’ve never done this myself. However, my friends at Untold Wanderlust have done it many times with great success.


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