How To Hire Bikes At Center Parcs – Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking at how to hire bikes at Center Parcs?

Center Parcs is a popular holiday destination for families and people across the UK and Ireland. With 5 locations to choose from it is a popular destination for those who wish to stay in the UK or are looking to escape for a long weekend. It is also a great place for families to take part in a number of different activities.

With the villages of Center Parcs being a car-free zone (excluding check-in and check-out days) the most popular way to get around is by bicycle. Many families using open space and safe roads to explore wildlife and exercise.

You can hire bikes and protective equipment from the Cycle Center within the Center Parcs villages. Each cycle centre location will be different depending on the Center Parcs location. You can hire both in person and book online.

How To Hire Bikes At Center Parcs

Hiring bikes at Center Parcs is fairly straight forward and simple. You can rent a bike in advance and add it to your booking, you can simply turn up to the cycle centre on arrival and pick up your bike.

There is a note on the Center Parcs website that reads “there is a limited number available for reservation in advance”.

You can create the booking to hire a bike over the phone or simply add it to your booking through the My Center Parcs tab on the Center Parcs website. You can also do this through the Center Parcs app if you have it already downloaded on your phone.

A deposit will be required to hire a bike to ensure the return and care for the bike.

I have included a helpful link to the opening times of many of the places and centres including the cycle centre within Center Parcs – choose which village you are going to to find out the correct opening times.

Where Do I Hire Bikes At Center Parcs?

You can go to the cycle centre to hire bikes directly or you can pre-book online, by phone or by the Center Parcs app.

If you have prebooked you can simply arrive at your lodge and when you are ready you can go to the cycle centre to pick up your bike.

Make sure you have any order numbers, reservation codes or ID to enable you to complete the transaction.

Can I Hire A Helmet, Protective Pads & Stabilisers?

Yes, you can. Stabilisers, protective gear such as gloves and pads along with helmets can be bought or hired from the Cycle Center on-site at Center Parcs villages.

You can pick these up as you collect your bike at the Cycle Center.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a clear price for the extras such as helmets, gloves and other protective gear.

How Long Can I Hire Bikes For?

You can hire a bike for the day or the 4 – 5 day duration of the Center Parcs week.

Prices and deposits will vary depending on the bike and duration of hire.

Why Should I Hire A Bike?

There are a couple of reasons why you might be looking at hiring a bike. Firstly with Center Parcs being a car-free zone (exception of check-in and check-out days), you might want to take advantage of the open space and find another mode of transport to get around.

With open areas and paths to take leading you around the village, there are hours of fun and exercise you can have. It is also a great way of getting to and from the main hub of the village and other places, especially if your lodge is further out.

You might also want to hire a bike as an alternative to taking one. You may have bikes at home you frequently use but your car may not be best equipped to carry bikes or even more than 1 or 2 bikes at time.

This may result in you looking at hiring adult bikes or hiring bikes for the family. You can also hire tag along and trailers for smaller children or those who can’t ride a bike yet.

What Do I Need?

To hire a bike at Center Parcs you will need your booking or reservation reference if you have pre-booked along with your ID – passport or drivers license and lodge number.

If you haven’t prebooked you will need identification, lodge number and a form of payment. A deposit will be required before you can use the bikes.

Can I Hire Bikes In Advance?

Yes you can. There is a limited amount of bikes that can be pre-booked and reserved.

This helps makes sure that there are enough for other guests and to not allocate bikes that aren’t fully serviced and ready to be used.

You can book by phone, online in your My Center Parcs area or on the app.

If you are going to book online you can do this by going into My Booking then click Booking Overview a page will come up with your details of where you are staying, the dates and what type of lodge and then to the right-hand side lots of clickable squares. Halfway down the page you will see something similar to the image below.

Look for the ‘Book Things To Do‘ section and click on Hire Cycles. From there you can go on to pick what you wish to hire, for what ages and add those to your booking.

You can also use this method to book other activities such as segways tours and treetop adventures.

Can I Hire Bikes On The Day?

Yes you can, you can hire a bike just for the day or for the duration of your stay.

Deposits are still required for one day use.

The Pros & Cons to Hiring A Bike

There are a number of pros and cons and this can all depend on your family and your situation and whether or not you will use them.

On our first visit to Center Parcs, we enjoyed walking around and didn’t find a need for bikes, whereas many families like them to get around, keep children entertained and for great use of the open safe space.


  • Saves on fuel trying to carry the extra weight on the car
  • Doesn’t require you to find a bike rack to fit the car – if you don’t already have one
  • Less packing and organizing at both ends


  • Could be money used elsewhere – for example, other activities or dining out.
  • Money for deposits for each bike is quite high which can mount up – even though it is returned it is a lot of money on hold.
  • It is more time going to the cycle centre hiring and returning – time that could be spent doing other activities.

There are a number of benefits of having a bike in general whether you bring your own or you chose to hire one. Some of these benefits include;

  • The bikes are a great use of the open safe space
  • Easy to get around on around the village and quicker than walking
  • Great fun for children as they can have more freedom to roam and practice bike safety.
  • Exercise – cycling is a great form of exercise as it feels more fun than a workout which is great for everyone, especially children.

There are bike racks at every attraction, restaurant and centre within Center Parcs along with space outside your lodge. This is an added bonus for anyone using them as there is always a safe place to store your bike while you shop, dine or play.

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