How To Get From Venice Treviso Airport To Venice Centre

Treviso airbus in blue parked up at the airport

Want to learn how to get from Venice Treviso Airport to Venice Centre?

We recently fell for the age-old Ryanair trick of believing that an airport labelled as Venice might actually be somewhere near Venice (we’ve actually done this before with Paris… when will we learn?)

However, some good did come out of our mistake. We’ve been able to write a comprehensive article helping you navigate your journey from Treviso Airport to Venice (or Venice to Treviso Airport)

Coach Service

This is the perfect combination of affordable and direct. Ideal for young families, nervous travellers or elderly travellers who don’t want to spend a fortune on a taxi.

You are able to book a seat on a coach service directly at the airport upon arrival. These coaches stop at both Mestre Railway Station and Venice Bus Station. The cost of a one-way journey is €12 per person, or a return journey can be purchased for €22.

Our flight was the only one to land at Treviso Airport in an hour, and while it may have been full the queue for booking this coach was incredibly long (around 15 people). We, therefore, recommend you book tickets online if this is the form of travel you wish to take.

Public Transport

This provides some flexibility in the arrival point (in our case we were staying in Mestre – off Venice island so meant we didn’t have to go into Venice on the coach to come all the way back on public transport). It’s also the cheapest way of getting from Treviso Airport to Venice. However, it requires using local services and at least one change.

You’ll start your journey by catching the Treviso Airbus which leaves from outside the airport every 10 minutes (the airport is only small so it’s easy to see the bus from the exit)

You can pay for the bus by cash or card, however, you can only use one bank card per person (Helen and I wanted to pay for both of us using our joint bank account but this wasn’t possible). The journey costs €3.50 and sadly, you can’t use your transport card if you’ve purchased one in advance for your time in Venice.

The journey from the airport to Treviso Rail Station takes around 10 minutes. From there you’ll be able to exit the bus and purchase a train ticket. We chose to use one of the self-service machines (which can be operated in English) however, there are service desks should you require some additional assistance.

The ticket from Treviso to Metre Rail Station cost us €3.55. This made our journey cost just €6.55 each compared to €12 each on the coach.

You’ll need to remember to validate your ticket on the way down to the platform. Platform details can be obtained from the giant boards within the station – again, staff are on hand should you need additional assistance (or reassurance in our case)

The platform will also show details about the train, and the stations in which it stops at. This also includes estimated arrival times. The journey from Treviso to Venice Mestre takes around 15 – 20 minutes.


The most expensive way to travel between Treviso Airport and Venice. However, this is also the most direct way – in most cases, you’ll be dropped off at your hotel door.

We always recommend using the website Hoppa to book airport transport such as taxis when abroad. The filter and sort tools allow you to find the best vehicle for your budget and party. In this case, we were quoted €98.05 for a one-way journey for up to three people (extra luxurious cars are available for an additional cost)

That concludes how to get from Treviso Airport to Venice. Of course, if you require any additional information feel free to leave us a comment below or contact us directly via email. We hope you enjoy your time in Venice!

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