Where to Park for Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Principality Stadium in Cardiff does not have an on-site car park. Instead, the venue is in the heart of the city, with many roads around the venue closed during events.

This makes parking close to the Principality Stadium very difficult.

There are several options for parking near the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. However, many parking areas sell out several months in advance. As such, you’ll want to book parking as far in advance as possible.

I booked Principality Parking for my last event at the Principality Stadium. I liked it so much I’ve booked to park here again when we see Taylor Swift in Cardiff in the summer.

Cardiff Council Park & Ride

💰 Cost: £12
🚶 Distance: 15 minutes (Bus)
💻 Book in Advance: No

Cardiff Council provides a Park and Ride when events occur at Principality Stadium.

The exact Park and Ride set-up is done on an event-by-event basis. As such, you’ll need to check the Cardiff Council website to see what is offered for the event you are going to.

Parking at a Park and Ride location costs £12 per vehicle, payable on the day by cash or card.

Once you have parked your car at the Park and Ride car park, you can take a bus to the drop-off and pick-up point.

The only downside to the Park and Ride is that you can’t reserve a car parking space in advance. In theory, there should be enough space. However, if there isn’t, your options on the day of the event are severely limited.

Council Car Parks

💰 Cost: £15
🚶 Distance: 15 minutes (Bus)
💻 Book in Advance: No

Cardiff Council also has several car parks open for events at the Principality Stadium. The exact car parks, cost, opening and closing times will vary between events. All details can be found on the Cardiff Council website.

On my most recent trip to the Principality Stadium, it was:

  • Civic Center
  • Sophia Gardens

Both of these locations are around 0.5 miles from Principality Stadium. Parking at either location costs £15 per vehicle and can be paid using either cash or card.

Much like the Park and Ride, you can not reserve a space at these car parks in advance. Instead, spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

NCP Car Parks

💰 Cost: Varies
🚶 Distance: Varies
💻 Book in Advance: Yes

NCP has several car parks located very close to Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. These are multistory car parks, which can be incredibly difficult to get out of since the streets below are often gridlocked with cars.

NCP Car Parks can be reserved in advance and have hundreds of spaces available. However, they typically sell out of spaces at least two weeks before an event.

Principality Parking

💰 Cost: Varies
🚶 Distance: Varies
💻 Book in Advance: Yes

When I attend an event at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, I park at a Principality Parking car park. However, I haven’t listed this option first as the number of spaces available is very limited.

Principality Parking works with local sports teams to raise funds in exchange for car parking. Details about each car park are available on the website. In my case, I park at the Llandaff Rugby Club car park. It’s then around a 40-minute walk from here to the stadium.

Just Park

💰 Cost: Varies
🚶 Distance: Varies
💻 Book in Advance: Yes

Just Park is a service where individuals and companies can offer parking spaces. You can use this website to find parking spaces on someone’s drive or in a company car park.

There are several Just Park locations within 1 mile of the Principality Stadium. However, again, the best spaces are reserved in advance. 

I’ve used Just Park to park in various locations across the UK. Especially when I travel to London; plus, each parking location has reviews left by previous people who parked there. As such you can see which parking space might be best for you.

Turning Head Car Park

💰 Cost: Varies
🚶 Distance: 1.5 miles
💻 Book in Advance: No

If you can’t book a parking space near Principality Stadium in advance, you’ll have to find one when you arrive in Cardiff.

In this case, I’d recommend going to the Park and Ride put on by the council first. If all the spaces here are gone, then as a last resort, I’d suggest Turning Head Car Park.

There are only 25 spaces here. However, I have known people to park on the grass verges and outside the allocated bays. Do this at your own risk, as you will likely be fined at the very least. 

This car park is south of Llandaff Fields, a 30-minute walk from Principality Stadium. The parking charges here vary depending on the duration of your stay. However, charges only apply Monday to Friday from 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Also, if you park here, you may be stuck in traffic on Penhill and Cardiff Road after the event. So consider picking up a drink and a snack on the way back to your car.


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