Wizz Discount Club – Everything You Need To Know & More!

The more eagle-eyed of you may have today noticed that we’ve added a new destination to our upcoming trips on the sidebar. Reykjavik, Iceland.

We’ve never been to Iceland before. However, it’s somewhere that seems to be popping up on a lot of travel blogs recently.

Unfortunately, that alone wasn’t enough to convince us to visit. Post our trip to Norway, we’re very conscious as to the cost of certain locations, Iceland being one of them.

However, when I saw this little gem of an offer pop up on one of my favourite sites, Secret Flying. I knew we were going to be heading to Iceland.

Notice the little ‘Members Only’ phrase in brackets. That refers to what I know as the only airline to have a discount club, Wizz Air.

What Is The Wizz Discount Club?

The Wizz Discount Club comprises of an annual membership fee to discounted prices with the budget airline Wizz Air.

Wizz Air Discount Club Price

The Wizz Discount Club is made up of two parts.

The first is the Standard Membership. This is designed for solo and couple travellers. The cost of the membership is €29.99 a year and covers the member plus one companion.

It’s worth noting however that the leading member must always be travelling if you want the companion to get the discount.

The second is group membership. This is designed for small businesses and families. Access to the group Wizz Discount Club membership costs €59.99 and covers the member plus up to 5 companions.

The companions can vary between trips, however, it’s important that the leading named member of the Wizz Discount Club is travelling for the discount to be applied.

This is the same price regardless of where you live. For example, we still had to pay €29.99 even though we’re based in the UK.

What Are The Benefits Of The Wizz Discount Club?

If you’re going to be paying between €29.99 and €59.99 on top of your flight costs for membership to the Wizz Discount Club then you better hope it’s worth it.

In some cases, it will be. In others, it won’t. As a general rule of thumb here’s the minimum amount you can expect from the Wizz Discount Club.

As a member of the Wizz Air Discount Club, you’ll also find emails around once a month with exclusive ‘member only’ discounts and offers.

In this case, Wizz Air is offering 20% off all the flights and destinations (sometimes the offer will be destination-specific)

20% off is a pretty good discount and with a sample flight from Doncaster, England to Wroclaw, Poland you can see the discount in action.

The normal ‘basic’ flight without a Wizz Discount Club membership is €22.99. If you have a Wizz Discount Club membership then that price drops to €15.49 saving you €7.50.

However, with the current 20% offer available to Discount Club members this price drops further to €13.89 saving you €9.10.

To put this kind of discount into context I took to the flight comparison website Skyscanner.

Here you can see I searched for a ‘blanket’ flight from any airport in the UK to any airport in Poland at the cheapest date in time.

As you can see the specific prices Wizz Air are offering with this discount are in line with the very cheapest basic flights you can get with other airlines.

However, do remember this is from a different airport within the UK to a different airport within Poland at a different date than the date we looked at.

Which in my opinion goes to highlight what a great deal the discount club is if you’re wanting to travel on that specific route on that specific date.

In that case, the savings are €1.11 if you’re willing to travel at any time in the year from a nearby airport (in this case Leeds)

With the date fixed on anytime in July, you’ll find that the Wizz Air none discount club prices are the cheapest available, from the airport in question, Doncaster.

Examples Of The Wizz Discount Club In Action

For me personally, the biggest draw to joining the Wizz Discount Club was the minimum €10 discount on ticket fares.

However, like me, I’m pretty sure you’re wondering if the discount ever goes above €10 for Wizz Discount Club members.

Well, here are some latest examples.

Doncaster to Riga

As you can see there are three packages available when booking a Wizz Air flight. In this case, the difference between the cost of the ‘Basic’ package is €7.50.

Which is actually less than what €10 is currently valued at*

In fact, even when I tried to book and pay for the flight in Euros it was only a saving of €9.36 for Wizz Discount Club members.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll find yourself making bigger savings and making your investment in the Wizz Discount club back far quicker if you’re travelling in one of the two higher tiers of Wizz Air travel.

If you’re looking to fly on the Wizz Go package then you’ll be saving €10.30 as a Wizz Discount Club member, this is higher than the €10 minimum.

As for flying with Wizz Plus, here you’ll save €9.10 as a Wizz Discount Club member.

While this is higher than the €10 minimum it’s not quite the increasing savings compared to the Wizz Go package that you might come to expect.

Birmingham to Poland

I wanted to confirm my theories with a slightly more mainstream flight. Such as one from Birmingham, England to Warsaw, Poland.

Here I found that the savings were much in line with what we’d seen on the example of Doncaster to Riga.

With Wizz Go providing the largest savings for Wizz Discount Club members at €10.30. While the Basic Wizz Airline package didn’t meet the expected requirements for the Wizz Discount Club.

Saving customers just €7.50 compared to the expected €8.79 minimum.

However, there was a little twist here…

You see budget airline Ryanair also flew to Warsaw, Poland from Birmingham, England.

