How To Get From Kata Beach To Phuket Town By Bus

On our most recent visit, we stayed in Phuket Town and had the pleasure of taking a day trip down to Kata and Karon Beach.

The bus from Phuket Town to Kata Beach leaves from outside the downtown market on Ranong Road. The journey takes 40 minutes and costs 40 baht. The bus drops you off on the main road, you’ll need to press the stop bell for the bus to stop, it’s then a 10-minute walk down to the beach.

There’s a couple of things to consider for your journey, especially if you’re planning to return from Kata Beach back to Phuket Town via bus.


⏱️ Time: 40 minutes
💵 Cost: 40 baht per person
💻 Buy Bus Tickets: Omio

Travelling From Kata Beach to Phuket Town By Bus

If you plan on doing the trip in reverse and heading on a day trip to Phuket Town then you’ll simply need to follow these instructions (and the above instructions for the return trip).

The same goes for your return trip to Phuket town once you’ve enjoyed your taste of the beach.

Where To Catch The Bus

Simply head away from the beachfront and up the slight incline towards the main road. If you’ve access to GPS on your mobile then navigate to Makro as this is where the main road is.

Once you’re on the main road ‘4028’ simply stand on the other side of the road from the beachside.

How To Signal The Bus To Stop

Now here is the fun part. There’s no designated bus stop. Instead, when you see the bus you simply want to wave your hand to indicate the bus you’d like it to stop.

This means you can stand pretty much ANYWHERE on this road as long as you’re facing in the right direction. That said, try and stand away from major traffic junctions and lights.

The second fun part and this goes for the bus going in either direction. There’s no timetable or schedule for the buses. When we set off to Kata beach we waited around 10 minutes, however coming back at around 2.30pm we waited around 40 minutes for a bus (in the blistering heat!)

Where To Sit On The Bus

Once the bus pulls over, hop on the back and take a seat. We found that the bus was much quieter in the morning than it was lunchtime / early afternoon as we struggled to get a seat. 

When To Pay The Bus Driver

The bus driver will come and collect your money either as the first person (or people) gets off or shortly before arriving in Phuket town. The cost of the journey is 40 baht per person regardless of where you get on or where you get off.

Where To Get Off The Bus In Phuket Town

The journey to Phuket town will take around 40 minutes. Once you arrive in Phuket town you’ll be dropped off at the downtown market (simply come back here to head back to Kata or Karon – see the content above for more specific information)

As you get off you’re likely to be hassled by taxi and tuk-tuk drivers so try and walk 100m away or so to get your bearings.

The walk from the downtown market in Phuket town to the centre of Phuket town (Thalang road) is around 12 minutes although you can start the tour of Phuket old town as early as Krabi road.

If you’re new to Phuket town and haven’t come with much information or a guide. Head to one of the two tourist information points to grab a free map and any find any additional information you might require.

If you visit Phuket town on a Sunday don’t forget to stay late to visit the walking night market on Thalang Road, it’s one of the most popular markets in Phuket.

Travelling From Phuket Town To Kata Beach By Bus

Where To Catch The Bus

The bus from Phuket town departs from the downtown market on Ranong Road. This is located just on the outskirts of Phuket old town.

How To Find The Bus

When you arrive at the downtown market you’ll no doubt find a number of local buses. You’ll be able to find the one to Kata Beach based on the destinations written on the side of the bus.

The bus to Kata beach will state Kata and Karon (Karon is another popular beach just north of Kata beach).

Where To Sit On The Bus

Once you’ve found the correct bus simply climb onto the back and sit down (you don’t need to pay or state your destination it seems weird I know?)

The bus will set off and the drive lasts between 30 – 40 minutes depending on traffic (to Kata Beach if you’re staying on to Karon beach it will be between 40 to 50 minutes)

How To Know When You’ve Arrived At Kata Beach

If you sit on the left-hand side of the bus you’ll know when you’ve reached Kata Beach based on this sign.

Once you see the sign click the STOP bell located at the top of the bus on either side.

When To Pay The Bus Driver

If by this point nobody has got off the bus then you’ll simply need to get off, walk around to the front of the bus (away from the roadside) and pay.

The cost of the journey is 40 baht per person whether you’re going from Phuket Town to Kata Beach or Karon Beach.

If someone has got off and paid at an earlier stop then it’s likely the driver will come to the back and claim the money from everyone for their journey at that time. In which case when you arrive at your stop you’ll simply need to press the stop bell and get off.

How To Get From The Main Road To Kata Beach

Once you’ve got off the bus you have around a 10-minute (slightly downhill) walk to the beachfront of Kata Beach.

Once you’ve followed the main road down you’ll be able to turn left or right, we followed the signs for the wave house which brought us out to the front. I’m pretty sure if you stay left here and follow it down you simply end up on the other side of the beach. 

Down on the beachfront, you’ll be able to rent two sunbeds and a brolly for 200 baht. Alternatively, chill out with a massage, rent a jetski, lie on the sand…


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  1. Joanne Logan says:

    Thank you. What great, detailed info. It’ll help me with my journey tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to post. Jo.

    1. Our pleasure Joanne. It came from us finding little / no information when we were trying to plan our journey so I’m glad it’s helped someone 🙂

  2. jeff kemp says:

    Thank you guys with a family of 5 a bus for us is the best and most affordable way to to all of Phuket your kind made it super easy great work

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Jeff.

  3. This is an excellent post, very helpful. The images and explanations are perfect. Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you for the information, it saved my life! For those who don’t want to walk too long to get to the main road 4028 for taking the bus to the Phuket Town, can get on the bus along the Kata Road (4030) which is nearer to the beach(the side which is closer to the beach will be the correct direction), though the drawback is that you will be on the bus longer since the bus will drive along the whole Kata Beach and Karon before turning to the 4028 main road (and the driver drives much slower along this part of the route as I guess he wants to make sure he picks up everyone who wants to get on the bus), but I enjoyed that quite a lot as it gives you a chance to look and feel the surrounding. The bus terminus is near to the Beyond Resort Kata (there are couple elephant statue facing Kata Roas so for sure you won’t miss it) which is located on the south end of the Kata Beach, that is where I got on the bus.