35 Best Souvenirs From Los Angeles

From the glitz and glamour of Hollywood to the sun-kissed beaches of Venice Beach, LA has something for everyone. One great way of commemorating your trip to the City of Angels is to purchase a souvenir, and much like its attractions, LA has a wealth of incredible souvenirs for travellers to choose from.

1. Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a coveted and iconic symbol of Hollywood. This free, sidewalk attraction spans 15 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street and is home to more than 2,600 brass stars embedded in the sidewalks.

Each star here represents a celebrity from the entertainment industry, including actors, musicians, directors, and producers, among others.

To commemorate your trip to the Hollywood Walk of Fame why not pick up a customisable, miniature version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star from one of the souvenir shops found throughout Hollywood.

2. Dodgers or Lakers Jersey

The Dodgers and Lakers are two of the city’s most popular and successful sports teams, with legions of devoted fans worldwide.

Jerseys for both of these sports teams can be found at various souvenir shops, sporting goods stores, and official team stores throughout Los Angeles and come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your preference.

3. In-N-Out Burger Merch

In-N-Out Burger is a popular fast-food chain that originated in Baldwin Park, California more than 70 years ago and rapidly expanded across the state. While In-N-Out now has locations across several states on the West Coast, you’ll find more than 250 locations in California alone.

Delicious In-N-Out burgers and fries may not be a souvenir that you can easily take home with you, but you can pick up some In-N-Out merchandise including t-shirts, hats, socks and more from any of the In-N-Out restaurants you visit.

4. Venice Beach Skateboard

If you love skateboarding be sure to pick up a skateboard at Venice Beach. These skateboards come in a variety of both classic and bold designs with select stores in the area also offering custom designs at an additional cost.

A skateboard from Venice Beach is a functional souvenir which can be used to ride around town or displayed as a piece of artwork in your home.

5. Farmer’s Market Cookbook

Vegan foodies visiting LA will want to pick up a copy of the iconic Farmer’s Market Cookbook. The Original LA Farmer’s Market has been a beloved institution for over 80 years, offering visitors and locals alike a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other culinary delights.

The Farmer’s Market Cookbook is a collection of recipes that celebrate the rich diversity of the market’s vendors and their offerings including; Brazilian barbecue, Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood, and much more.

6. California Wine

Napa Valley, located north of San Francisco, is known for being one of the best wine-producing regions in the United States with more than 450 vineyards.

However, if you’re not heading to the city of San Francisco during your trip to the West Coast, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can still pick up bottles of wine from this region at various wine shops and liquor stores throughout Los Angeles.

7. TLC Chinese Theatre Handprint

Formerly known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, this iconic venue on Hollywood Boulevard is a famous film premier location. However, it’s also home to an incredible collection of celebrity handprints, footprints, and signatures in the concrete courtyard just outside.

Visitors to the theatre can purchase a replica of their favourite celebrity’s handprint from various souvenir shops and at the theatre itself. These replicas are typically made of resin or plaster and mounted on a wooden plaque.

8. Disneyland Souvenir

If you’re visiting Disneyland in Anaheim during your trip to Los Angeles then be sure to pick up a souvenir to remind you of your time at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Disney offers a wide variety of souvenirs that cater to all ages and interests including; Mickey Mouse ears, t-shirts, keychains, picture frames and more.

These souvenirs can be purchased at various stores and kiosks throughout the park, as well as at the Downtown Disney shopping district located just outside the park’s entrance.

9. La Brea Tar Pits Fossil Replicas

The La Brea Tar Pit is the only actively excavated Ice Age fossil site in an urban location. It is an intriguing area of bubbling tar that has seeped to the surface over thousands of years.

The bones of all kinds of animals trapped in the tar have remained preserved to form the fossils scientists extract today. After a fascinating visit to the Tar Pits, you can purchase replicas of your favourite fossils to remind you of your day. 

10. Hollywood Sign Memorabilia

The Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic landmarks in Los Angeles and features on a wide range of souvenirs sold in stores across the city.

Consider commemorating seeing the Hollywood Sign for the first time with a souvenir. Alternatively, consider hiking to the sign and taking a photo to remember the trip by instead.

11. Los Angeles Times Newspaper

Grabbing a copy of the Los Angeles Times is an excellent option as a relevant and timeless souvenir from your trip to LA.

The newspaper’s headlines, articles, and adverts give an insight into the city that will become historical and more fascinating as years pass and the world changes. 

12. Beverly Hills Perfume

A bottle of perfume from your visit to Beverly Hills is an excellent choice of souvenir to remind you of your time there.