Albeit to the Modlin Airport instead of Chopin and the day before the quoted flight on Wizz Air.

However, the savings by doing so we’re pretty impressive. In fact, even Wizz Discount club members would save money flying with Ryanair to the Modlin airport on the 21st rather than the Chopin airport on the 22nd.

*At the time of writing €10 is valued at €8.79

My Wizz Discount Club Experience

Two random examples of savings provided by the Wizz Discount Club are all well and good, however, they are just two examples of the many routes Wizz Air flies over the course of the year.

So, being around ten months into my own Wizz Discount membership I figured it would be a good idea to show you our savings.

Doncaster to Sofia

While the cost of our flight from Doncaster to Sofia might seem accessive. The price we paid actually includes the Wizz Discount Club membership fee of €29.99.

On this flight, we paid €9.99 each for a one-way flight instead of €17.99. That saved us €8.00 each, €16.00 in total.

At this point, you can probably see why I decided to opt for the Wizz Air Discount club there and then.

We were setting off on a trip around Europe (in which Wizz Air flies) and I was now essentially only paying around €10 for the Wizz Discount Club membership due to the savings I was making on the flight we were already going on.

Bucharest to Budapest

Our next Wizz Air flight was from Bucharest to Budapest. Due to the departure location, we had to pay in the local currency – lei. This converted to €16.51 (as I used my awesome Mastercard which benefits from great conversion rates).

Without the Wizz Discount Club, we’d have been paying 140 lei for the two of us. Which roughly converts to €26.55. The saving this time wasn’t as big, in fact, it was a little under €10 for the two of us. However, by this point, we were able to break even with the Wizz Discount membership.

On a side note, it’s worth mentioning that at all times Wizz Air was the cheapest airline for us to fly with.

If you’re going to be paying more to fly with Wizz Air even though you have a discount club membership when compared to another airline, then it’s clearly not worth it…

London to Iceland (return)

Of course, now there’s our ‘in profit’ flights. This is actually our first return flight with Wizz Air. The cost of the return flights for the two of us was €51.96 (discount club prices)

However, if you weren’t a discount club member then you’d be paying almost double!

To give you an idea of how cheap these Wizz Discount Club flights were compared to the rest of the market. This is a search for just one person from anywhere in the UK to Reykjavik at any time in the year via Skyscanner.

How Much We Saved Using The Wizz Air Discount Club

In conclusion, provided we don’t book any more flights with Wizz Air before our membership runs out then we’ve saved around €40 using the Wizz Air Discount club.

Although there could be an argument that we wouldn’t have actually booked the flights to Iceland had we not been members of the Wizz Air Discount club.

An I don’t exactly have comparisons from the costs of all the other airlines on the dates we travelled to see if they were cheaper than the main Wizz Air price but more expensive than the discount club, therefore, making the discount club savings smaller.

These savings are based on two people taking two one way flights and one return flight on the €29.99 standard membership.

How To Calculate If The Wizz Discount Club Is Right For You

Unless you’re planning on booking all your flights for the next year deciding whether or not the Wizz Air discount club is right for you can be difficult.

As a rule of thumb, I’d try and ensure that there’s two of you using the membership.

That way the savings are automatically twice as easy to achieve when compared to a solo traveller (who would have to achieve twice the amount of savings compared to a couple to make the discount club worthwhile)

Next, look at the flight or flights you are planning on taking with Wizz Air. In our case, it reduced the cost of the membership down from €29.99 (around €26) to around just €10 based on the savings we were making.

Finally, have a think about where you’re planning on spending your next twelve months. For us it was Europe and that’s where all of Wizz Airs flights are based.

Therefore it was likely even after our first flight from Doncaster to Sofia, that we’d be flying with Wizz Air again over the course of the next 12 months.

Of course, unless you can guarantee that you’re going to save by getting the Wizz Discount Club membership the day you buy it. i.e. booking multiple flights or saving the cost of the membership or more from your one set of flights then it is going to be a calculated risk that you’re going to want to consider.

How To Cancel Wizz Discount Club

Unlike other subscriptions, this membership discontinues after a year unless you renew it when booking a flight after your subscription end date.

For example, our Wizz Discount Club standard membership expires on the 25th May. If I was to book a flight at any point after the 25th of May then I’d be asked to renew my Wizz Discount Club in order to get the Wizz Discount Club price.

How To Fix The “WDC Membership Has To Be Purchased Before Continuing The Booking With A WDC Fare” Error

If you notice the error “WDC membership has to be purchased before continuing the booking with a WDC fare” upon trying to book your flight it means you’ve selected a Wizz Air Discount Club fare, without having an active membership.

If you have a Wizz Discount Club membership be sure to log in to prevent the error, alternatively if you don’t have a Wizz Discount Club membership you’ll need to purchase one in order to be able to capitalise on the discounted fares available to members.

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