Center Parcs Bike Hire – Everything You Need To Know

With the villages of Center Parcs being a car-free zone (excluding check-in and check-out days) the most popular way to get around is by bicycle. Many families using open spaces and safe roads to explore wildlife and exercise.

You can hire bikes and protective equipment from the Cycle Center within the Center Parcs villages. Each cycle centre location will be different depending on the Center Parcs location. You can hire both in-person and book online.

How To Hire Bikes At Center Parcs

Hiring bikes at Center Parcs is fairly straightforward and simple. You can rent a bike in advance and add it to your booking, then you can simply turn up at the cycle centre on arrival and pick up your bike.

There is a note on the Center Parcs website that reads “there is a limited number available for reservation in advance”. However, even during our last-minute visits in the peak season, we’ve managed to add bike hire to our booking.

Once you’ve reserved and paid for the bike hire using your booking area you’ll simply be required to collect the bike upon your arrival at the resort.

You can collect your bike from the cycle centre between 2pm and 8pm on either Monday or Friday. You’ll then be required to return your bike to the cycle centre after your visit, the cycle centre is open for bike returns between 8am and 10am on both Monday and Friday.

It’s also worth noting that the cycle centre is open during the week if you need to buy any additional items or need help with your bike.

The opening times during our last visit were 9am until 5pm except for Monday and Fridays when openings are extended to 8am to 8pm.

Can I Hire A Helmet, Protective Pads & Stabilisers?

You are able to hire a helmet, protective pads and stabilisers for an additional fee. Meanwhile, a padlock will be included with the hire of the bike itself. If you require additional equipment then this can be purchased from inside the cycle centre.

The Center Parcs Village and all Center Parcs lodges feature a bike stand where you’re able to safely and securely lock your bike.

However, it’s worth noting that prices are inflated when compared to elsewhere, therefore if you know what cycling accessories you need before your visit it may be worth adding these items to your Center Parcs packing checklist instead.

How Long Can You Hire Bikes At Center Parcs For?

Bikes are only available to hire for the duration of your visit to Center Parcs.

For example, if you’re staying Monday to Friday then you’ll only be able to hire a bike for Monday through until Friday. Day rentals are not available.

Bike hire prices are based on the number of days the bike is hired for, therefore a bike will cost more to hire if you’re staying for a week when compared to a long weekend.

Benefits Of Hiring A Bike At Center Parcs

We’ve visited Center Parcs without bikes and with bikes, and personally, we definitely prefer the latter. While hiring a bike isn’t one of the cheapest activities it does take a lot of stress out of both packing and travelling as well as being on-site.

One of the major benefits of hiring a bike at Center Parcs instead of bringing your own is that it’s hassle-free. No need to wonder how you’re going to fit the bike in the car or attach it to the car using a bike rack.

Alternatively, if like myself and Helen you don’t have a bike that you can bring to Center Parcs with you, you’re not excluded from getting around the site quickly and easily.

Speaking of getting around the site quickly and easily, that’s certainly one of the benefits of hiring a bike or bringing a bike with you to Center Parcs.

All of the Center Parcs resorts in the UK are over 4 acres in size and as a result, it can take some time to get from your lodge to one of the activity centres.

As cars are not permitted inside the resort (other than on Mondays and Fridays) there’s plenty of space for young bike riders to roam around and practise their cycling skills without the need to worry.

If you’re unsure as to whether your little one would benefit from a bike at home then Center Parcs is the perfect location to find out.

The last, but perhaps the best benefit of hiring a bike on your visit to Center Parcs is that it’s fun. Cycling around open good tarmac roads was something I found personally fun and incredibly nostalgic.


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  1. Please note, only the smaller bikes are allowed to have stabilisers, bigger bikes they will not put them on due to insurance. Sadly my daughter has balance issues so needs stabilisers but is too big for the small bikes but too young for the trikes they offer.

  2. Yossarian says:

    This was super informative, thank you! It answered all the questions I had about CenterParcs bike hire. Very much appreciated.