A Beverly Hills perfume will represent all the glitz and glamour of the region and whisk you back to your vacation every time you spritz it on.

13. Original Art From A Local Artist

A unique and genuine piece of artwork from a local artist in Los Angeles would be a tremendous item to take home with you after your vacation.

Showcasing an individual’s talent from a specific city or area is the ultimate way of celebrating and reminiscing about your time spent there.

It doesn’t need to be something large or ostentatious; many artists create smaller, traveller-friendly pieces ideal as destination souvenirs. 

14. Amoeba Music T-Shirt

An Amoeba Music T-shirt is an absolute must-have for fans of any age visiting one of the iconic stores while holidaying in LA.

Since it first opened in 1990, this super trendy record store has developed an almost cult-like following worldwide, and a t-shirt from here is the epitome of cool! 

15. Universal Studios Hollywood Souvenirs

Universal Studios has many different types of souvenirs, with plenty to suit every budget.

You can choose from character-specific items such as an interactive Harry Potter wand or Duff Beer. Alternatively, you may prefer a generic Universal Studios mug or key ring.

16. Sunset Boulevard Poster

A poster representing Sunset Boulevard is a sophisticated souvenir from your trip to Los Angeles that will surely add Hollywood glamour to your living room or hallway.

The Boulevard is famous for representing a classic Hollywood lifestyle, and its namesake film is one of the most iconic movies of all time.

17. Korean Beauty Products

Koreatown, located in the south of Hollywood, showcases everything from K-Pop music to delectable Korean BBQs.

Korean beauty products are highly sought after and famous for their pure and sometimes eye-brow-raising ingredients and their cute packaging.

Stocking up on some of these products is an excellent idea for souvenirs and gifts representative of the K-Town area of Los Angeles. 

18. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. T-Shirt

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is one of the best family-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles. First created after the worldwide movie hit, Forrest Gump. The restaurant features Alabama home decor and film set memorabilia.

Consider commemorating your time dining on everything shrimp by picking up some Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. merchandise such as a t-shirt or a hat.

19. Santa Monica Pier Snow Globe

Santa Monica Pier is a charming wooden wharf teeming with activity. There is much to do here, as it is packed with family-friendly restaurants, shops, and arcades. The iconic giant Ferris Wheel and the merry-go-round that is over a century old give the pier a real feeling of days gone by. 

A Santa Monica Pier Snow Globe depicts the pier and its quaint features in such a cute way that it is the perfect souvenir to take away with you. 

20. California License Plate

One of the best California souvenirs is a California License Plate. These iconic plates are cool and stylish and are a great reminder of your time spent in LA and can be purchased from all the best souvenir shops in and around the city.

21. Venice Beach Muscle Beach Tank Top

For decades, Muscle Beach, the birthplace of the US fitness obsession, has been the meeting place for sporty folk and, more specifically, weight trainers.

The vibe here is trendy and competitive, with men and women showing off their talents and muscular physics in front of enthusiastic crowds.

Whether you are competition fit or a work in progress, a tank top from this famed LA beach is the perfect souvenir to take home. It will look on point, matched with your favourite denim!

22. Getty Museum Art Print

A visit to the Getty Center is an enthralling and inspiring day out for all, regardless of your prior interest in art. The museum showcases art pieces from as far back as the Renaissance to the more modern art of today.

The perfect gift to take away from your inspiring visit here is a print of your favourite piece. Whether it is Van Gogh’s Iris or Hockney’s Pearl Blossom, a miniature version on your wall will make you smile whenever you see it. 

23. LA Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a fantastic, practical souvenir. Available in a variety of incredible designs coffee mugs are available in all souvenir stores across the city.

Alternatively, consider picking up one of the ‘You Are Here’ mugs from any Starbucks coffee shop.

24. Madame Chocolat Chocolate

Situated in Beverly Hills, just outside of West Hollywood you’ll find the Madame Chocolat chocolate store. Reality TV fans will no doubt recognise this famous Beverly Hills chocolate store as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed here on several occasions.

There are plenty of sensational chocolate treats to purchase here either for yourself, for a family member, or for a friend. However, unsurprisingly they are on the pricier side when compared to other candy stores in the area.

25. Route 66 Memorabilia

Route 66 is one of the most famous stretches of road in the world.

Popularised in American culture through books, songs, media, and movies, this 3940 km long highway runs from Chicago to LA.

When it comes to memorabilia, you can choose from bumper stickers to wall maps and everything in between to celebrate your time spent here.

