Newark Airport Luggage Storage – The Ultimate Guide!

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We were recently on a short layover in NYC having spent a week in Los Angeles. We didn’t want to take our three suitcases into the city for just 48 hours.

Instead decided to take just a holdall and store our suitcases with a specialist company near Newark Airport (in which we’d flown into and would be flying back out of just 48 hours later).

It was super convenient and ideal for those who are only spending a short amount of time in New York. However, there’s a couple of things you should note in advance.

There are no luggage storage facilities inside of Newark Airport. However, there are a number of companies including; Vertoe, Luggage Hero and OEG Luggage Storage who operate within 10 miles and will store your luggage for a couple of hours or a couple of weeks.

The cheapest luggage storage company near Newark Airport is Luggage Hero who charges just $1.00 per hour with an additional $2.00 handling fee.

However, if you’re looking to store your luggage for more than 3 hours then Vertoe is the best company as they charge just $5.95 per day.

In this article, I’ll be covering all the luggage storage companies who have locations within 10 miles of Newark Airport so you can decide which company is right for you.


Vertoe luggage facility is one of the top-rated on-demand luggage storage facilities in the United States, with a number of locations across New York City.

With a pre-set rate of just $5.59 USD per bag Vertoe is a very affordable luggage storage option in the Newark Airport area. Every item of luggage stored with Vertoe includes complimentary insurance of up to $5,000.

Use this convenient map to find a Vertoe luggage storage location around Newark International Airport that meets your needs.

Schwartz Travel and Storage

Located on 357 West 37th Street is Schwartz Travel and Storage. The storage location is open 24 hours a day and is available seven days a week. No advanced reservation is required, instead, this luggage location is on a walk-in basis only.

Prices for luggage storage at Schwartz Luggage Storage is set at $2.50 with a maximum of $10.00 a day. This includes complimentary insurance of $2,500 per item.

Luggage Hero

Similar to Vertoe that we mentioned earlier, Luggage Hero has a number of storage locations in New York. Ensuring you’ll find one suitable for your needs when arriving or departing from Newark Airport.

The Luggage Hero facility at Newark Airport opens at 8:30am and at 7:00pm on weekdays and 10.00am until 6.00pm on weekends.

The cost of storing your luggage at the Luggage Hero facility starts from $1.00 per hour, with an additional $2.00 handling fee. The maximum you’ll be charged is $8.00 per item (including the handling fee) and that includes insurance of up to $3,000.

CBH Luggage Storage 

CBH Luggage Facility is located on 31 West 46th Street in New York City. CBH Luggage Storage Facility charges $2.50 per hour per luggage, however, this can be increased depending on the size and weight of the luggage and are open from 7am until 12am daily.

You can drop off or pick up your luggage outside of these hours, however, it’s incredibly expensive – if this is a requirement you need I suggest looking at one of the alternative luggage storage facilities on this list.

CBH Luggage Facility also offers additional services convenient for travellers including; a refrigerator to ice your drinks and the likes, free phone calls as well as free Wi-Fi.

OEG Luggage Storage

OEG Luggage Storage is very close to Newark International Airport. It offers an insured, safe and secure storage for all your luggage and requires no reservation in advance.

OEG Luggage Storage is a self-storage location that offers CCTV and complimentary WIFI. If you do have any trouble with the self-storage system they are available to call on (646) 649-3357.

Luggage is stored at a rate of $2.50 per hour, with a daily cap of $10, and a monthly cap of $150. There’s also a discount for storing more than 10 items of luggage at this storage facility – which is perfect for group trips!

Free Your Arms

Free Your Armys is without a doubt the most comprehensive storage system in New York. Offering self-storage luggage, drop-off luggage storage and mobile luggage storage – whereby a driver will come and collect the luggage from your directly where ever you are in NYC.

Each of the different services has a different price tag, so I recommend checking out the Free Your Arms website to see if it’s the right service for you in advance.


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