26. Hollywood Bowl Poster

Spending an evening at the Hollywood Bowl enjoying top-class live music is one of the quintessential ways to enjoy Los Angeles. This iconic amphitheatre, which opened its gates in 1922, is today one of the world’s most famous live music venues.

You can visit the venue when there is no music playing too, but if you are lucky enough to catch a show, be sure to grab a poster to proudly display on your wall at home.

27. LA-Inspired Blanket

A blanket may not be your first idea for a souvenir, but when you think about it, it is an inspired choice. LA-themed blankets come in all different staples, depicting a whole array of places, attractions, and items that make the city famous.

A cosy, quality blanket will last you a lifetime, as will your memories of time spent in LA. It will look great in you as a bedspread to impress guests in the spare room or as a sofa throw too. 

28. Fridge Magnet

The faithful fridge magnet souvenir. The cute and affordable gift takes up very little luggage space and is available in many forms.

From cheeky, funny ones to classy, educational ones, they are the perfect keepsake to bring home from your holiday in Los Angeles.

Fridge magnets are also great for keen travellers to collect as almost all attractions sell personalized ones so you can add to your collection each time you visit somewhere new. 

29. Beach Towel

A beach towel depicting your favourite place in Los Angeles is a personal and practical souvenir. It is something you can use while on your trip, at home, or on other trips in the future.

If you prefer not to have a touristy-style beach towel and would rather purchase one without a particular theme, that works just as well as a souvenir; every time you use it, you will remember where you were when you bought it all the same. 

30. See’s Candies

See’s Candies have been selling sweet treats in LA for over a century. People come from far and wide to try for themselves the exquisite candies sold here.

The See family has used the same recipe for some classic candies in their shop since it opened in 1921, most notably the peanut brittle and the Maple Walnut Creams. Bag yourself some of these legendary treats to take back home and enjoy. 

31. Olive Oil

Californian olive oil has earned itself an outstanding reputation amongst global olive oil producers. The oil is excellent, from olives grown on rich Californian soil that enjoy the superb climate.

Taking home some Olive Oil from Los Angeles is a clever and thoughtful souvenir that you can use to recreate tastes from your vacation.

32. Hot Sauces

Hot Sauces are a big deal across all states in the US. It is also apparent that each state has its hot sauce preferences. On your trip to LA, you will most certainly have come across Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha and Tapatio. These are the two most popular hot sauces in this area.

Grab yourself a souvenir bottle to take home and enjoy the taste of LA whenever you douse your food with it!

33. California Postcard

Postcards are the original souvenir you pick up to send to loved ones back home and take home for yourself as the perfect visual keepsake of your vacation.

You can choose any tone or theme of a postcard that you wish, and they usually have beautiful images of the most famous landmarks and attractions in the surrounding areas. Be sure to grab your California Postcards to stick in your scrapbook or pin on the fridge. 

34. Tote Bag

Tote bags are a practical souvenir to purchase during your vacation. For those on a budget, you’ll find tote bags in various styles sold in every gift shop in and around the city of Los Angeles.

However, for those looking for a little added luxury, consider picking one up from Rodeo Drive, the most famous shopping street in the world.

35. Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are a fantastic souvenir to buy from Los Angeles, either for yourself or for friends and family. While Jelly Beans can be purchased from any candy store in the city, in our opinion the best place to buy them is the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean factory.

Here you get to see how the jelly beans are made, learn about the history of this super popular treat, and get to try some of the delicious and sometimes quirky flavours!

Los Angeles Travel Planning Guide

🏥 Should I Buy Travel Insurance for a Trip to Los Angeles?

Yes, you should definitely buy travel insurance for any vacation to Los Angeles. Basic travel insurance coverage with Safety Wing averages between $5 – $10 per day and offers peace of mind.

🚘 Do I Need to Rent a Car for a Trip to Los Angeles?

Whether you’ll want a rental car in Los Angeles will really depend on how long you’re visiting for and where you plan to go during your trip. The traffic in Los Angeles is notoriously crazy, yet public transport is still somewhat limited.

If you do decide to hire a car in Los Angeles, then I’d recommend using Discover Cars to find the best car rental deals.

🏨 Where to Stay in Los Angeles?

The best place to stay in Los Angeles will really depend on what you plan to do most during your trip. If you’re planning to visit Disneyland, for example, then staying in a hotel in Anaheim is likely going to be best.

Alternatively, if you’re planning on exploring the city and visiting Universal Studios Hollywood, then I’d recommend Loews Hollywood.

When booking your accommodation in Los Angeles, I recommend using either Booking.com or Hotels.com. However, for large families and groups, VRBO is my number one choice.


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